baker bree | 7 months

here we are again with time flying out from under me.  there is something so sad about saying I have a 7 month old. I think it is because we have jumped that half a year old mark and we are just high tailing it to her first birthday. our house is on a non-stop train to toddler-dom.. for the second time around.  why is this happening and why are my days running together?! she’s grown exponentially over the last 30 days and from what I can recall, I think this is the most she’s changed in just one month’s time- even though it makes me sad to say she is getting older I am loving it –  I can say that this month has been my favorite so far. I am absolutely loving this age.
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whats new…
  • Baker is OBSESSED with her sisters.  the way she looks at them is unreal and it makes me fall in love all over again with these sweet littles I call my own.
  • sink baths.  we’ve had so many ‘baby’s firsts’ this month- one of which is sink baths.  this was a mama and baby first.  holy cow they are so fun.  well.. until..
  • she starts pulling up.  good grief I wasn’t expecting this for, well I don’t even know or remember when I was expecting this or when the twins did it, but she’s pulling up on everything right now.
  • scooting.  all over the place.  she doesn’t quite get herself in the crawling position just yet, but we are so there.  she will get nearly on all fours and then start fussing because she’s not exactly sure where to go from there, I suppose.  until then, she is happy pulling herself to where she needs to be.
  • sitting.  100% unassisted and prefers it this way.  she can even go from the (modified) crawling position and back to a seated position about half the time. 
  • laughing.  I still cant get this girl to give a big belly laugh, BUT she will laugh here and there and much more often.  her laughter comes out though through her amazing grins and smiles that make her entire face light up.
  • interaction + reaching.  her interaction with toys, her sisters, and other people around her has improved a lot.  she reaches for people she wants to be held by and definitely plays the ‘look hard with a huge grin to get attention and then bury my head somewhere to be shy’ game.  totally precious.
  • she absolutely loves to facetime her daddy.  her face lights up when I pull out the phone to make the call and when Jordan pops up on the scream the sweetest grin spreads across her face- not to mention the wiggle and squeal that goes with it. 
  • she also loves loves loves it when her daddy ‘tosses’ her in the air.  the giggles and half-laughs that come out of that girl are just to die for.
  • sugar.  Baker gives the best baby love.  oh my goodness when she grabs my face and dives in for some monster sugars it is hilarious and so sweet.
  • toes.  if ever her toes or feet are exposed she’s scrambling to get them in her mouth.  diaper changes are becoming a wrestling match with this busy girl, so I often remind her of her feet and she’s stone still while I can strap a dry diaper on her.
  • teething.  we have no teeth.  none.  period.
  • table food.  we have been eating all kinds of things!  she loves it and I love it, too (more on that below)! 
  • Baker wears size three diapers + 3-6 month clothes- but we still wear our 0-3 month dresses as tunics:)

get it girl.  those three words are how I can most accurately describe this one’s reaction to foods of all kinds.  I plan to go into a little more depth about our baby-led-weaning experience, but look at this face!  I personally have had a lot of fun with this- less stress than I had with the twins.  I haven’t been too crazy with spacing out all the foods she is offered.. at least the low allergy types- roasted sweet potato, roasted butternut squash, brown rice, apples, banana, avocado, mango, whole milk yogurt, grilled chicken, grilled steak, cheese pizza (gasp!),. veggie burgers, quinoa, pancakes, waffles, teething wafers, and real quick cooking oatmeal.

foods I have watched and waited three days in between: scrambled eggs, sprouted toast with almond butter, strawberries.  mainly foods that have a higher rate of showing allergies in kiddos.  Homegirl LOVES bread.  I have read that some wait to offer this because of allergy/gluten reasons, but we don’t have an issue.  

I have also tried to teach her to suck from the organic fruit and veggie food pouches that I picked up at the grocery store (I like the Ella’s Kitchen brand) and we are getting the hang of it!  she actually really loves those.  I had only been using them to fill my fruit molds to make little frozen pops for her and offered her the remaining pouch one time and she sucked it right down.. well., okay then little missy.
Some nights Baker is really into dinner time and then other nights she doesn’t care much about it.  The sky is the limit really, and I’m not stressing too much about it right now. 

we are still going strong on the breastfeeding front.  most days while I am away at work she takes two (6oz) bottles of breastmilk and the rest of the time she nurses.

daily feeding/solids schedule:
 6am: wake (nurse)
9am-9:30am: nurse (bottle)
10am: yogurt + fruit
10:30am-1pm: nap
1pm: nurse (bottle)
4pm: nurse
6pm: dinner
7pm: bath
7:30pm: nurse/bed
P L A Y / D E V E L O P M E N T
play time has become much more interactive both with her sisters as well as with various learning toys.  she has started to figure out that flipping/turning handles on certain toys make a new music noise, or how to turn the pages of a book to see something new. Baker also has learned what buttons to push for lights and sounds.  by far her favorite toy this month is the Bright Beats she got for Christmas.  we will sit her in the middle of it with a few other toys and within just a few moments she’s scooted herself over to the side and started to pull up to a standing position.  scooting- goodness shes a pro.  if I leave a few toys out in front of her in attempts to get her crawling she will scoot as close and she can and then reach to get the toys.  so, the smart little cookie will get what she needs without worrying too much with the technical movements to do so. 
she loves anything that makes noise.. and if it doesn’t make noise, she’s banging whatever she can find to force sound out of it.
Baker loves to play, but wants someone close by. She will play in the exersaucer for 30 solid minutes if the twins are around to harass her or steal her toys.  she wants and craves that interaction from her sisters or me or her daddy.  I sort of love it.  I also love It when her sisters pull out the books and puzzles.  they read to her all the time and Baker really acts as if she is intently listening. 

