friday favorites | PJ love

we have a thing for pajamas.  
I might have the thing.
there is something about sleepwear for my girls that brings me back into wishing for more and more wee babies j u s t so I can dress them in something comfortable.
we spend a lot of time in our pajamas.
often times you will find us at home- and if we are at home usually we will be in our pajamas. 
because- how can you be comfortable in jeans when you are just hanging out at home?  
am I right?? 
Jordan doesn’t count in this vote because he can legit take a nap in his blue jeans.
not me.
..and.  occasionally you will find us out in public in our pjs.
and by public I mean target.

 we really love them and our drawers basically overflow, and yet I still keep adding them to my virtual shopping cart and end up buying them eventually and when they arrive on our front doorstep its all of the sudden time to get ready for bed- at 3pm in the afternoon. 
its basically an endless cycle because, well toddler and baby jams are just the sweetest thing on the planet.
its totally fine.  because its always time for pajamas.
I got an email yesterday from the twins’ preschool about pajama day next week. 
I promptly began planning out what exactly they were going to wear- and oh my goodness so many pajamas options.  
the big day is a week away.
and by big day I mean fun at school in their pajamas day.
I even hear there will be popcorn.
but back to the precious pajamas…
one of the best ways to celebrate a holiday is with festive pajamas.
..and cake.  or yeast rolls dipped in mashed potatoes, if you are the savory type..
so- with christmas come and gone we have Valentine’s Day and Easter to look forward to and celebrate in our jams- 

when there are options for all.three.sisters. to match.
Auntie got these for Parker, Jolie, and Baker for Christmas.  
she knows the tune to my heart’s strings.
probably the most schizophrenic blog post you’ll ever read, but hello.
we are talking about pajamas for little people.
happy friday!! 

January 8, 2016

  1. Briana Runde says:

    I agree! Pajamas are hands-down the best thing ever! Seriously, how can you be at home and not be in them?!

  2. Yes!! I come home and immediately put on pajama bottoms!! The amount of times I've had to run outside to grab my bulldog in full pj gear sans bra, however, is unfortunate. Sorry neighbors! A tip for you, check out Husband and wife approved!!

  3. Cassie says:

    Yes I love pjs!

  4. We are expecting baby #2 next month. Our daughter will be turning 7 then and I bought them the matching pajamas your three girls have. I can't wait to put them on my girls!!!! Your three are so precious! I have a pj addiction too.

  5. Yessss! I 100% agree!! I buy more jammies for both me and my daughter than anything else!


  6. Emily says:

    You've mentioned "more babies" a few times now so I don't think I'm out of line for saying I HOPE you eventually have a boy so you can show us boy moms how to do super cute outfits for boys – like Valentine's Day PJs. 🙂

  7. The cutest! And these pictures are adorable!