Holiday Wish List | 1- 3 years

Helllllllooooo December!
Yesterday was all about buying for the littlest sister and today its time to talk about the big sister girls.  Everything in their toddler world is full speed ahead- learning more and more about everything under the sun.. even reminding me to ‘be careful’ as I walk out the door for work.  Developmentally, Parker and Jolie are at the age when everything is about make believe.  They serve each other hotdogs and ice cream over their imaginary food counter – don’t for get the cheeses!!  
They sprinkle fairy dust over each other’s heads so they can fly, they sing, they dance, they are NONSTOP.  This year Christmas/birthday gifts for Parker and Jolie will be about just that- their imagination.  Since their birthday falls just about two weeks before Christmas, their wishlist is usually a combination of the two occasions. 
Sing Along Elsa // as much as we would L O V E to let it gooooo we have yet to move on from this movie.  We were at a friend’s house recently and Jolie Grace carried their Elsa doll everywhere.  I know this toy will be the death of all brain cells and I’ll be singing along with Olaf in my dreams, but seeing their excitement over this baby doll would be well worth it.
Let’s Go Fishin’ //  The twins were recently introduced to this retro game (who else played this game??) and they had a BLAST.  They were squealing with delight every time they would capture a fish on their little plastic poles.. I thought to myself – we have got to get this game! I was pretty impressed with their abilities- mama over here couldn’t get a fish on her pole to save her life!
Schwinn Roadster  // (birthday) Oh man- this is my most favorite gift on this wishlist.  We saw this at Costco (thanks, Costco..) and knew we couldn’t pass it up.  A sturdy bike for a couple of first-timers to learn on.  I had a sweet friend make me a couple of stickers to personalize their bikes and make them extra special.  Ahh- i cant wait to give it to them!
Disney Doc McStuffins Doctor’s Bag // Our BB has something like this at her house and it is Parker’s favorite thing to do when she is visiting- play check up.  She always starts my checkups with a shot.  First things first, I suppose.
Powertool Workshop //  Not just for little boys!  Parker is IN LOVE with anything her daddy does- including his tools.  She has the Mickey Tool Belt and wears it proud whenever she is outside working in the garage with Jordan.  Jordan and I both agree that her cheeky grin will be the very best on Christmas morning when she sees what Santa has brought her.
Barbie Dream House // From power tools to Barbie dolls- you guys we have arrived.  As girly as girls can get.  I remember playing with Barbie dolls as a wee kiddo and have been secretly excited for them to finally take interest.  So- we figure.  Go big or go home with this amazing dream house. And whats a dream house without a sleek HOT PINK Barbie car?
Art Easel // We color just about once a day and have been talking about getting them an art easel forever.  With the huge easel pads it makes it easy for the twins to practice their coloring, drawing, and also to use their creative brain a bit.
Princess Dress Up // ALL DAY.  We have a couple of tutus, two or three oversized little girl nightgowns with Ana and Elsa on the front and a pair or two of plastic shoes, but this year Parker and Jolie are getting the real deal.  Again- all about the make believe.   

December 1, 2015

  1. Monica H. says:

    My son – a week younger than your girls – has the Schwinn bike and LOVES it. Perfect present 🙂

  2. Lavakels says:

    We are trying out the Strider bike for our 2 1/2 year old. Should be fun! I love the mix of tools and dress up clothes 🙂

  3. Olga says:

    My daughter (26 months) has the sing along Elsa and it's the sweetest thing to see her sing, but i do have to hide it every now and then to get a break.

  4. That good ole fishing game 😉 Who would have thought my 30th 80s themes birthday bash would bring in games our little ones would love!! lol…. Such a cute list of gifts!