Our Weekend in Pictures

The weekend!  We have just two more of these before our sweet little girl arrives and this one couldn’t  have been more full.  
Dips in the pool, picnic with friends, pizza date night out sans babes + another date night on the patio with a couple of our favorite chickies and more water play at the splash pad.
We stayed up ways past our bed times and naps were an after thought.. although it had to have been a record of how many times my girls fell asleep NOT in their own beds- which is rare.  We ended with Sunday morning praise + lunch with friends and lastly, our Sunday evening adult Bible study while Jordan’s Aunt Sherrye spent some silly time with the twins – marking many things off our bucket list.
This is what summer is all about:)
poolside wraps /shelby chic // swim suit / gap

 flower bow / jameson monroe // tee / riley clay

 sippy / nuby // glitter clips / averie + jane

 maxi dress / vintage crown

I think just about every friend and stranger made comments about how low I am carrying our littlest – directly to me or not so discreetly under their breath mentioned that there is no way I would make it two more weeks.

Here’s hoping, folks.  I hope you all had an amazing weekend!


June 29, 2015

  1. Golden Hill says:

    Hanging on to that pic and dreamin about baby number three…..LOVE!!!!!

  2. Can't believe you only have a few weekends left! Glad you enjoyed this one and got to relax! 🙂