Baker’s First | By the Spoonful

..and its ON.  We’ve hit the 6 months milestone and its time to start introducing solid food to this little miss of ours. While we introduced cereal to Parker and Jolie at 4 months old, I really wasn’t ready to rush Baker into solid foods just yet.  She was gaining weight, staying healthy, and although she was reaching and grabbing for everything in site- I didn’t want to mistake these regular development stages for readiness cues- at least until 6 months, anyway.
Thats just me.
After talking with Dr. Butler at Baker’s 6 month well visit about baby-led weaning and getting her stamp of approval- I mentioned that I kind of wanted to start with cereal to even see if she had interest, and Dr. B mentioned to make it a little more chunky and less watery- as if she were practicing BLW and eating a steamed veggie.
Well, that works for me!
I warmed a few ounces of breastmilk and mixed it with a couple tablespoons of oatmeal and the rest was history..
the kind of history that ends up all over your face.
the good kind.
We let her big sisters in on the fun and they got a kick out of feeding her and watching her take the oats and then push half of it out with her tongue.  By the end I was scraping my bowl and she was doing everything she could to get her hands on the spoon.
Even if I wasn’t planning on doing BLW, this sweet girl wouldn’t last long with the spoon feeding anyway.  She was so confused when I was trying to put the spoon in her mouth- but when she took the spoon for herself she stuck it right in her mouth,  like she knew exactly what she was doing.   Smart little cookie.
Our first go with solids was a success and ended with a big fat mess!  
Kaker Bee is such a mess!!”
She was covered in oatmeal- which led to me cleaning out the kitchen sink and plopping her down to soak for a bit.  I couldnt help myself but to smile from ear to ear to watch how much fun she was having- why had we never done this before!!  
She’s done great the last couple days with her new solid ‘meal’ added to her evening routine- so this weekend I’m eager to start some other fruits and veggies.
Up on deck- with three days in between, of course- banana, pears, carrots, avocado, peaches, melon, beats, sweet potato..
Happy Weekend!! 

January 15, 2016

  1. Katie Adams says:

    I would love to hear more about BLW. I plan on doing it with my baby in a few months and have been looking for all the information I can get.

  2. Cassie says:

    So adorable! I can't wait to get mine started on "solids" in a few more months. I'm thinking avocado, sweet potato or banana to start!

  3. She's adorable 🙂

    I think to be true BLW, though, it's not you spoon feeding Baker (big BLW no-no), and you almost avoid typical first foods such as oatmeal (unless she's picking it up and feeding herself). It looks like you're doing more of a blended BLW/purees approach, and I'd hate for some mamas who are BLW purists to criticize you for using the wrong term.

    Just throwing my two cents out there. When we did BLW with my first, we started with large sticks of banana and baked sweet potato, and always let our baby girl be the one in control of what she ate. No matter which solids route you go, good luck, Amber!!