weekend snaps

this weekend was fast and furious, but thats how we like it.
its been super warm here- like 80 degrees, warm.  so I knew it was going to be about getting outside for most of the weekend without a doubt.  so how about a recap:  
we (they) turned my house upside-down and covered in princess dresses and legos, we spent time at the park, had pancakes for breakfast and drank way too much coffee.  I celebrated the cutest preggo friend and her baby boy set to come at the beginning of April and then we loaded up the kiddos and had mexican food with family + friends plus did a little shopping for the babes on saturday night and then enjoyed brunch sans kiddos before the weekend was over. bloody mary’s all around!  my favorite drink of all-time.  
so random but literally.  
it was a good good weekend.
this girl.  my little shadow- and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I would take forty replications of her.  at once.  she grew double time in one fell swoop this weekend.  crawling, pulling up, trolling along the furniture and her toys- pulling up in her crib!?  all of the above.  she’s mastered that in about 48 hours.
 after an afternoon of no naps, we made a swing through starbucks for an iced coffee (in february!) and headed to the park (in shorts!!)  
Baker loooooves being outside.  she played and crawled and rolled her little self all over the blanket while the big girls ran their little hearts out.  yup. tucker them out before we go home.  bedtime is so much easier when they are little sleepy heads.
by the way.. this blanket is outrageously practical and has quickly become one of my favorites for anything that has to do with being outdoors!  we picked it up one night when we were headed to a concert where we had lawn seats with every intention of returning it if we ended up not liking it.. well.   we loved it.  its just amazing. 
 Parker’s ugly cry.  goodness!!  she scraped her leg about 4 minutes before we made a quick run inside to grab a few things (our favorite play area is a small park connected to our grocery store- do they love moms or do they LOVE moms?!).
she cried “mahh wheeg! (my leg) this is NOT GOOD!!”
I wish I could really capture the gravity of her concern.  the poor kid checking us out was looking at Parker wide-eyed and couldnt concentrate on anything else happening around him and I was just trying to get him to make sure I had paper instead of plastic.. 
quite comical looking back.
a handful more from this weekend..
 ready for dinner!
 kendall + jolie + parker
 the big girls love kendall, so when we get to spend time with her its a big deal! lots of big girl loving to go around!
 jolie and her stuffed squad.
for the love of all her animals.  poor puppy has to share his time with jo grace!
we had three babes in our bed before 7am on sunday morning, so we skipped church, live streamed watermark, and poured another cup of coffee while the girls played instead.
 ..and then stuffed our face with brunch.  
 like I said.  growing way too fast!  I heard her wake from her afternoon nap and I couldnt find her not the monitor.. I walk in to her standing like no big deal at all.  we’ve already lowered the crib once! please don’t make me do it again!
she also graduated from the sink baths in the kitchen.  while it was incredibly convenient to bath her right from her high chair (because she was SUCH a mess!) it was like bathing a monkey in a wet suit- she’s everywhere!  I was having a mini stroke every night trying to just hurry up and get her in and out before she either climbed out on her own or she leaped from my arms.
such a nut.
I have to mention..her hair!  its getting really long and starting to curl some at the ends, especially when its wet.  I can hardly handle it!
hope it was a good weekend- here’s to a great start to this week! 

February 22, 2016

  1. What a sweet family you have! I was wondering if you are planning on doing a post about BLW. What you guys are doing, what foods you've tried and any tips?!

  2. The Joiners says:

    I can't get over how much Parker's crying face makes her look like Jolie like never before!