we lowered the crib a notch this month. it used to be my ‘safe place’ to sit her (away from the big girls) while I put away laundry or straightened up.. and I came out of her closet this last week to her completely standing up and leaning over her crib rail.
what?!  what is happening here??  I texted Jordan this picture and he came right home to drop the crib.. so, there’s that.
she loves to sit in the front of the cart and would be far too angry if we left her in the car seat to walk about the grocery store- even for a quick trip.  she’s too cute though, so I don’t mind.

this little girl was an absolutely amazing sleeper up to 15 weeks.  at 15 weeks I went back to work and she decided she was over sleeping through the night.  it has been a long road traveled with the sleeping business, but honestly NOW at 7 months we have finally figured it out.  she went through a period of being sick, so the congestion + coughing kept her from sleeping.. and then if it wasn’t that she was wishing only to be held and have prime access to the boob at all hours of the night. 
I was a zombie.
motherhood isn’t for wimps.
it is for this reason alone that motherhood isn’t for wimps, ya’ll. 
early this month we finally started to feel better (thank you oh-holy humidifier and to Baker for finally deciding a pacifier was worthy enough) and started the whole sleep training process. 
now before we all go and judge and freeeak out, sleep training doesn’t have to mean cry it out.  There are lots of methods to the madness that are infant sleep habits.  I’ll talk more about that next week, but I am SO excited to say that we are finally sleeping consistently through the night.
we started with naptimes during the day and then created a normal and expectant bedtime routine and then sleeping well through the night sort of gradually made its way into a healthy habit. 
Baker wont just nap anywhere- she wants to be in her crib, and I don’t blame her- its comfortable.  but we have made a real habit of always letting her sleep in the same place around the same time.. so naps in the car our just randomly falling asleep wherever isn’t the norm.
I will say the one exception to this rule is if she is in the wrap carrier.  she loves it and will snuggle close and pass out almost immediately if I’m wearing her. 
she takes a three hour morning and a two or two and a half hour afternoon nap and most of the time we try and stay around the house so we can let her get in at least one good nap during the day.

typical sleep routine
wake: 6am (nurse) and then back to sleep until 7:30-8am
nap #1: 10:30am-12:30-1pm
nap #2: 3pm-4:30-5pm
bedtime: 7:30pm

against all ‘sleep training’ books, articles, and blogs I’ve read,  I do still nurse her at night before putting her down.  this is my most favorite time. quiet time with this girl, just she and I, is the most precious time of my entire day.  I snapped this picture last night- the eve of her 7 month birthday, because I didn’t want to miss or forget moments like this one.  I had just nursed her to sleep and ran into the bathroom to get Jolie off the potty and caught a glimpse of this sleeping beauty in the mirror. more and more everyday.
 canvas prints // iphone cover // sleeper c/o // sleep sac
sweetest baker baby.
you are every bit of the little girl I imagined you would be when I dreamed about you while you were in the womb.  you are most definitely a mama’s girl, but you love your daddy and your BB and your sisters something fierce.  I cant even express to you the joy I feel inside when you reach for me, but even when you are reaching out for someone else- it reminds me of how very sweet you are. your heart is solid gold.  that smile of yours is ever so contagious and I cannot get over what a little beauty you are, both inside and out.  we giggle and are silly together all day and I am reminded of how very blessed I am.
you are very talkative and in between chatter and babbles, you’ll let out a yell that seems like it came from the bottom of your belly.  It definitely reaches everyone’s attention- and will often put my heart in my throat if we are in the car.  just a little reminder to everyone not paying attention- “I’m here!!”
your baby hairs have been fully replaced by baby penguin soft hair and stands on end- especially after bath.  this mama hates to comb it down after bath time and when you cry out for me to come and get you from your crib I find you with the most hilarious morning mohawk.  you are using your fingers and hands like a pro- grasping your toys and food and even the smallest little speck on the ground.  you are very intent with your thoughts and full examine the situation before taking part.  its really amazing to watch you observe your sisters being the crazy girls that they are.  but after a few minutes you start to flap your arms and legs as if to fly over to be right in the middle of their shenanigans.
Baker Bree you are everywhere!!  not crawling, but you make your way around army crawling and scooting to get what you need. 
Every day comes with a new learning curve for us, sweet girl, but we overcome them together and we grow together and learn from each other. watching you experience life everyday is what it is all about.  I am so excited and blessed to be your mama.
s e v e n month photo dump

 bow c/o 

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February 11, 2016

  1. Dani Lewis says:

    Happy 7th month Miss Baker! I think you are starting to favor your daddy some! Cute cute cute

  2. My goodness she's perfect! Happy seven months, Baker!
    ps- I am super anxious to read your post on how you sleep train! We are very quickly creeping on this stage and I'm at a loss on how to sleep train without letting her scream. can't wait to read!

  3. Kelly Smith says:

    Your sweet little Baker may be the cutest baby girl ever. She is just precious. What a fun age!

  4. Kim says:

    She's so beautiful..

  5. Louise Cavel says:

    Miss Baker is THE cutest baby I have ever seen!! Also, the picture of the twins in the white vest outfit – amazing!! You are truly blessed with the sweetest children!


  6. Cortny says:

    Congrats on sleep training! We just got into a good groove after having to do a little crying it out so no judgment here! Do what you gotta do momma!

  7. Golden Hill says:

    Seriously…she has got to stop being the cutest baby ever. Just love these pictures. Every one of them I'm like, Oh that is so cute…no THAT is so cute…OH MY HECK!!! THAT IS THE CUTEST!!! Amazing job mama!!!