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I am lucky.  Like WAY lucky.  I always appreciate (and love) the opportunity to share some pretty cool brands that I believe in, but when I get to be apart of the release of products for one of my favorite shops, I just get giddy with excitement. 
Excitement over clothes? Yes.  Duh.  I am a mother of toddlers and a baby that dress better than me most of the time.  So yes– excited over the clothes we get to wear.  
What I really get excited about (and truthfully humbled by) is the fact that these brands trust me to share and do justice to their hard work.  
For some of these small shops, its their livelihood – and I get to be apart of that.
Thats huge.  This is part of the reason why I absolutely believe in shopping small whenever I can.
Golden Hill Design is no stranger to this blog.  I had the privilege of working with these sweet ladies early in my pregnancy with Baker and have continued to support them (as they support me) in their new endeavor of growing a brand that has proven to be quiet amazing.
This summer I had a hard time figuring out how to dress Baker.  Since the twins were born in the dead of winter I was used to covering my babies from head to toe, but Baker didn’t need so many layers in the Texas summer heat.  The cool comfort of GHD’s skinny minny tank top onesies saved the day.  Since the cooler temperatures of fall have hit in Texas, I’ve been layering these tank top onesies under sweaters and cardigans and they are not too bulky and fit just right.. until its 80 degrees in the afternoon and the sleeveless option of these onesies are perfect.  The fabrics these ladies choose are basically perfect.. and please say hello to solid colors!  No animals or cutesy sayings.  Because sometimes its not about a froggy face on a white onesie.  
When the ladies behind GHD asked me to be apart of their fall release I said sure! but I actually didn’t know HOW AWESOME their new products would be!  A few highlights I’d light to mention:
The fabrics – light, breathable, and oh-so-soft.
The colors – some are classic GHD.. like the urban brown I cannot get enough of! BUT – their newest addition of rose and navy are superbly on point.
The sleeves – long sleeves and side rouching.  Yes and yes.

 THIS Jolie Grace.  She really loves the camera.  Such a sweet little girl I am raising.  

 Miss Baker!  Darling girl doesn’t quiet know what to do or think about those crazy sisters of hers running amok for the camera.  Her button nose and those baby blues.. your daddy doesn’t stand a chance, girlfriend. She found her tongue this last week and spit bubbles and drooling have commenced.  Thank goodness for our reversible trendy little bandana bib.  I didn’t think teeny baby things could get cuter.  
I continue to be proven wrong!
 Those baby thighs, though.  
 Mama got in on the fun, too! I feel like these baseball style tees run true to size – they are very stretchy and hold their shape well (awesome for nursing and forgiving for every body type) but for me and the postpartum ‘pooch’ that hasn’t gone away just yet.. I would size up for a more relaxed fit. 

 Parker’s face says it all.  That girl.  Giving me a run for my money these days.  BUT- three babies looking at the camera?  I’ll take it:)
parker + jolie
slouch hats c/o sweet eloise designs
vest + shorts // old navy 
moccs // hello moccs
headband // a little lady shop
bandana bib c/o me2bibs
onesie c/o golden hill design 

Lets keep up with the fun, shall we?  How about a giveaway to start your week off right? 
Golden Hill is dropping these exclusive designs for purchase on Friday, October 9th, but what if you could win some of your very own?
I was SO excited when Becca and Darci decided to share a piece of their talent with my readers.  Not only are they giving away a Mama + Me Set (one adult women’s long sleeve shirt and one baby’s onesie or toddler/child long sleeve tee), but they are ALSO offering a $60 shop credit for one of you to choose whatever you like!
Enter for your chance to win one of TWO awesome prizes in the Rafflecopter below.
In the meantime- head over the Golden Hill Design page and browse a little.  
I know you’ll love everything they offer!
Contest ends Thursday, October 8th at 12AM CST.
Winner will be chosen and announced on Friday, October 9th. 
Good Luck:)

October 5, 2015

  1. Stacey says:

    LOVE the girls outfits. Need it all!

  2. Stacey says:

    Love the girls outfits! We need those baseball tees and vest!

  3. They are so precious. I love the golden cheetah bundle ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Kayla Beck says:

    Beautiful! Love the outfit and your girls are the perfect models!

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  7. Lavakels says:

    Those sleeveless onesies are so cute but I adore the long sleeves. Perfect for MN winters

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    The basic boy bundle is adorable! And I would love one of the baseball style tees for myself for after baby boy arrives.

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    I love the little muscle tanks!

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    These pictures are adorable! Love the solids too.

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    This new fall stuff is to die for! But of their current pieces I loved the gray tankster bodysuit!

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    Love the halter tanks!! The baseball tee looks adorable too!

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  27. Samantha says:

    So many adorable items! The pack of sleeveless onesies can be layered with many different outfits!

  28. Your family is absolutely beautiful and so are the pictures!! I would love to win so me and my mini can match! I love just love the idea!!

  29. Your family is absolutely beautiful and so are the pictures!! I would love to win so me and my mini can match! I love just love the idea!!

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    You have the most precious girls and they are rockin that photoshoot! I'm hoping I win for my sister who is due in a couple months ๐Ÿ™‚

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  53. Katie Blake says:

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  84. Mamabee says:

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