Year in Review 2015

Happy New Year! 
I am somewhere in between “oh my goodness I cannot believe where this year has gone..” and “2016 may just be the best year, yet!”  two thousand and fifteen did a number in the blessings department on our family.
We have a couple of three year olds and a babe that is growing at lightening speed.  Next week we start solids, and then shell be crawling and then toddling.  I get these flutters of excitement with thoughts about our future to come this year.
But lets work backwards, shall we?  Here’s to the very best of 2015!
gender reveal.. its a girl!
started the first of weekly bumpdates 
oh.. and we got our first hair cut!
february was chilly!  we got our first texas snow of the year
and we dedicated our sweet girls to the church.
I had so much fun sharing all about jesus AND while wearing a hot pink ball gown. Stuffing my growing belly in that dress was interesting:)
we made a trip to the lake and ‘drove’ down that dirt road for the first time

..and we ended the month in short sleeves but covered in powder for the blacklight run

HUGE month for miss Parker Jane- she ditched the paci for good.
bluebonnets made their presence known- everywhere you looked we saw these texas blues
I went to Texas FNCE.
I snapped one of my favorite bath time memories of these two beauties 
Sleepovers with Auntie & Uncle J – always their most favorite memories!
Easter was among the most beautiful – thankful for my growing babe. 
felt oh-so-beautiful in my pregnant bod during my maternity shoot part one + two

..and painted a nursery pink.
It was officially summer after we hit up the ball park with our besties for our first Rangers game of the season.

we celebrated Jordan’s last Father’s Day as a daddy to two baby girls. He was at the fire station that day, so we brought the toddler party to him!
had our last Supper Club before we had a couple babies make their arrival..
Most importantly- soaked up the summer in all its glory 

..marking about a billion things off our summer bucket list
Countdown to baby B was on!
July was HUGE.
we kicked off Baker’s birthday month with the best fourth of July, ever

..and became BIG SISTERS just two days later!
Baker Bree Massey was born!  Little Miss surprised all of us:)

August was spent adjusting to life with three baby girls.  The twins were rock stars and Baker was just as sweet as can be.  There were many moments that we would look at one another and just be in complete shock that this was real life.

We also hit double digits on this marriage train
we celebrated Baker girl with the most girly of Sip + See  parties
Jordan climbed 110 stories for the second year in a row..

..and the twins started preschool
Figuring out out life with three was starting to get easier as we got into our routine. 
..oh.  and I turned thirty one

..the blog transitioned from ‘three ladies’ to pb+j babes
..and we made the best of the fall season that finally set it.

I went back to work and we ended this month with the three sweetest turtles for halloween.

November was filled with friends and family- and of course giving thanks for this messy life.
this month FLEW by.

Parker + Jolie turned THREE and we celebrated with Cookies and Milk🙂
Did all the Christmas-y things we could fit into 25 days.

So many Baker’s first- and I just had to make sure I soaked it all in.
Christmas was magical.  Having kids during this time of year is absolutely amazing.
We rang in the New Year with a low key dinner date at The Table and popped the champs at midnight.

Anyone else richly blessed in 2015 (raising my hand over here!) 
I cant even begin to express how amazing 2015 was.  As I was putting this post together I caught myself just scrolling through the billion and one photos I took over the last 12 months.  How much the big girls have changed and how crazy beautiful it is to have added a THIRD baby girl to our traveling circus.
2016- lets do it!

Year In Review’s Past

January 4, 2016

  1. What a fabulous year! I hope 2016 is just as wonderful for your family!

  2. The Capos says:

    What an amazing year!

    I just love your hair. You should do a how-to post on how you style it (you know, for people like me who have no idea how to fix my own hair.) 😉

  3. Cassie says:

    Beautiful recap! You are my photo inspiration guru! Yes, we also had a great year, but we are so excited for the opportunities this new year!

  4. Heather says:

    Hiiii! Love your blog. 🙂 And you have the most adorable little family! Super random, but I've seen a few of your posts/pics where you're wearing a bar necklace, and I was just wondering- what do you have on yours?? If it's private or personal and you'd rather not share, totally understand! I've just been thinking about getting a little something to represent my growing family and am struggling to decide what I would have engraved on it- kids' names? Just initials? Birth dates? I want something to represent my hubby too. Lol, anywayyyyy more than you're probably bargaining for, I'm sure, but just thought I'd pick another mama's brain to see how you decided how you'd wear a special piece to represent your little blessings! Thanks in advance! XOXO!