34 Weeks + Baby Update

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How far along? 34 weeks + 3 days
Total weight gain: 22 pounds
Maternity clothes? After attempting to dress this bump for yet another week at work, I was eye-balling these shorts sitting on the chair in my bedroom.. for half a second I thought “how bad would it  actually be if I wore shorts and a tee shirt to work?”  I also thought that maybe my yoga capris would be a step above the shorts.. and then put on the same maxi skirt I wore three times the week before and called it a day.  I’m over it.  By this point in pregnancy with the twins I was wearing whatever fit the belly, and most all of it resembled pajamas.
Sleep:  Sleep is good- I sleep pretty hard all night with the exception of waking 3-5 times a night to use the bathroom.  All that and I am still really tried by 3pm every day.
Best moment this week: We took Parker and Jolie to the pediatrician earlier this week for their 2.5 year well visit, and after scheduling their 3 year appointment (wahh!), Dr. Butler waved goodbye and casually said “We’ll see you in just a couple weeks!“.. it took me a minute and then I realized that she was talking about this little girl growing in my belly!  
Miss Anything? Its been a good week.. nothing to complain about! 
Cravings: Along with the other items I’ve been craving this entire pregnancy, I really just about have a cup of ice in my hand at all times.  I know the signs and risks of PICA in pregnancy, but my blood work shows everything completely normal, and honestly, I was the same with my twin pregnancy.  The heat of the summer makes it hard not to want a popsicle or a huge glass of cold water at all times. We went from a comfy 75 degrees to 104 degrees yesterday.  Ouch.    
Symptoms:  Heartburn is terrible, but TUMS seems to do the trick.  No other real complaints.
Looking forward to: Marking things off our summer ‘to-do’ list before baby girl arrives – we are going to the water park this weekend and cant wait for the girls to have a blast!  We have been living in the pool, and it is so cute to watch them get excited about playing in the water.  We’ve gotten a few more things checked off the list – like hanging the shelves and frames that have been sitting on her changing table for the last couple weeks!  Small accessories continue to trickle in (I totally love my mailman..) and we are about done!  I am packing my hospital bag this weekend, too!  holy moly.. this is getting so real. 
Baby Girl
I visited the perinatologist as well as my usual OB this week!  First up was the perinatologist, mainly to follow up on my high amniotic fluid situation.  Last time I saw Dr. Walsh she was no longer concerned, but wanted Dr. Koster to take a peak at my levels just to make sure.  Hey, I am totally fine with that.  I get to see this baby girl a few more times than usual, I’m all.. “gimme, gimme.”
Things are getting really smooshed in there, and baby girl was hiding deep in my pelvis.  Her little face and hands were in the curve of my hip bone, making any chances of a decent profile photo slim.  I asked about 3D, and while I got an amazing view of her hands (she had ten fingers!) and the cord.. we couldn’t see her face at all.  BUT- the real reason I went was for her to check on my fluid levels to ensure all was well- and finally after months of dealing with elevated levels, I was within normal range (high-five).  At 5 pounds and 4 ounces, this little girl is officially a full pound heavier than Jolie when we brought her home from the hospital just 5 days after she was born.  If I remember right, Parker was about 5 pounds, 8 ounces.  Thats so hard to believe! 
 34 weeks was also when Jolie’s placenta started to decline and she all but just about stopped growing.  A mini milestone for this mama that I am so proud to have reached.  Definitely thankful for this baby girl’s growth and progress.
I went to Dr. Walsh yesterday morning, and she was really pleased to see how well everything looks on the ‘high risk’ end of things, and I am officially no longer ‘high-risk’.  Although, I still fall within that category due to my history of preterm labor with the twins.  Right now, at 34 weeks, my cervix is tight and closed and baby girl isn’t expected to arrive sooner than scheduled on July 14th (39+1).
I signed my hospital release forms and was sent only way with instructions to get my whooping cough vaccine.  It was probably the shortest appointment I’ve ever been to!  
34 weeks was a good one, although I am confident to say that I don’t think that I’ll be seeing that baby nose again until she’s arrived.. I couldn’t hardly tell what I was looking at on the sono screen:) 


June 11, 2015

  1. SO happy for you!!' Can't wait for you to do a post on your nursery! It looks perfect!!

  2. July 14th is my hubby's birthday! Good day to be born!

  3. You look so stinking happy!! 🙂 🙂 I know you're just busting at the seams with happiness!

  4. Kristina says:

    Okay, not sure you could be any cuter! That 22 lbs has to be all belly as it looks like you're just smuggling a bball in that shirt. 😉
    HALLELUJAH for great levels!! So happy to hear that.

  5. Darci Day says:

    The short appts are truly the best ones. It means everything is great! 🙂 oh, you are just the cutest thing ever. Can't wait for the 14th!!??