valentine’s day fun | strawberries + cream puppy chow

this is our first official valentine’s day swap.. but we are big fans of this LOVE-ly holiday.
remember this?
omg its still among my favorite photos ever.
more of this sprinkled with love style shoot with the talents of auntie (here)
the preschool doesn’t make a huge to-do about valentines day, but they do exchange valentines among their little friends- which I was prepared for like a month ago. 
the big girls are at an age where they are more in tune to activities associated with holidays and special occasions.  their birthday this year was over the top hilarious and fun for everyone- and when asked when their birthday is- they sweetly reply ‘next week’.
that being the case- I’ve been talking up valentines day here and there and we made a festive recipe for puppy chow- and at the end of the whole thing Parker takes one look at the mix and says “I don’t wike it.” 
picked around the good part and ate the m+m’s.  whatever.  more for me!
we made extra to take to school to share at lunch on thursday when they exchage valentines day goodies, so I doubled the recipe- using 16 ounces of the candiqukan entire family size box of the chex rice cereal, and a whole bag of the vday m+m’s.
there are delicous versions of this all over pinterest, but here’s mine:)
8 ounces vanilla candiquik or white chocolate chocolate chips
6-8 cups chex cereal
1 cup strawberry cake mix
1 cup red velvet cake mix
1 cup powdered sugar, divided
½ package valentines chocolate M&M’s
melt half of the candiquik in the provided tray, or in a microwave safe dish, melt the chocolate chips.  if using the chips, add 1/2 teaspoon of shortening to help make it spread evenly.  dump the candy over top of the chex cereal in a large mixing bowl.
in a gallon size ziploc bag, put 1 cup strawberry cake mix and 1/2 cup powdered sugar.  in another ziploc bag, fill with the red velvet cake mix and the remaining half-cup of powdered sugar.
dump half the chex mixture into each of the ziploc bags and shake until coated.
add in the m+m candies and serve!
 so easy and the twins had a ton of fun shaking the bags to near death and crumbling of the cereal.
next up was to finish filling our little baggies with jelly beans for fun and easy valentine’s day goodies for our little friends.
weeks ago I ordered these personalized stickers and baggies off groopdealz (seriously amazing) and cannot wait for the twins to pass them out.
 they probably ate more jelly beans than actually went into the bags, but I let it go.  
jelly beans for dinner, it is!
 I felt like this was the perfect little project for my 3 year olds to nearly do on their own.
sticking their personalized stickers on the candy filled baggies was basically the best part of the entire thing.
all this while I snacked on puppy chow.  
puppy chow for dinner!
you know..  it happens.  
puppy, of course took part in the valentines day fun, too.
look how NEW puppy looking two years ago..
happy valentines day week!

February 9, 2016

  1. Ashley D says:

    these old pics melt my heart! XOXOXO Happy Valentines to the sweetest girls ever!