In Toddler News | Part 34

There are many part of me that says every month that I should stop these ‘monthly’ updates – because, we are at thirty-four months.  I am pretty sure I would give myself the side-eye if someone asked me how old they were and I nonchalantly said 34 months.
As the days go on I have found it increasingly difficult to keep up with everything you girls do and you are taking up so much of my time (and I love it!), but I am again because again you both have changed so much in the last 30 days.  I want to be able to look back at this age and remember the little details.  You basically grow overnight these days- long legs and tiny little bodies and your ever-changing faces.

toddler t a l k s
You girls are constantly changing- I feel like your little brains are in overdrive to keep up with all those words you seem to have picked up on.  Your vocabulary has increased ten fold since staring school last month.. 
..and honestly it keeps your daddy and me in giggle fits because of it.
The things you girls say.. the talking never stops.  It amazes me hearing about what you know and the thoughts you have.  You tell me over and over about whatever seems to be on your mind at that moment, and that has to be my favorite part of all.  Getting to hear about it.
I love how you pronounce certain words.  Most of which are clear as day..and then some are completely wrong, but always consistent.  It often takes a few times before we can pick up what you mean by certain things you say, but it always includes the confused exchanges and smiles between your daddy and me.  We really love it.
You girls love pointing out the obvious, as if to get some sort of reassurance, as well as to make a joke.  You girls LOVE to make jokes!  ‘Dada SEEEELY (silly)’
While in the bathroom while out to lunch after church…  
“Mama, yuuu poop??   No.  I am not pooping, thank you Jolie.
While trying to climb into Jordan’s truck and proving to be unsuccessful..
“I’m just too wittle.”
Getting ready to give you a bath..
“mama – we need bubbles!”
Yawing at the dinner table..
“I tiurrrd (tired).  I need go BED.  Mama, yuuu tiurd?”
Looking for her Puppy..
“I just don’t see it.  Mama, yuu see it?  I just don’t..”
When putting on ‘new’ jammies after bath time..
“These jammies!  These are newwww”
When flipping through to find a movie while Parker was still napping..
“Ooo yea, Pony Tails! (My Little Pony)”
When Baker was fussing as I changed her diaper..
“Oh sweet gurrl.  Why yuu crying?”
“Mama, where her paci?  I need her paci!”
While saying goodnight.
“You are my mama.  and Jowee’s mama. and Baker’s mama.  and Dada’s mama.”
Watching me do my hair/makeup.. 
“Mama, yuu ready go, 20 minutes?”  
I must say ’20 minutes’  a lot..  I’ve got a couple of little repeat birds and I cannot get enough of it.  
There is a whole lot of ‘DIS MINE’ these days.. heaven forbid we only have one of something that you two must share.  Parker leaned into Jolie the other night and said “Okay Jowee, yuu get two minits then it my turn.”
Go ahead and work that out girls.  
school d a y s
You, sweet girls, are fast learners!  You have always been pretty good at identifying animals and shapes, but reciting what each animal says is totally new! You also recite letters and numbers through twenty! You love to run circles around the kitchen counting together as you run- and usually get caught up on the number 17.  Parker was playing around with her hands the other day and made the shape of a diamond by putting both hands together- “Look, mama!  A diamond!”
Okay.  I was so impressed.  Equally impressed with Miss Jolie Grace when she pointed out the pentagon shapes of the tile in the Target bathroom wall.  Not even at her eye level- these lined the top of the wall.  We sing together the songs you learn at school and hear on the television.  You also respond to prompts of your favorite shows.  The Team Umizumi theme song is in every corner of my dreams, but you two absolutely love love love that show – we have over 40 on the DVR and you all would watch every single one in a row if I let you sit in front of the television that long.
 You both love to read and will ‘read’ through books over and over again.  These ‘big kids’ are learning and absorbing at lightening speed.  
s l e e p
This is probably to most touchy subject at the moment.  I cannot couple them together in this one, mainly because it is just Parker having the hardest time going down for bed and staying asleep through the night.  I know I’ve mentioned this sleep drama for the last umpteenth update, but here we are again – still not sleeping.  Jolie does amazing and we’ve been rewarding her with praise for sleeping through the crazy ‘up and down’ that Parker is all night long.  I recently purchased the OK to Wake alarm clock and heres hoping that she figures it out and it works for us.  Obviously I know I am not alone in all this or else why would there be such an invention?  But it feels like an awfully lonely place as I am walking Parker back to her bed for the FOURTH time at 2am.  There was one night that she literally didn’t go back to sleep after she woke at 1:34am.  I was a little bit of a zombie that next day.  I know it is not her bed.  I know it isn’t the dark.  I know it isn’t because she’s hungry.. and I KNOW there is no consistency to any of this.  After talking to our pediatrician, its basically her age along with all these other life changes going on for her little heart to handle.  Completely rocking her world and apparently her sleep patterns.  Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel? No.  Not yet, but I am looking hard for it:) 
sister l o v e 
Basically you all smother this little sister of yours with ‘sugars’ 24 hours a day.  It used to be me you would bed for his and kisses, and sometimes I am mistaken when asked for a ‘sug’ and then I’m completely denied as they lean in to Baker instead.  Well, okay then!  
Baker is completely infatuated with her older sisters and Parker and Jolie love it when she looks up at them both and smiles big and lets out a steal of delight.  
This sister bond among the three of them is already strong and I am so excited to have this little trio grow up together. 

photo d u m p 
silly Uncle J – sleepovers and snuggles with this guy are always the most fun!
feeding the fish and talking all about the animals at Bass Pro.
sweet Andrea!  We all love her.
Ice cream cones!  They ask for an ice cream cone about once a day.. 
Our first dinner at the fire house
Daddy found a baby snake in the yard while they were watering the plants-Parker and Jolie wanted to hold it and I vetoed this desire.   
Jo and Andrea
Jolie wears this crown from the moment she wakes up to the moment she goes to bed.  
She insists we leave it on even as I’m trying to get her into the bathtub!
I’ll just need to wear my cowwn
..and Puppy and Wubby still go everywhere with us.
School continues to be at the top of their list.  Most days they ask if they are going to “play!” which means going to school:)
They can fight, fight, fight, and hate, hate, hate each other so much, but literally the love never fades.
Alright- so my babies are no longer babies anymore.  But it just keeps getting better!  
I am completely clueless when it comes to this motherhood thing,  but I think these three make it pretty darn amazing.    

October 7, 2015

  1. sweet sweet girls! 34 months?! How did they grow up so fast?!

  2. Lindsey says:

    My son is just a few days older than your girls. We had the exact same sleep issues about 6-8 months ago (shortly after our second was born). I just wanted to say – hang in there, it does get better – we used the grow clock (same idea as the one you mentioned) and were very consistent – if he got out of bed, we put him back and explained that he could not get out of bed before the sun came up.

    He now goes to bed around 7 and does not get out of bed until 6:30 the next morning – with the occasional request for a potty trip sometime before 9pm (and we do hear him calling out "Sun, get up" every so often around 6). it took a couple of months with the clock, but has worked out great and he really gets it.

    hope that helps. 😉

  3. Golden Hill says:

    Such beautiful babes! Love the new look of the blog!

  4. Unknown says:

    So adorable! I would love to know where the "Boo" Pjs are from as well as the headwraps they are wearing in that photo! super cute!