In Toddler News | Part 30

They say the days are long, but the years are short.. and this certainly resonates with us where these girls are concerned.  Needless to say, this age is totally, completely, amazingly awesome.
Just awesome.  While they are, in fact, complete opposites but they mostly hold similarities and actually flip back and forth in the dominant role, depending upon the situation.  So strange how Jordan and I can teach and mold these sweet girls identically, yet their absorption, retention, and response can be totally different.  

Jo Grace.. 

.. can count to 20, arrange and point out her ABC blocks in correct order
.. names out every animal in her books (even the anteater)
.. knows her colors and shapes and always points out both in any situation she’s in.  I was wearing a necklace with her littlest sister’s initial engraved and she made a point to say it out loud.  I have not worn the necklace since:)
.. is THE biggest girlie girl ever.  She is ever so concerned about her hair bows, bracelets, handbags, and necklaces
.. carries 7-9 baby dolls around with her at any given time, and they all end up in her bed for nap time and bedtime.
.. puppy is still her number one bestie
.. super laid back and usually falls into line with whatever Parker wants to do/watch/play.
.. über sensitive and gets her feelings hurt very easily.  The pouty lip is remarkably cute.
.. drinks more water than any other toddler I know
.. loves edemame, popcorn, grilled chicken, salad, crackers, and cheddar cheese
.. weighs 27 pounds and is 36.5 inches tall
.. she usually wears size 2T, but can still fit into size 12 months shorts and 18 month dresses and tops

Parker Jane..

.. you wouldn’t have known it 6 months ago, but Parker is the chattiest cathy you will ever meet.  We hold full blown conversations, even if I catch just a little more than half of what she’s saying.  Context clues is a mother’s best friend.
.. can count to 10 on her own, but wants to count more, but only if you walk her through it.
.. does puzzles on her own.. over and over and over.
.. speaks in third person.  Always referring to herself as ‘Parker, Me’, and also adds the word ‘me’ at the end of every sentence, if she’s talking about herself.
.. everything is MINE.  Everything.
.. biting.  biting is a terrible habit you have learned, but have zero clue where you learned it from.  Your dad, BB, nor myself bite you:)
.. a true mama’s girl 90% of the time.  The other 10% she’s running around with her dad outside, mowing the lawn, working in the flower beds, or building something in the garage.  The delight she shares in this with her daddy is outrageously special, and I’m so thankful they have each other.  Much to Jordan’s desire, he’s confident that she’ll be camo’ed out with a dog whistle in hand soon enough, walking side by side hunting birds and chasing frogs.
.. loves chicken nuggets, ketchup on everything, rice, bread, yogurt, milk (she asked for milk almost all day long), peanut butter, and granola bars (Cliff bars are her regular request).
.. has done remarkably well with her transition to NO PACI – she will even talk about her old paci without tears.  Wubby is still her little lovie, even with no paci attached.
.. she loves to play hide-and-seek with Wubby that leaves her mama and daddy tossing the entire house looking for that silly monkey.  It always seems to be around us attempting to leave the house and all she has to say for herself is “I just don’t know where he is!“.
.. weighs 30 pounds + 3 ounces and is 37.1 inches tall.
.. long and lean, she wears size 2T in shorts, dresses, and tops

Toddler Sleep

For the last month, bedtime has been a complete and total disaster. The amount of rain, thunder, tornado warnings, hail, wind.. you name it- its been a scary time when it comes to weather, and not just in the toddler mind.  What has really messed everything up for us is the fact that most all of this has occurred during the sleep hours (nap or night).  SO.. bed time has become an hour long ordeal (even longer on some nights..) Jolie is in terrified tears with the slightest mention of ‘going to bed’ and then tearfully pleading to leave the door open when they have been sleeping with their door closed since they were born.

Randomly one night Jordan mentioned letting them fall asleep in our bed and then moving them to their own beds when we were ready to go to sleep.  The once dreaded bedtime routine lasted 4 minutes.  We probably are feeding a monster, but its working right now, and sometimes you just have to do what works best for you and for those fragile toddler hearts.  If this give security, I am all about it.

Toddler Chat

Holding the play phone up to my ear: “Say hi, BB.  BB, you home? Papa wook? okay bye!!”
Fluffing my hair: “Mama, you hair is a mess.  I’ll brush it tomorrow.”
Saying goodnight (which takes about 11 billion minutes these days: “shoogs, mama! butterfly (kisses), mama. (shaking her shoulders) do a little dance, mama?
Holding my face with both her hands: “I wuv you, mama”
While riding with the car windows down: “WUBBEEE!  I got youuu WUBBY!”
Squeezing my nose: “I’m gonna take you nose- oh man, I don’t have a pocket!”
When asked about actually eating her dinner instead of playing with her dinner: “No playing, mama.  No spank you bottom!”
While sitting on the toilet: “Mama, I poop.  Mama, okay to tee-tee, too?  I poop and tee-tee.  Bring my books and close the door.”
Asking Jolie to play: “Jo Graaayce, please hold my hand.”
Pretend play in the little kitchen: “You want cake?  Cake is hot – NO BITE!  Blow, mama.  Blow you cake.”
While trying to convince her that its time for dinner: “Mom.  Just let me dance.”
Offering me a bite of her fish: “Taste it.  Its good!  ..holding my cheek. Chew it.  Swallow it, mama.  You like it.”  

