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I am approaching 6 whole weeks since Baker was born and I have survived (almost) yet again with a newborn.  
But.. not without a few of my postpartum pregnancy essentials.
Postpartum Favorites
M A M A 

1. seamless hipster panties
They are the softest panties I have ever worn with just enough stretch to make me feel comfortable in my postpartum body.  I am still opting for the full coverage panty *just in case* and these are seamless, making for a smooth look under my clothes.
2. benefit ooh la lift
I’m tired.  Really tired.  It makes all the difference when I wash my face first thing in the morning and use a little of this highlighting cream under my eyes.. hiding those dark circles due to the 11pm-3am-7am nursing sessions.  It is perfect for giving my face the ‘oomph’ it needs even when I don’t bother putting on a full face of makeup – which is happening pretty often these days.
3. lansinoh nursing pads
I never had to use these when I nursed the twins because I always tandem fed them.  I also never had the let-down sensation when I heard them crying.. all those things new mamas experience.  Not for me.  I didn’t even buy any nursing pads before Baker’s arrival to prepare.  Why would I need those??  Oh.  But I do.  This time around its like I have a whole new set of hormones running because all of the above is what I’ve got going on.  Thank you Amazon Prime for getting the bulk boxes of nursing pads in the mail to me in 2-days or less:)  I like the Lansinoh brand the best because they are cotton and absorb well.. and they don’t stick.  You mamas know what I’m saying.
4. bravado! seamless nursing bra
I have talked all about this nursing bra before (HERE + HERE), and this one is another favorite of mine.. I’ve actually purchased a couple more of both so I have more on hand and don’t have to do the laundry to make sure I have a clean bra.  They have by far been the most comfortable bra I have ever worn.  I have also been wearing my favorite bralette– not a technically nursing bra, it is stretchy enough to be BF’ing friendly and also really comfortable.
5. pure body tees + tanks
These tees and tanks have once again carried me through my entire pregnancy and into postpartum.  I have mentioned them about a million times in my past ‘favorites’ posts – both in my tin pregnancy and most recently with Baker, and here I am showing love again.  They are very stretchy and hold their shape, so it makes it easy for nursing.  I also layer the tanks under non-nursing friendly tops so I am not exposing my entire (postpartum) midsection when its time to feed Baker.
6. dr. brown’s hand pump
I do have a large full function pump and have used it often, but I have started to use this hand pump here and there and really like it!  Baker has been sleeping longer hours during the night, which means I am f u l l in the early morning when my milk production peaks (between 4am-7am) and need to get the rest off for comfort after she has eaten an hardly made a dent.  It is easy to have sitting on my nightstand rather than pulling out my electric pump, untangling tubes and cords, all while making a ton of noise.  This is just easier and takes hardly a thought to use.  I also find it to be handy when we are going out without Baker and I need to pump while I’m away.  Much more convenient.. more on breastfeeding and pumping later:)
7. nipple balm
Baker and I have gotten the hang of breastfeeding now, at 5 weeks, but in the early weeks I was left pretty sore while we both were still learning.  My left side was definitely the worst and applying this (as well as breast milk) in between feedings helped tremendously. There’s a bunch of different options on healing ointments, but this one I just ordered in my bundle with Honest prenatal vitamins and DHA. 
8. silicone scar treatment sheets
For my fellow c-section mamas.  After my 2-week post op appointment I was given the go ahead by my OB to start applying treatment to my c-section scar.  I used the regular over the counter stuff after the twins, and it was just okay.  I stopped using it after about 6 months mainly out of laziness, but I honestly didn’t see much change.  My OB was able to cut out my old scar, and so I have nothing residual showing, sort of like a ‘fresh start’ with hopes that I won’t get lazy this time.  She mentioned silicone scar treatments, and I found this at CVS but I’m sure Walgreens would have it, too.  The sheets cover right over my scar and you are able to wear them for up to 7 days (according to the box), but I usually change it out every day and use Mederma PM Cream at night.
9. water bottle — 32 ounce everyday water bottle
Hydration is just as important postpartum as it is while pregnant- especially when breastfeeding!  I usually tote this 32 ounce water bottle around all day – refilling it at least 4 times.  If I don’t I totally wake up feeling like I have a hangover.  Nursing is serious business and takes a lot more out of you than you might realize.. I learned the hard way and dealt with a headache for basically the first 2 weeks postpartum.

Hopefully this is helpful!  I’ll be back tomorrow with my postpartum favorites for Miss Baker:)  XO!


August 19, 2015

  1. Brittany says:

    When I was nursing, I had a lot of leakage in between feedings. I used the nursing pads you mentioned but I ended up liking the target brand ones better as they are a little bigger and I found them to be softer. Just thought you might want to give them a try when you run out of the other ones you bought.

  2. Amanda Klein says:

    I heart Benefit makeup and totally have that brightener! Is that Honest Co nipple balm new? I just used lanolin with baby #1…