six month favorites

I still cant believe I have a six month old.  Half a year already gone?? I have a hankering feeling that this next six months will go by even quicker.  So much has changed since the last time I had a couple of 6 month olds.  I still love my go-to items when it comes to the littlest sister, but there are some fun new things we have enjoyed in this sixth month of her hyper speed life – and even Parker and Jolie are having fun with her ‘new toys’ in the house- even if they do far surpass the age appropriate 3 year old toddlers.  They are OBSESSED with the frozen teethers.  I’m not totally sure what thats all about, but it is kind of hilarious.

infantino discovery gem activity ball
We have a little basket in the corner of the living room that we keep all of Baker’s toys in when we aren’t playing with them.  During playtime, the twins love to bring their little sister a variety of things to keep busy with and they always reach for this toy.  It is really colorful, makes noise and just has a lot going on with it.  So- it easily has become Baker’s favorite toy.  We also got this activity ball from Auntie for Christmas and love it, too!
ice gel teether
the name of these offer enough of a description.  These are great not only because they stay cold longer than the typical liquid filled teethers, but they have a removable cover so that little miss can hold it just out of the freezer or fridge without getting her hands cold.  The rubber cover maintains room temperature, so the frozen gel doesn’t transfer.  Plus- they are so cute, right??
leapfrog my pal violet
Baker also got this from Auntie for Christmas, and it has quickly become her favorite toy!  I will say that since Baker has been sitting up more regularly and with more balance on her own this toy has become more fun to play with. She sits in front of it and can reach the places to touch and activates the dog to make noise easily.  When she was still on her belly she couldn’t reach it or interact with it as well.
pond pet frog activity squeaker
this is the most random toy, but Baker LOVES it.  I got this little frog guy in my monthly bluum box and when I opened it up I thought.. now what am I supposed to do with this??  Finally I just decided to hang it from her activity jumperoo center and omg.  She fell in love!!  She will sit there and ignore all other light, sound, and music to play with this hanging frog.  She chews, bats, shakes, and admires herself in his mirror.  Kind of the best of all worlds in her baby mind.
dexbaby safe lift universal crib wedge
I had a lot of questions about the wedge we decided to put into Baker’s crib at the beginning of this last month.  There was no research done or really even a second thought about what one we would buy- there was just one brand of wedge hanging out on the bottom of the shelf at Babies R Us- so there you go.  But truthfully, we have seen a difference in how soundly she sleeps at night since putting the wedge in her crib.  Poor girl has dealt with gas since she we teeny tiny and the wedge helps to relieve some of that pressure while sleeping on her tummy as well as keeps her elevated when on her back.  She has had a chronic cough for the last couple months and she definitely coughs less since being up on the wedge.  So many positives with this one.. we love it.
little remedies gas drops
speaking of gas.. we thought that Baker suffered from reflux because she would spit up for hours after eating- but never cried, fussed, or seemed it to bother her.  None of us were totally convinced she had reflux and were hesitant to start medication.  We had just about tried everything when I thought that maybe gas bubbles in her tummy were the culprit behind all this and causing her to spit up even up to two hours after eating.  Since starting the gas drops she rarely to never spits up at all.  
overnight diapers
we’ve been wearing the honest brand diapers since Baker was about 4 weeks old.  She had a terrible allergic reaction to Pampers and per the recommendation of our pediatrician we looked into changing diapers- and after borrowing a few diapers from a friend to try, her terribly raw rash looked so much better within just 24 hours. ANYway- honest just came out with their overnight diapers and this was a game changer!  my one complaint about the honest diapers was that Baker would wake up wet or damp in the regular diapers if she slept through the night- until now! We were literally about to start trying out other brands- sort of like a trial and error to see if Baker could tolerate another diaper option because of this reason alone.  I logged in and added a package of overnight diapers to my next shipment the moment the email announcing them hit my inbox and it has made a 100% difference.  
baby dha
since Baker is exclusively breast-fed we have been giving her a DHA supplement with 400IU of vitamin D.  She gets one little dropper a day, and ya’ll- it is so gross!  But no matter the brand its all gross.  Once Baker starts consistently eating more nutrient rich foods outside of breastmilk we might be about to cut back on the supplements, but for now this one works just right.

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January 18, 2016

  1. Dani Lewis says:

    The Honest company diapers and wipes are the only thing we put Brody in too. He's never had a diaper rash (knock on wood) and I just love the designs. And I too am super excited about the night time ones.

  2. Briana Runde says:

    Isn't it sad how fast time goes by and they grow up?! I wish I would've known about the honest brand diapers before my kiddos were out of them. They seem great!

  3. Love the honest company DHA! and love that you shared it. I still give it to my 18 month old. As a fellow dietitian mama – gotta get plenty of that EPA+DHA and vitamin d 🙂