Baker Bree | 2 Months

I can hardly believe I am sitting here writing about another month of milestones.  Another month of change.  Another month of life with our sweet Baker Bree.  Two whole months!  While I can say that time is definitely flying, last month’s post seems like ages ago!  Even as I look at pictures of Baker’s 2nd month (and there are a bazillion of them, ya’ll..don’t hate) she has changed so much.
banner / little dovie // knot headband / jb handmades // knotted gown / candy kirby designs
Baker turned two months old on Friday – and we went in to visit Dr. Butler for a check up.  We are weighing in over ten pounds (!!) – I don’t think Parker and Jolie hit 10 pounds before they were 6 months old!  We just used the last of the newborn size diapers and opened a new box of size 1’s! I have been having fun playing dress up with all the sweet little 0-3 month clothes that are finally starting to fit her well.

Baker at TWO months

Weight: 10 pounds 7 ounces (40th percentile)
Birth: 6 lbs 13 oz
Height: 22.5 in (55th percentile)
Birth: 19.1 in
Head: 39.4cm (66th percentile)
Birth: 34.5 cm

Baker is always a little unsure about being naked- hence her semi-frightened eyes.  But that tuft of hair on top of her head tho..amazing.
 Dr. B gave her the once over and everything looked perfect!  I always walk into these check up appointments with a twinge of anxiety in the pit of my stomach- what if something is wrong and I, her mother, doesn’t even know it?! But, our sweet girl looked good and healthy – no concerns!  She was really pleased with how well she’s growing and how consistent her growth charts looked.  
whats new..
I’ve been keeping up with her mini milestones in the ‘notes’ of my phone – and this month the list is long!  She’s growing and changing so much in just days at a time.
BIG news for our sweet girl- she started smiling
 ..and the smiles consume her entire face and just might be the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen.
bow / a little lady shop // onesie / golden hill design
other things..
she had her first bottle (given by daddy) // she slept 7 hours straight // hit her first growth spurt (and it was a doozy!) // slept in her crib at nap time // found her hands (and devours them most of the time)
LOVES the swing, her wubby, the hanging elephant on her carseat, sleeping, nursing, cuddling deep into my neck to sleep, her sisters, and getting her hair washed.
HATES the carseat.  Although.. this hate is becoming more tolerable (thank goodness).
Baker found her hands this month and with that.. she also found her thumb.  She switches between sucking her first two fingers and her thumb, but holy cute- I am loving it.  I have a feeling she will love her wubby not for the paci, but for the bunny attached and instead of a paci, she will suck her thumb/fingers.  A characteristic from each of her older sisters.

I also put a regular routine in place with Baker.  Up until this point I have been basically winging it – two toddlers and a newborn have had me up in arms a time or two and honestly worrying about a strict schedule was not something I had time for.  But, a schedule has proven to be an awesome change for Miss Baker.  Baker is now pretty predictable. She wakes up anywhere between 6:30am and 7am to nurse and then typically goes back down within about a hour and will cat nap until 10am-10:30am. She will eat about every three to four hours during the day and stays awake 1.5-2 hours at a time before she is ready for a nap again. She naps 3-4 times a day, usually for 45-60 minutes at a time, except for her afternoon nap which is usually 2-3 hours long.  If I am lucky I can get all three girls to nap together during this time.  My routine with Baker really fell into place naturally because of the twins’ bedtime routine.  About every 2-3 days I give her a bath and then nurse her while I brush her little hairs and rock her to sleep for the night between 9pm-10pm.
Girlfriend absolutely loves to eat!  Her mama’s milk is her favorite as evidenced by her weight gain of over a pound since her one month check up.  Every 3-4 hours is most typical, but I still feed on demand which some times can be every 2 hours.  Thankfully not every feeding is this way!  I don’t pump everyday, but when I get a chance (and have the energy) I pump first thing in the morning after her 7am feeding.  I’ve got quiet a little stash going- which is impressive to me only because with the twins they were eating every last drop I produced.  Every time I stick a bag of milk in the freezer its a feeling of accomplishment. 
I have started to noticed little quirks about her and when she eats she plays with her ears.  It is the cutest thing and I now look for it after she latches.  
She isn’t a super huge fan of the bottle, but we haven’t offered it a ton so I hope with enough practice by the time I go back to work at the end of next month she won’t mind it.  

