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ya’ll.  life has been so busy!  between work, raising babies, and simply going through the motions of life we have hardly had time to sit.  
so.  heres whats new.
last weekend we had Nicole of mrs wilson’s restorations at the house almost every day.  she installed this beauty and I cant stop looking at it.
when we moved in there was this random space when you walked into the house from the garage and I’m not sure of the original homeowners had plans for this space and never did it?  after 3+ years in our house we finally made the plans to get it finished.  I was tired of backpacks and shoes and carseats just hanging out in piles near the door.  
give me some organization, please.
Baker’s closet is next on the list.. it is the most unfunctional space in the house.  I’ll share more on that when we get that little project complete (should be this next week!)
 scoot scoot scoot.  basically my frequent floor duster.  it won’t be long before she figures out how to get up on all fours to move around, but she’s got the army crawl slash windmill movements down pat to get where she is going. 
 two words: growth spurt. 
I found myself googling “six month growth spurt” because she’s been wanting to nurse almost every two hours and then eating like a horse on top of all that.  the other night I was making veggie burgers for the big girls and threw a couple squares on her tray.  she.loved.it!!  these are our favorite (premade) veggie burger and we buy them in bulk at costco:) 
I eat them with a little hummus or guacamole for lunch.. and now Baker will, too!
 ..so many bubble baths.  Baker is basically trying to crawl out of the sink, so those won’t last much longer, I’m sure. which is such a bummer because she’s a hot mess after meal times and its easiest to just stick her in the sink after peeling her our of her highchair.
and more bubble baths.  sometimes when J is at the fire station for 24 hours we spend an hour or so in the tub.  basically until their little fingers are pruney and their teeth are chattering.  they love it and its been awhile since we’ve done that. 

 I skipped the red in my hair this go round at the salon.  although this picture still says ‘a hue of red’.. its more dark brown.  being outside so much over this last month because of the random spring like weather the red was fading really fast.. I was ready for a change.  
also.. my favorite bar necklace got the upgrade.  I had one that just read the initials of my girls “bb + pj + jg” and I wanted one that had their full names “jolie + parker + baker”. 
 shine life delivered beautifully, once again.  
 I had a much needed girls night out with a good friend.  Andrea’s birthday was this week and she and I met at the nail salon for a little pampering and then had dinner afterward.  I wish I could make my life work in such a way that I could do something like this every single week. I had such a good time with her- really good for my soul.
 J sent these pics to me while I was at work this week.  my silly girl.  makes my day away a little bit sweeter when I know she’s having such a good day at home with her dad.
also.. that blanket was made by Jordan’s aunt Judy when the twins were born.  I am not very sentimental about keeping things, but there is something special about seeing her play on the same blankets that P+J played on when they were her age.  I’ll never get over that feeling.
 Parker and Jolie have started this thing where they stick up for each other..err.. put claim on one another?  I don’t even know what to call it, actually.   
‘this is my sister.’  
‘be nice my sister.’
‘thats my sister.’
I’m definitely loving this.  and the bond that they share with Baker is unreal.  the big girls walk in the room and Baker basically looses it with excitement.  they are so helpful and so very interested in sharing, showing, teaching, and playing with Baker.
I mean.. those sweet faces.
 too. big.  what is happening here.  she’s big enough to sit in a grocery cart (almost) unassisted.  and TWO.   theres only one of her.  
I would take like eleven of Baker. no joke.
we went to the rodeo this week- and its exactly as you would picture it to be.
barrel racing, calf tying, bull riding.. the whole bit and the big girls loved it!
my company buys out a couple sections every year so we can all go and bring our families and this was the first year I was able to go.  we made a night out of it and took the big girls to dinner before hand while Baker stayed home with her BB and Papa.  we hadn’t gotten this time with just the two of them since before the littlest sister was born, so this was a good good good time. 
 ..and this gem popped up on my time hop this week.  Oh my goodness.  I pray so hard this girl never changes.  ever. 
so- there we have it.  life lately in a nutshell. 
happy fri-YAY!  I hope this weekend is a great one- XO!

February 5, 2016

  1. Louise Cavel says:

    Hi Amber! I've been following your blog for awhile now (since before the big sister girls were born!) and I have to say, updates on your blog ALWAYS make me smile! Your family is so precious, so real and down to earth! I've followed bloggers whose sole profession is blogging, and while that obviously comes with a lot of perks, it definitely stops feeling authentic and starts becoming a little to "celebrity" if you know what I mean! Your blog is such an inspiration, raising twins and a baby while both you and your husband work full time professions AND you don't mind taking the time to share your life with all of us – I always look forward your updates!

    You have such a blessed family, thanks for sharing bits of it with us!


  2. Lindsay says:

    I definitely have to agree with the above! Well said! Happy Friday, Amber!

  3. Lindsay says:

    I have to agree with the above statement! Love your blog and your darling little family. Well said! Have a great weekend, Amber!

  4. Lavakels says:

    What a fun time! Will you be doing a post on your BLW adventures?? I'm interested!

  5. Stacey says:

    I love your hair in that photo! How do you get those pretty curls and such volume?

  6. I think that hair color is gorgeous on you! Definitely a good pick. 🙂 Such cute pictures, as always!