Father’s Day Gift Guide | 2015

Father’s Day this year was relatively simple for me.  Jordan basically told me what he wished for.  He has made the comment on more than one occasion that he wishes for a ‘dad bag’.  The Rockstar Dad in our house plays Mr. Mom often, and with that comes the carrying of toddler things (snacks, Barbies, sippy cups, books, extra panties..in case, you know..) and soon it will be the all too familiar, but so far away, baby things, too!  He wishes so badly not to have to carry the purple paisley print diaper bag that now remains home when Lily is toted around as my work bag.
Dad’s special day is literally right around the corner, so I came up with a few additional + last minute ideas that might come of good use!  I was browsing and Jordan walked up behind me and started spouting off how much he liked the Yeti Rambler.. and that bluetooth speaker would be nice..and I always need a money clip.  
These are officially Dad approved, ya’ll.  
Wall Mounted Bottle Opener (here + here) // Satchel Shoulder Bag (Daddy Diaper Bag)

I’ve mentioned the Dollar Shave Club more than once when talking about gift guides for my man here on the blog, but I cant help but to mention it again.  If you aren’t a believer in how amazing it actually is.. let me assist.  I, myself, actually sneak use of his razors on occasion because, yes they are that good.  When I was updating this last month’s box online I noticed they have hair products! After browsing the options, I decided that Jordan would make great use of the hair cream.. he is a very low maintenance kind of guy when it comes to his hair, so the low hold of the cream would be just perfect.  I went ahead and added it to next month’s box just so he can try it out.

What else..

Jordan is always a huge fan of sports tickets- and this time of year his favs are a couple of seats at Globe Life Park to watch our Texas Rangers hit a few balls, so that would be a great option, too!  iTunes.  You can never go wrong with a gift card.  Jordan has more app purchases than anyone else I know. AND not to forget, a goodie bag of his favorite sweets + candy.  This guy has a major sweet tooth, and does well to keep it in check.  I have come to ignore the request texts that come through while I’m at the grocery for KitKat Minis and ice cream.  BUT, on a day to celebrate him, the perfect Father to our sweet girls – he deserves a splurge, don’t you think?

Happy (almost) Father’s Day!  What are you gifting this year??

June 12, 2015

  1. Lavakels says:

    A new watch and a new fishing filet knife thingy 🙂 these are good recommendations!

  2. Emily says:

    Wow, I'm SHOCKED Jordan has carried around a purple paisley bag for so long! Get that man his own diaper bag! When we were baby registry shopping, Adam's #1 request was a "daddy diaper bag." He picked out a cheap Eddie Bauer backpack at Toys R Us that is horribly unattractive, but perfect for a man, and still gets used today (by him only).

  3. Such a great list! Jordan and Kyle are 1 in the same 🙂 All of those gifts Kyle would love! I decided to go with a corn hole set for Father's Day this year. I'm so excited to give it to him!

  4. I just love reading your blog! Your girls are about 3 months older than my daughter and I can relate so much! Keep doing what you're doing 😀