P L A Y / D E V E L O P M E N T
The cooing/talking and some babble started this month, and I forgot just how much I love that stage! 
The first time she cooed out loud it almost caught me off guard.  I was so impressed with her little voice.. I bounced around trying to make her talk again just so I could hear that sweet voice again!  During the day, Baker really is a super enjoyable baby.  If you can get her to lock eyes with you, she’s incredibly smiley and talkative -especially right after nursing. In fact, nursing is her favorite time to chat me up.  If she’s not falling asleep, she’s basically flirting with me.  Looking up at me and when she catches me smiling at her she will bury her face (in my boob).  Such a silly game! The same silly game Jolie and I used to play.  She has the sweetest, raspy little voice!  She also likes to complain a bit now too – Its not a cry.. its more of a continuous monotone whale and it is SO funny.  Tummy time is the perfect example of this ‘complaining’.  It is probably her least favorite thing to do.  She’s great at lifting her head when we are holding her but overall during tummy time she tends to just relax with her head on the Boppy. 
boppy cover / little moose
She’s also tracking really well, and loves to be up in her bouncer so she can watch the girls and their crazy antics all day.  I am positive she has wide eyes 90% of the time those girls are running around.  Laying on the play mat she will bat at the toys, but if they are hanging too close to her face she gets overwhelmed and starts to cry… so I have to make sure she’s got some space between her so she can focus on whats hanging in front of her.
We have a tummy sleeper.  A tummy sleeper that sleeps through the night!  I mean really sleeps through the night- not just 5-6 hours.  Baker sleeps about 8-9 hours at night.  YES.  I put her down between 9-10pm and she will sleep until 6:30a-7am.  I know its not the most popular thing to do at this age, but I mentioned this to Dr. Butler at her 2 month check up and she said that her head control was well enough that she could move from side to side, so tummy sleeping is ‘fine’.  Was I nervous the first time she slept on her tummy, sure.  But she sleeps really well, which is better for mama and baby.  On her back she’s awake almost every hour and a half. I think she deals with some reflux causing her to wake up.. I’ve woken to her choking and screaming with spit up all over her face which kept me awake for the rest of the night with anxiety. Since this change to her tummy, we moved her into the pack and play in our room instead of the sleeper/rocker we used in the first month.  Even though she’s sleeping through the night, I’m not ready to move her to her own room just yet.  I mentioned to Jordan doing it before I went back to work and with raised eyebrows he said ‘really?’
I guess not? 
So maybe she will remain in our room for a little longer.  Cant hurt and I like having her close.

leggings / mindy mae’s market // sleeper / june & january

hello darling / olive + birdie

sleeper / jcrew
You are two whole months, our great big girl!  And we love it more and more every day!  As each day passes your daddy and me find it easier to manage life with three of you sweet girls – but couldn’t imagine it any other way.  This month you’ve experienced a ton of ‘new’ and firsts – time is going so fast and I’m trying my best to soak in every moment with you.  Parker and Jolie absolutely adore you (still) and try every which way to help.  You are such a great sport about it and even with the smothering of kisses you don’t seem to mind.
You are pretty content just hanging out in mom or dad’s lap, but if someone tries to cradle you like a baby would be, you let them know really quickly that you are not having any of that.  You love to stand and use your legs to almost pull up from an assisted sitting position.  Tummy time isn’t your favorite, and if we have you propped up on the Boppy you will push yourself up over it.. already ready to get a move on!
You are still content to accompany me and the girls on playdates and run errands.  Though you now prefer to be part of the action rather than snooze in your stroller/carseat. I often strap you in the Solly, and we follow Parker and Jolie on their little adventures.  I just wait until you can run along right beside those girls!  It is a day dream I have all the time.  I don’t want you too grow to quickly, but seeing all three of you playing together is a dream come true – literally.
You have found your voice this month and hollering from your bouncy seat or swing to get our attention has become quiet the entertainment.  The moment you start to make noise  your sisters come running with your paci or a blanket to assist.  You’ve got them wrapped around your tiny finger, little girl. Since the big sisters started school this month, you and mama have had some special girl bonding time, which I absolutely love. I often feel like our days revolve around Parker and Jolie, and although you are content and cooperative, it’s so nice to have time with just you. We go grocery shopping, mama gets her nails done, we go on coffee and lunch dates with friends, and run errands – just me and you. Its the best time.
bag / nena + co // carseat cover / milk snob
Sweet Baker Bree your personality is starting to shine and we couldn’t love you more!
t w o month photo d u m p
Baker’s new bestie – the hanging elephant.
daddy chats- I love how sweet she is with him!
sleeper / old navy
sleeper / old navy
holding onto her wubby so tight!
mama sugars after a bath.  Love me a squeaky clean babe!
playdates with friends- sister girl observing everything she can lay her eyes on.
some of her very first smiles!  Ugh.  I wish I could bottle this age up for safe keeping.
I cannot get enough of her little voice! Again.. hanging out in mama’s lap while her sisters play at the library.
b-double o-ty (oh my!)
Those baby blues.  Give her whatever she wants.

I just cant.. 
This girl.  Rocks my whole world- and cannot believe how much my heart has grown since she joined our family.


September 15, 2015

  1. Tiffany says:

    Oh nessM she is seriously the most adorable baby ever! I am loving watching her grow and develop, and I can't believe how fast it is happening! You have such a gorgeous little family!

  2. Beautiful Baker girl. All three of your girls are beautiful and darling, love reading your blog!

  3. Ash. says:

    One picture she looks like Parker and the next she's looking like Jolie! So crazy. She's beautiful.

  4. this is so sweet! my baby girl is 2 weeks younger than miss baker and they seem so.much.alike. my baby girl evynn loves to pull her ears while she nurses too 😉 now if only we could start sleeping through the night like y'all!!

  5. Dani Lewis says:

    She is so beautiful Amber! And good for yall for having a night sleeper. We are struggling with that over here at the Lewis household with sleep. Many blessings to you and your sweet, stunning family!

  6. You have such a beautiful family! I love that you can use the same banner for Baker's monthly pictures that you used for your weekly pregnancy pictures! Makes my slightly OC heart smile!

  7. Dearest Lou says:

    I can't believe she is already 2 months old! She's precious.

    Cec || Dearest Lou

  8. Noemi says:

    she is so beautiful. Those blue eyes are so gorgeous!!

  9. Samantha says:

    I can't believe what a perfect blend she is of her big sisters!! What a fun addition to your family. <3

  10. You have a beautiful baby girl. Soak up all the moments because it truly does go by so fast!