weekend-y favorites

This first official weekend of November was so good!  We went from no ‘real set plans’ to rocking and rolling through Friday, Saturday, and Sunday never skipping a beat.  
Friday we made reservations with some friends at a new local restaurant that people have been raving about, and let me tell you.  If you are a local.. get your empty belly to The Table.  
The house wines.  the featured local craft beers.. THE FOOD.  
We sort of ordered a mix of things and passed the plates around the table.
House made salt + vinegar chips
a couple flatbreads (the chorizo + the mushroom were delish!)
I ordered the Schnitzel
Jordan had the Wagu Filet
I had a couple bites of the Table Burger
r o l l us outta there and on to the Zac Brown Band Concert.  I pulled out my boots and enjoyed some good old country boy music on the lawn.  Once again, after wearing my boots I always swear I’ll wear them more often.  
…and whats a little pie action at midnight on our way home??  I feel like I could have ended the weekend with Friday night alone and called it the best weekend everrrrr strictly on the food that was consumed.
Once again we ate the pie family style.  From one to four.. 
lord of the pies (this was our number one pick because there was a scoop of ice cream)
buttercream gang
smooth operator
the nannerz
Emporium Pies was legit.  And thank goodness I was wearing leggings.
No zipper.  No buttons. No problems.
 Saturday morning was S L O W moving. The babies didn’t care that we poured ourselves into bed at one AM.  We met some church friends and their kiddos for breakfast at chick-fil-a and then left to run errands until we headed home for nap time for everyone.
Somehow the girls got the memo that their mama and daddy needed a snooze because all three of them napped for over three hours before we woke them to head on to Saturday service at church.
After church Parker insisted we get some cheeeeeps and SALsa, so the consensus was Mexican food to end the night. 
bow // tee // cardigan (no longer available) // shorties // tights 
The best part about Saturday night church is sleeping in on Sundays.  Jordan let me and baby B sleep until well past 8am.  This girl was in THE best mood and hung out with mama most of the morning and into the afternoon.
Oh.  We also found our toes.
Miss Baker proceeded to be the cutest little thing I have ever seen.  
 While Baker had her mama wrapped around her finger, Jordan was outside with the twins starting a little project for the kitchen.
Lets not look too quickly past this sweet picture of Parker and her daddy.
Parker – my non-girlie girl, and her Mickey Mouse tool belt.  Sweet girl is her daddy’s “right hand man”.  LOVE.IT.
 This ‘project’ isn’t going to be a crazy change, but the girls will love it and I’ll share about it when we get it all done.
In the meantime: Baker is still sucking her toesies and mama is making 6 pans of my Mexican Chicken Tamale Casserole (HERE).  A handful of gals in my home group agreed to do a ‘freezer meal swap’.  I left the house for home group on Sunday night with 5 pans of chicken casserole and came home with chili, 2 different kinds of winter soups, chicken pot pie, and a gigantic pan of lasagna.  It was well worth the effort to spend a couple hours in the kitchen on a Sunday afternoon to have hearty meals planned and prepared for the next couple weeks.
personalized stationary cards
Jordan and I were home just in time to see the Cowboys head into overtime with the Eagles..and we kept our losing streak going in the end. 
Either way, these are my Sunday Priorities. 
And now its the start of a new week- and I feel ready for it!  After a fun weekend of friends and fellowship I feel refreshed after last week’s business and fog.
Happy Monday, XO!

November 9, 2015

  1. Ben's big question of the weekend… "but how is Theo SO much bigger than Baker? Me: "Because she's a sweet little girl" 🙂 Can't wait for your tamale casserole- yum yummmmm!

  2. Lisa Odom says:

    When my three girls were a lot younger my neighbors and I did the same sort of meal swap. I loved it! I still make things in bulk, but just for my family. If I make soup or a casserole, I double it or make two and put the extra in the freezer.

  3. You guys really packed it in this weekend! So cute little Baker found her toes. Our little girl is 3 months tomorrow and has her hands down…now we are just waiting for her to discover her feet! She will stare at her legs sometimes when she's sitting like, are those attached to me? Haha! It's so fun to see them learn and discover.

  4. How funny – my favorite restaurant here in Tacoma, WA (the my good friends recently opened) is called The Table! And it too is so so good!