Weekend Love

It’s Monday, and I’m feeling it.  Already on my second cup of coffee (before 9am) and laying in my bed with three babies.  It will be really hard for me to make myself get out of bed to do much else..
Ever have those days?  They always seem to follow a busy weekend, but the busy of this weekend was so good for my soul.  I spent some sweet mother-daughter time with my first girls and got in major belly laughs over good food with great friends.
Life lately there has been a lot about Baker and not a lot about Parker and Jolie. SO- Saturday I set daddy up for a solo success with Baker while I took the twins to breakfast and for a mani and pedi.  We have done this once before and I was impressed with how well they did.  This time they did even better.
 Picking out the perfect color for their little fingers and little toes and then being treated like big girls- just like mama.  Parker picked blue for her toes and hot pink for her fingers and Jolie picked hot pink for her fingers and coral orange her toes.  Me and Jolie picked the same color for our feet:)
 An hour later with a fresh coat of paint we sat down to put our shoes back on before loading up in the car.  They both proceeded to chat about how their nails matched their sun gasses. The cutest little conversations ever.  It was good good good to spend some time with my girls.  They are growing so fast and while I love that we can go and do things like this without a complete meltdown or running amuck, it also makes me wish that time would slow down just a little bit because I don’t want to miss a thing.
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 Saturday night we stayed in, but had our new neighbors over for dinner.  Luke and Mackenzie are new little friends – and Jordan and I absolutely love their parents, Natalie and Jeff.  They are mutual friends of friends, and we hit it off immediately like we’ve know one another for years.  Steaks, potatoes, mac and cheese, BBQ chicken + lots of crazy screeching and playing.  It made for an entertaining (and loud) evening:)  
 Saturday night went late and of course Sunday morning started early.  Waffles + peanut butter + strawberries for breakfast to start the day, but not before tutus.  Never before tutus.
These girls would wear them everyday, all day.  Often times I am woken in the morning with them already in full princess gear.
 The rest of Sunday was lazy.  Ran a couple errands had lunch..
And watched this perfect angel sleep.  Do you see those arm rolls?  See them?  They are totally there and getting rolly-er every day.
Her lips and nose kill me.
 After many-a-cap naps we left the twins at home with BB while we had an adult dinner date with these beauties and their hubbies.  Well, adult + a baby.  I’m not ready to leave her at home with anyone yet.   We have some date nights already planned for September that I won’t be able to take her, but until then, she’s coming along:)
We laughed and chatted and laughed some more over margaritas and chips and queso- realizing that it was time for us to leave when they were putting away the chairs and sweeping the floors underneath our feet.  We ended up shutting down the restaurant (on a Sunday-ha!).
Stella + Andrea are some of the sweetest gals I know and over the last couple of months our families have gotten pretty close.  I’m so thankful for how our friendships have grown and I’m excited for more nights likes these in our future.    
This week had begun with a long list of to-do’s already.. but after a refreshing weekend, I think I’m ready for it.
I just have to actually leave this bed and get moving.  
I hope you all had a great weekend and a positive start to this week! 


August 17, 2015

  1. Cassie says:

    I am definitely struggling to get anything productive done this morning.

  2. I am so impressed that your girls sit through manis/pedis! I've tried taking my (almost) 3 year old but she is not great at letting strangers touch her hands/feet. Maybe one day because this is seriously the cutest mommy/daughter date!!

  3. Looks like you and your little (big!) ladies had a great day!! Glad you all got some pampering!