Weekend in Pictures

Our weekend was rocking and rolling from Friday morning until Sunday evening.  Our house looked as if it was hit by a tornado like three times over. I am pretty sure the dishwasher was never emptied.  toys were strewn upon every surface of the floor, kitchen counters, and oh yea.. my bathroom has become the landing place for all 47 tiny winged ‘pony tails’ (that would be my little ponies in Jolie language) we own.  2am potty breaks and a pony tail in your heel.  
Almost as awesome as Baker’s teething cries for the boob.  
Friday we kicked off the weekend with a trip to the trampoline park with out little friends.  Eight bucks left us with over an house of jumping, squealing, playing, running and diving.  They loved it!  I am sorta sad I missed out on this during maternity leave- we could have spent every day here!  They had a little area specifically for the littles and it was just perfect.  Me and Jess chatted it up over a couple of baby girlfriends and then headed to lunch for our chicken nugget fix at CFA.  On our way home I had started to feel a bit puny.  Chills came on quick and then the 102 fever.  All of which was unexplained. Needless to say, I landed myself into bed pretty quick after all the babes were bathed and in bed.  Saturday I felt better, but still YUCK and weak.  The lingering headache that remained from the day before was even worse than the fever.  I popped a couple Aleve and then it was off to finished out the weekend strong.  Church + dinner with friends + grocery shopping with the littlest sister while daddy and the big girls went to feed the big mouthed bass fish at Cabela’s.  

We ended our weekend with a new class we started at the church and then home for steak on the grill, roasted butternut squash, and a kale salad.  It was a good weekend- and even though I was feeling sub-par.. I don’t have time to be sick!  I think it had a lot to do with the first week back from the holidays and just going through the motions to get back into the swing of things.
This season of life is outrageously busy.  
But so freaking fun. 

January 11, 2016

  1. Rachel E says:

    What kind of bink is that that sweet Baker girl is using?

  2. Nicki Baum says:

    Yes, what kind of paci is Baker taking in these pics? SO cute!!