Our Weekend :: Water Park, Potted Plants, + Play Street

These last three days.  
They were good.  
Good would probably be an understatement.
f r i d a y
A couple weeks ago I won a 4-pack of tickets on the radio to NRH2O, and since the twin babes got in free, we invited Auntie and Uncle J to come along and spend the day.  
The park was perfect for the girls’ age.  Lots to do for their size, and basically the biggest splash pad in the metroplex.  They had a blast!
 It was the perfect day.  Not too hot, not too cool, and just enough cloud cover to make for relief in the shade.  
Not to mention, P+J’s two favorite guys to play hard along side them.  
lunch break
 sippy cups c/o nuby // bathing suits c/o kortni jeane
 glitter clips c/o averie + jane

After sleeping in on Saturday morning (sleeping in being until a little past 7am), we woke to make a trip to Lowe’s to get some summer plants and a few things to finish hanging the shelving and frames in the nursery. 
Always daddy’s little helpers.  Always- even when it takes their daddy 8 times longer to get anything done.
harem shorts / odarling handmade // denim moccs / freshly picked

‘happy camper’ tank // SAK threads  // tutu skirts / pretty springy
Saturday night we met Auntie and Uncle J for an impromptu dinner and ice cream date, and we were sure to bring our suits to run through the splash pad after eating our weight in chips + queso at Blue Goose (favorite).
 Sunday was made for Jesus and on this day, a birthday party :: Play Street Museum was THE perfect spot to celebrate our favorite little 4 year old, Landon. 
felt bow // bub + bug studio // kimono c/o camden & kate // peplum top / old navy // gladiator sandals / old navy
 P+J basically ran like wild for an hour and a half in make believe play.  I was looking for my little bit, Jo Grace, and found her playing in the biggest bin of legos I have ever seen, and picking out the little people and animals to play with.
 Parker spent most of her time in the ‘business office’ playing with the phones and keyboard.
Parker be like “sister girl, that ain’t a phone..
It was a calculator.
 After the party we high-tailed it to drop the twins off at their BB + Papa’s house for a sleepover and then headed to Home Group for pizza and fellowship.  We started a new study for summer called Mingling of Souls and already I am so excited about it!
After home group Jordan and I had an empty house to come home to, and coffee and yogurt sounded delicious before we headed called it a night.
I took about a million pictures (I spared you, trust..)
laughed the hardest belly laughs
cherished every single teeny, baby wiggle in this belly
loved on my sweet sister girls
..had the most amazing time with my sweet family + our closest friends.  
This is what I want every day of our summer memories to be like.
I hope your weekend was fantastic!


June 15, 2015

  1. Ash. says:

    that water park looks amazing!!!!!! So jealous!

  2. Liz Joiner says:

    that waterpark looks amazing! such a fun weekend. Glad you were able to go and get cool. This summer heat is already killing us, and it's only June.

    liz @ sundays with sophie