seven month favorites

theres been a lot of change going on in this house over the last month- we started eating real food.  we are sitting, standing rolling, and just plan growing like a weed.  so many fun things about this month’s list!  I will keep on saying it: this age is such a blast!
we used a pretty standard highchair with the twins.. and one thing is for sure- they were bulky and I was over having to throw the insert in the wash after almost every meal, so for Baker I was looking for something simple.  although it is a little more on the pricey side, it is seriously getting its use out of it!  zero crevices for foods to get stuck and the clean up is so simple!  I am all about that these days with two other babes running around while I am trying to clean up the dinner mess.
I don’t know why it took me so long to get one of these for Baker’s room.  she has basically been congested since she was two months old- I think its a combination of allergies and then getting a touch of a cold here and there.  either way- the first time with a humidifier in her room was life changing!  I like the crane cool mist humidifier because it is small in size, but still with a large tank.. I refill about every day and a half.   
when we started a regular sleep routine for Baker I picked up some of honest company’s new ultra calming body wash and bubble bath (because, duh).  I love the way it smells and with her new found love of food she’s an absolute mess after meal times and warrants a bath nearly every night.  
my most favorite comfies for Baker girl.  she’s been wearing them since she was a tiny little thing, but by far my favorite are her gusset pants.  SO soft and the relaxed fit makes for an easy on and off for diaper changes. I want some in my size!
I’ve tried a handful of these teething wafers and by far these are my favorite.  they don’t crumble and don’t make a huge mess (compared to others) but they do get a little sticky.  I love that they are individually wrapped so it makes them easily portable.  
oh my goodness- THIS!  I have had these stowed away for months just waiting for the time when I could pull them out and they did not disappoint!  I fill them with organic fruit pouches (because the thought of making homemade purees right now just makes my head hurt..) and freeze for just a couple hours.  Baker loves them.  I mean LOVES them.  she will go to town on two or even three in one sitting!  little piglet loves the fruit pops:)
because they are so stinkin cute!  also because they are really soft and Baker loves to chew on them.  oh.. and if you have baby girl toddlers, beware.  these will end up in the mix with my little ponies and the littlest pet shop goodies.  they love them:) 
rest easy spoons 
my favorite spoons for feeding Baker.  I am only spoon feeding her whole milk yogurt, but these are great!  They have a longer length making for less mess when I’m scooping out the yogurt from the tiny little cup.  the bowl of the spoon isn’t too deep but not completely flat- just right for getting the right amount for a little mouth.  the shape makes it easy to wipe the excess off Baker’s baby cheeks and mouth, too!

February 12, 2016

  1. Jade Larson says:

    I love your monthly favorites! I have tried and loved many of the things you have recommended! I've been looking at ordering the Crane humidifier and I'm going to give it a try now. 🙂 You should do a favorite list of things you use for yourself.

  2. Jenna says:

    Some great items in there! we picked up the Crane humidifier for my son and plan to get another one for the next baby.