Holiday Wish list | 0-6 months

I love holiday gift guides!! It is no secret that this is my favorite time of year- EVER.  I am not alone, that’s for sure.  I have a little section in the notes of my phone that I keep up with ideas for gifts and special occasions all year long- basically like a running Christmas List.  I’ll make a little note of anything that I happen to come across that I know my girls or Jordan will love so I don’t forget when its time to buy- because I cant remember what I wore yesterday let alone gifts for three babies plus a picky husband. 
My girl are so fun to shop for at Christmas. This time of year is quiet magical for them.. and me!  First up is my holiday gift guide for Miss Baker Bree.  She is the easiest to shop for;)
Fisher Price Bright Beats Smart Touch Play Space //  My sweet girls isn’t quiet sitting up just yet, but I know it wont be long!  We have a play table that she can stand up and play at, but I think this one would be a good middle transition for her.  I love the design of it, it is so sleek and `modern-looking`. It is hard to avoid having big, bulky, colorful toys all around the house when you have babies and toddlers- Baker’s tiny self has taken over our living room already. But this toy doesn`t look obnoxious like many big baby toys do. I know she will love to sit and play with it as well and stand and play once she’s to the point of pulling up.. which we wont talk about right now because this mama cant handle the thought of her getting even bigger
aden + anais bath wrap // I was browsing the Black Friday sale over the weekend and came across the Gap and Aden+Anais collab and THIS is adorable!  Hooded towels just give me the fever all over again.. and then you wrap a baby basically in a ROBE??  Dead.
Briar Handmade Bonnet //   I’ve been swooning over Briar Handmade since I found out I was having a little girl.  This is Baker’s ‘big gift’.  I’ll admit it is a little on the pricey end for a bonnet- but it is beautifully made.  Wool and lined with the softest cotton, and that pom on top?  Perfection.
pajamas //  We always need more pajamas.  Christmas and festive jams are my all time favorite.  We have A LOT .. how much is TOO much??  I’ll let Jordan fill you in on that.  I love this and she might have these in her stocking.  And her big sisters might have some to match:)
jellycat bunny // While we don’t have a real theme to her nursery, the bunnies have sort of taken over.  We have many perched around her room and often carry one that her BB got for her when she was born.  She chews on the ears:)  The more the merrier!
Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball + Squeeze n’ Squeak Elephant //  The best stocking stuffers for Miss Baker!  Think toys with interactive elements, bright colors, sound, and different textures.  We are in the deep dark throws of teething (like for real), and these sweet little toys are not only super cute, colorful, and really great for development of her baby brain, they are soft and east to hang onto while she gnaws away to soothe her gums. 
Skip Hop Activity Bar // Finally, finally we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with the car seat FREAKout.  We ended up reclining her car seat back in the base a little and she seems much more comfortable!  She also loves to have her ‘friends’ aka toys in her seat with her.  This Skip Hop Activity Bar is not only good for the stroller rides but the car rides, too!  She keeps herself busy and happy batting at the toys and that mirror is amazing- every time she catches a glimpse of herself she cackles out loud.  Ya’ll.. her cackles are AWESOME.
Geek Tee // I just need a pair of nerd glasses for her stocking and we will be all set.  Throw on a fun patterned legging- like these or these and swag swag swag..
Bieber is currently on my streaming Pandora and I couldn’t help myself. 

November 30, 2015