As Christmas rapidly approaches (I mean it came SO FAST!) I started to think about our family traditions.  What we do from now until the girls are grown.  What do I want to include and what is important during this holiday season.  I didn’t have a lot of ‘tradition’ growing up.  I actually didn’t have anything that formed into a regular thing.  So, while it might not seem to be as important for some people to have this kind of experience or to fiddle with creating some big to-do during this time of year, I get really excited about it.  Really excited thinking about my sweet babes being excited.  
About 10 years ago Jordan and I fell into a tradition of window shopping at a big mall in our area and having dinner at one of our favorite places on Christmas Eve.  As the years have gone on- we started trying to make church on Christmas Eve a priority – especially now since the girls have gotten to the age to begin to understand the reason for the season.  
Yes we do Santa in our house.  But we also make the birth of Jesus just as fun and most important.
One of the sweetest parts about Christmas Eve service is all the little dressed up kiddos and families in honor of the occasion.  Its like Easter- the beautiful array of color represented in clothes to celebrate this evening!
gold tulle skirt (similar) // bodysuit // moccasin boots
Dressing my girls is WAY fun..and while I thought two of everything was the best ever, dressing Baker to coordinate is, ummm, freaking amazing.

As for me.. I’m sticking with the neutral color scheme and thinking of wearing this midi skirt and this tee.  Since its been awhile since my legs have seen the sun, I will most definitely be wearing some kind of shape wear- cover those girls up.  Enter Hanes Shapewear Tights.  These are my GO TO during this holiday season for the formal events.  When White Plum leggings are in the bill for attire and I need something a little more dressy- like for a Christmas Eve church service:)  Think- comfy like leggings.  Gives the shape like leggings- with extra support around my tummy and bum- without the dreaded cut in (can we just say no to the muffin top??).  But, dressy like tights.
Girls.  These tights make me look as AWESOME as they make me feel.  No joke.

As for the after events of Christmas Eve church service.. we head out to the mall- run around secretly from BB while Papa shops for her gift (he never shops for her before Christmas Eve), sipping on coffee- wrapped with my FAVORITE Shelby Chic Coffee Sleeve (<< use code massey for 30% off!)

Somehow finding peace with my family among the chaos of last minute shoppers.  Then its off to dinner at one of our favorite places.  Then home to Christmas movies and dessert and to one one gift.  I started the tradition of Christmas Eve pajamas last year- and while its not an original tradition, its a good one!  On Christmas Day we stay in these new jams all day long!

Sharing these traditions with my girls has become one of the highlights of my year.  I absolutely cannot express how excited I am!

Two more sleeps!

Thank you to Hanes for sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

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December 23, 2015

  1. You'll look amazing in that skirt. Sad for me, the link for the top didn't work. Merry Christmas Masseys!