A pajamas kinda weekend

we stayed in our pajamas all weekend.  almost.
This weekend started the crazy of holiday fun (I love this time of year!).  Saturday morning we celebrated our sweet Jacob for his third birthday- he and the twins are just two weeks apart!  The party was ADORABLE- Santa made an appearance, and the babes whacked a piñata while the adults sat back and reveled in the memories of their childhood.  When was the last time I had been to a party with a piñata?  I totally failed to get a picture of the details.. but.. 
THESE TWO.  Ashley and I can already hear those wedding bells a ringing and I can picture this pose on replay when they are 17.  
 He loves my snuggles.  And he is the best snuggler!!
Saturday night we headed over to the Douglas’ house for PJ’s and Pancakes- we also decorated our first gingerbread house.  The chaos that was the 20 minutes this held their attention.. 
“This is SO BEAUTIFUL!” 
Their little tiny voices with such excitement made the mess totally worth it.  

 After the candy + pancakes + syrup..
the babes crashed in Jessica’s big bed while the adults watched Christmas Vacation and played cards.
 Sunday started s l o w.  No matter how late we stay up, Parker’s internal alarm clock screams at 6:22am every morning.  I was two cups of coffee in before I really could open my eyes.  
Sunday afternoon we headed back to the Cabrera’s house for our annual Supper Club Christmas.  We are in our fifth year of celebrating..and since the littles have gotten old enough to play together we have started separating out our ‘parties’.  Last weekend we all got together for dinner and had an adult night out on the town and this weekend we had a PJs + Polar Express!
Seeing a theme to our weekend? 
No one is complaining here.
First thing’s first: the prezzies!! This mess took all of about 4 minutes.  Maybe less.  

 Every year we do this and over the last three years someone has taken it upon themselves to gift an ornament.  Ash did GOOD this year- we couldn’t describe our group with a better quote.
I feel like a tradition has been put in place with these ornaments and how awesome will it be to have a collection in 10-15-20 years from now! 
 After presents we ordered pizza and played out on the palette in the living room to watch Polar Express.
 Ive never seen this movie and I LOVE IT!  We actually have this movie- Auntie gave it as a gift two years ago and we never watched it!!  You better believe it will be on repeat from now until Christmas! 
 MY OH MY how much has changed!!  Look at the little babies. 
I couldn’t imagine these kiddos having anyone else to grow up and do life with.

December 21, 2015

  1. Cassie says:

    I love it! Especially decorating the gingerbread houses!