Jolie Grace
While bringing the entire collection of My Little Ponies, 14 Mega Bloks, and 4 puzzle pieces into the bathroom to potty: “Parker no touch it.”
First thing in the morning (repeated 14 times every minute until it is done): “Mickey Mouse and chocolate milk? Mickey Mouse and chocolate milk??  I need panties.”
After promises of a visit to the pool: “(singing) Going to the poooooooo.  I need my bathing suit. Mama, youuuu suit.  Hurry.”
At the dinner table: “EAT Ah-kah (Parker).  Eat you chicken.”
After telling her to eat her own chicken: “No chicken.  I want salad.  Give me salad. and grapes.”
Being silly after nap: “Get you booty mama.  Get my bootie?  No.  Get youuuu bootie!! 
Asking sweetly for me to carry her: “Carry you, mama.  Carry you.”
When choosing her breakfast: “Only donuts with sprinkles.” 
After asking for a second helping of mac-n-cheese: “thank you, mama.” You’re welcome, Jo. “, no.. thank youuu, mama.”
Before every single bath: “Mama, bubbles!  Bubbles!!
Any time she gets excited about anything (which is very often)- I swear she speaks in tongues:  “dhigbtoasfnb okilfg ftgfkgj”

Toddler Schedule

Not a ton has changed on the schedule front.  One thing I have noticed is that we are able to skip naps on occasion if we happen to have a super busy day in the car or running errands.  I do know that there is no way we are ready to transition to NO nap at all.. they still sleep a solid 2-4 hours in the afternoon.  We start Mother’s Day Out in September, and the naps they get while in MOD are minimal.. but I think they’ll do just fine.  By 6pm on “no-nap” days we are a shambles.  Los of tears and basically will give them a miniature pony to make the simultaneous crying stop.

Toddler Typical
7am-8am: wake
8am: chocolate milk (carnation instant breakfast + skim organic milk) + Mickey Mouse
9-9:30am: breakfast (english muffins, peanut butter, fruit, yogurt // oatmeal // eggs // cereal
10am: independent play (puzzles, blocks, books, dolls – basic preschool learning) // run pre-nap errands // play dates
12pm: lunch (deli meat, cheese, crackers // chicken nuggets, tortilla chips // fruit, yogurt // peanut butter and jelly
1pm-4pm: nap
4pm: snack (popcorn, cheese, fruit, raisins, yogurt, goldfish) // post-nap errands // pool // backyard play // independent play (puzzles, blocks, books, dolls – basic preschool learning)
6pm: dinner
7pm: bath
8pm: bed
For awhile their bedtime was getting later and later and later.. there were some nights that at 10pm we were still messing with them trying to get them down to sleep. Hence pulling out all the stops to try and get them down at a decent time.  
The 30-Month Photo Dump
clothing racks are the ultimate play-place
 playdates with friends are the best

visiting Lake Belton, and Bunny’s toys are way better than our toys at home

babies in buckets
 rosy cheeks and dirty feet – spending hours in bathing suits and playing our little hearts out..
 smells like summer..
 summer naps in the car
 toddler sunnies never get old.
 everywhere I am, there you are.

 Parker sugars are the most creative.  I usually end up laughing through them.

 bubble tub for two

 our first mama-daughter(s) pedicure date
 ..about to give her a pony to stop all the tears.

 yard work with daddy.

 ice cream and sleep overs with Auntie and Uncle J

 That moment you realize that girl is wearing the same suit at the pool as you..

For grins, this picture popped up on my Timehop last week..
..and in turn I forced Jordan into taking the above photo.. they were so little!

After taking the girls for their 2.5 year well-visit, at the end of it, the nurse asked if I wanted to schedule their 3 year well-visit.  I thought- holy moly thats far away.. but really.. these last 6 months have been a blink.  For whatever reason, the approaching 3rd birthday stresses me out more than their 1st and even their 2nd.  I don’t want them to grow up!  This is all way too much fun!

No mater what we go through as parents, it is all a continual learning experience.  One thing is for sure, we have no idea what we are doing until we are in the thick of it.  It is terrifying to think of it that way, but its so true!  We are learning as we go.. but one thing is for sure, we will never love them too much.


June 10, 2015

  1. Hello, your family is beautiful! I have some questions about the carnation instant breakfast. I have 13-mo-old g/g fraternal twins and they are just starting to get picky – especially with meats and proteins – and I am trying to figure out creative ways to make sure their days are balanced food-wise. When did you start the carnation instant breakfast? Is it in your daily routine to help meet the girls nutritional/protein requirements? Would you suggest it? Thanks!!!

  2. amber says:

    Hey Nicole!
    We started CIB around 15 mo- just 1/2 packet each in 8oz of milk. They don't eat a ton and would rather snack than have full meals, so this helps get in protein, calories and fiber 🙂 my girls love it, so I bet yours would, too!

  3. Golden Hill says:

    Amazing photos as always!! I loved seeing the pic from a year ago. Thats the age my twins are right now. It gets me excited to see the difference from now to what I can expect next year with my own! So fun!!

  4. Raegan Allen says:

    cutest girls I've ever seen! my favorite is the picture of them laughing so hard in bed together! 🙂 Wow are they just precious.

  5. Katie Brooks says:

    They are seriously the CUTEST ever!!!! I just love looking at pictures! How do you get them to eat so well? My 19 month old has been on an Annine's mac and cheese kick. She basically eats it for lunch and dinner with a few veggies and fruits thrown in. Do you have any suggestions on how to make her eat more of a variety? I might have to try to use CIB like you are doing! She is really not a good meat eater so I worry about protein, though she does love beans! Any suggestions are welcome!!

  6. Just love all these pics! And how amazing are you after having twins? Wow!