Weekend DIY

Its been one of those weeks where I just felt like today would never everrrrr get here. 
I have officially reached the stage in pregnancy when I am completely unmotivated and just want to be incredibly lazy.  My co-workers are lucky that I arrive to work (late) every morning in a ‘presentable’ manner.  The no-pants club hasn’t made its debut to all these biz professionals.
My nesting comes in sprees and most often when I am awake to midnight doing piddle-y things to make me feel more accomplished and free to go to bed.  Other times I cant bring myself to get off the couch to do a darn thing.
BUT- I promised a Weekend DIY in the title of this blog post, which is what likely drew you in to read.
Truth be told, this little blog-o-mine will never be a credible DIY blog, as badly as I wish to be crafty.  I have plenty of ideas, but my OCD brain never allows the follow through.
..for your Weekend DIY: The perfect bubble bath.
I have become pretty crafty with getting the perfect suds for a couple of my favorite girls – and while its not a great big secret, I get asked about them often.. because, well a lot of my grammable material is in the tub.  It is absolutely their most favorite place to be right now. 
Did you know there is like seven hundred different recipes for making your own bubble bath via Pinterest? You wont find a recipe here.
Tubby Todd Bubble Bath + a couple squirts of regular dish soap
bubbles for dayyyys.

If you really want to get a good sud going, you could also soften your water first.  If you have hard water, add a little baking soda to the water and stir that around and then add the bubbles- they will froth up a lot more.
The best end to my week is looking forward to a weekend with these two bubble babes and their daddy.  Bring on the weekend!
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June 26, 2015

  1. lot256 says:

    Not to be a debby downer but check with your pediatrician regarding the use of dish soap in the bathtub. Not sure if the formulas have changed but the harsh chemical makeup gave me reoccurring UTIs as a toddler. Dish soap does make the BEST bubbles but my mom and pediatrician made the connection after UTI #3. Whoomp Whoomp.

    Just looking out for your littles!

  2. Kristina says:

    I love it! I always get disappointed when the baby soap doesn't offer the best suds – now I know the secret and I love it's a large simple as dish soap 🙂