In toddler news | part 35

Its so hard for me to believe that this is the last toddler news update post EVER before these girls are THREE.  Time is really such a thief these days.  Parker and Jolie change nearly every single day.  Looking at pictures from last year, last month.. even last week you can physically see a change in the both of them. Their little hearts are the simply greatest joy to this mamas soul.  That little sponge of a brain you both have is ready to soak up all sorts of knowledge.. including what you hear and see from your mama, daddy, and the television.  
Teacher:  “What month is it class??”
Parker and Jolie: Its BEER MONTH!!
Teacher: “What did you girls just say?
Parker: BEEEER!
Jolie: month.
Teacher: …
That was an interesting text to receive in the middle of my work day.  “Your girls told us today that October is ‘beer month’.. “
I have no idea.
But then there are the precious moments when your little voices come out and surprise me with what you actually know vs what I think you should know.  Single phrases and complete understanding of concepts.  Blows my mind!  That has to be the greatest change in you two over these last several months.  Becoming big sisters + going to preschool and all of the sudden adding about eight thousand words and phrases to your vocabulary.  
You girls continue to be completely infatuated with your littlest sister.
what you talking about you little stink butt
I cannot imagine where you heard that, Parker.
mama.  you feed Baker with you boob?
Why, yes I do, Jolie.    
I need to give her a SUGAR!!
Well, shes eating right now- you can kiss her head right there, Parker.
Eat your chicken and broccoli, girlfriend.
I dont WIKE goccoli, girlfriend.
Mama.  I wike you.  
you like me?!
You two basically keep me and your daddy rolling on the daily.  
creative // imaginative // HILARIOUS
just a few words to describe you girls and your budding personalities.
Those terrible twos were short lived, but as I say that.. I’m pretty sure they started for Miss Parker the first time she threw herself on the floor in a fit over chocolate milk.
She was 8 months.
Crafts, Play-doh, singing songs, and playing house are your favorite things to do together.  This age is probably my favorite for the fact that you two have become THE BEST of FRIENDS.  No joke this time.  I know I have mentioned before about their sister/twin bond, but honestly I have never seen it stronger than it is right now.  These two will disappear into the playroom and not come up for air for hours.  You play puzzles together, Little People, cars, house.. your favorite thing to do is run through the kitchen and back around the living room counting out numbers as you run.
Ya’ll always always always miss the number 17.
Some days I earn my stripes as referee.  
The cat scratching, hair pulling, and head bopping leaves some one (usually Jolie) in tears.
Parker has become pretty aggressive and mean- possessive even.. but her sorry’s and make-up sugars are the sweetest and freely given.  

fiercely independent but incredibly needy.  She will be my shadow, literally holding onto my leg as I move from room to room or make dinner one minute and want nothing to do with me the next.  The girl knows what she wants when she wants it.  Last month her favorite word was ‘NO’.. 
After repeat offenses of telling her mama “no” I told her not to tell me no anymore.
So.. this month instead of “no” she says “I cant” or “I don’t” in the same context.  
Smart as a whip. 
She is my girly girl.  The moment she rises from her bed she is searching for her princess crown and shoes and sister girl can run as fast or faster than her sister whilst wearing said plastic high-heeled shoes.  She LOVES the bows + hats, twirly dresses, and has a strong opinion about how her platinum blonde hair (which is nearly to her rear) should be done. Purple is her MOST favorite color, and she lets you know it when its time to get dressed.  
I wike the poooopuule one!
Sweet girl is eating like a horse- it is very clear when she is going through a growth spurt.. 1.) I cannot seem to keep food on her plate 2.) my usual ‘bird’ eater is interested in more than just a few bites/nibbles at a time.
You love Mickey Mouse, Team Umizoomi, and Bubble Guppies.
Television in general.. you would probably be fine to sit with puppy, thumb in your mouth, and watch repeat show after repeat show. I hit ‘play all‘ on the DVR and walk away.
Oh.  and you always need your snack and your water.
The sneakiest of all sneaky.  Home girl keeps me on my toes for discipline but then has me giggling uncontrollably with her nonchalant wit and silly personality.
This month you have ROCKED at sleeping.  It has been a LONG time since you have slept well, and your daddy and I can agree that you are a completely different kid when you get more than 5 hours!  Your glowing clock keeps you in check- but the moment 7:30am hits you can bet to hear over the monitor..
“JOWEEE.  Joweeeeee.  the light is greeeen!”
Miss Parker is THEE best snuggler on the planet.  She wants to be in your lap, arms around your head.. huddled up under ‘covers’ (blanket) until you both are suffocating and drowning in sweat.
The drowning sweat part is all her mama, but you know. postpartum.  still.
You have become 100% a daddy’s girl.
“I’m coming, toooooo!” 
Daddy cannot go anywhere without Parker tagging along, toooooo!
Feeding the dogs.
Mowing the lawn.
Toolbelt, hammer, screwdriver.  Check, check, check.
She wears them proud, especially when its time to help daddy do anything.  I love watching this bond grow between those two.
You are quiet the mimic and find a way to repeat and replay anything and everything you see.  This is so special to me to watch your personality mold in such a way that you have interest in acting like mom or dad..
Although.. I’m pretty sure your BB was the first to show you how to put on mascara:)

I’m absolutely positive I’m missing something in this thirty-fifth month. I still cannot believe that you two precious babes of mine are just one month shy of three.  
SO BIG is the name of the game lately.. adjusted so well to “school” and absolutely love it.  Become big sisters and continue to rock at doing so. 
They are smart, they are SO SWEET, they are sneaky (somehow always finding themselves into the left over Halloween candy), and they are so bad sometimes.  
They are everything.  My everything.  Their daddy’s everything.
The best big sisters for Baker Bree to look up to.
My heart can’t decide how it wants to handle so many changes in such a short time.  Wrapping my brain around these two turning THREE has been really hard.  
I take dozens of pictures every day, yet there is always the perfect moment I miss.
Words + pictures don’t do justice to the life we have with these two.
I love you, sweet girls. 

November 10, 2015

  1. Incredibly independent but extremely needy describes Raegan to a T! I feel ya 😉 Can't believe the girls are almost 3!

  2. Katie Brooks says:

    Seriously the cutest ever!! I love seeing all your pictures! And I love love love the picture of your husband with Barker in the carrier and doing the hair!! Good man!! I can see my hubby doing that! Happy early birthday Parker and Jolie 🙂

  3. Raegan Allen says:

    love reading about your sweet girls! been reading y'all's blog forever and just adore the updates. they are beyond cute!!!!! my son is 2 1/2 so it's fun to hear about some of the same things they're saying/doing. your family=very blessed. 🙂

  4. TWilson3 says:

    @masseya – I would love seeing pics of what your playroom looks like. I feel mine needs some major help!haha