five month favorites

this month we are entering new territory with our sweet little bug.  This girl is teething, (almost) sitting up unassisted, and exploring her surroundings- looking for anything and everything to stick in her mouth.  The joys of teething.. I’m not sure I’m ready for this!
exersaucer // We pulled this bad boy out the the attic this last month and Baker loooooves it!  This activity center in particular has the ability to be raised or lowered, allowing Baker to play without something underneath her to prop her up.  I thought for sure she was too small.. and once again I am surprised at how quickly she’s growing.  She bounces around, pulls the toys, and watches in delight as the animals light up and make sounds in response to her movements.  We put her in this thing a couple times a day and she happily plays and talks to all her little friends. 
nutritive baby balm // double baby chin problems.  As teething has commenced, so has the drool!  All the moisture around her neck makes it hard to keep dry and therefore she’s got some irritation in and around that area.  This baby balm calms the irritation and provides a barrier for making the redness worse with all the additional drool.
play tray + tray top toys // this girl is so active these days!  I mentioned the bumbo in our four month favorites post, and at the time she was still working on supporting herself and developing her core strength.  She’s nearly mastered that component, and since then I bought the bumbo tray.  Just a little too small for a big girl highchair, the tray allows her to play with some of our favorite play top activity toys.  She loves to sit with her sisters in the playroom and be right in the middle of it all with her very own space to play with her toys, too!
soft activity book // this book is a combination of all Baker’s favorite toys.  It crinkles.  It has texture.  Its colorful and its soft and easy to chew!  Baker’s first book is a big hit in this house.  
drooler bibs // Drool.  Sort of the name of the game this month.  Guguberry is my favorite of the drooler bibs tat I’ve tried- and I cannot get enough!  The patterns are perfectly girly (she has boy options, too!) and the double layer of fabric- including the soft fluffy minky fabric on the reverse is perfect for keeping Baker’s clothes dry- not to mention adding the sweetest accessory to my girl’s outfit.  The bib snaps together in the back, and not too tight!  
(Pssst! She’s got a 40% off sale going on right now!)
teethers // speaking of drool.  and teething.  and ohhhh the drool!  Teethers have been a major life saver this month.  Our favorites are definitely the Dr. Brown’s coolees, ridgees, + flexees.  Using these teether toys have definitely offered relief to the pressure on Baker’s sore gums- she puts everything in her mouth right now, but being able to have a toy specifically designed to help ease the pain is the best! The coolees hold the cold and I pop them in the freezer before letting B go to town in soothing those gums, but her favorite has got to be the flexees.  It is easy for her to wrap her hands around and keep ahold of it while she gnaws away.  I know it won’t be long before we see a couple teeth rupture. I can already see the ridges of her bottom two showing through!  She is growing way too fast!

December 18, 2015

  1. Cassie says:

    Love these drool bibs! Mine is drooling like crazy too!

  2. Cassie says:

    PS. I'm trying to decide if I want to order one but I was wondering about sizing since I probably won't receive it for 3-4 weeks. My little one is 14 weeks and just going into 3-6 month clothes. Do you think she will still wear it for awhile? Thanks.

  3. amber says:

    Definitely! Baker is the same size and wears the bibs comfortably. I think you would be good to get a couple- especially at that price!