friday favorites | good friday edition

good friday.
its been extra quiet around these parts this week.  not intentionally.  mostly because that day to day life has been hedging its way into my blogging time.. I keep thinking that life will slow down at some point, but alas- it never does.  we keep piling it on and adding more things- but life is good.  
its good on this good friday. 
this week we spent so much time together- and reflecting on the weekend ahead and embracing the blessings the Lord has giving us.. even when they don’t even look like blessings.  He’s always teaching and its amazing how we look back on particular life situations and find ourselves going 
‘oh,  I gotcha.’
it was this time two years ago that I was desperately crying out the Lord for peace about what was happening in my life.  so many questions surrounding the loss of our first baby.
it was this time one year ago that I was praising His name as I sat in an empty nursery with a healthy baby Baker wiggling in my belly.
life had come full circle. 
He is good.  
I am so excited for this weekend.  We are sharing some baby firsts with our baby girl- who is about to by NINE months old and I am just not dealing with it well at all.. 
the big girls have finally started to understand a little more about ‘holidays’ and the fun things that go along with it.  there is a big egg hunt tomorrow morning and they have been talking non-stop about it since they did a mini-egg hunt at preschool yesterday.  they know the drill and want to just hunt the eggs over and over and over.  

find the eggs.  
said eggs have candy.

personalized matching jams.  you know I wouldn’t have it any other way, right?

I, for one, am so excited about filling their Easter baskets as I mentioned a couple weeks ago (here). I know they’ll be in jellybean overload after tomorrow’s egg hunt and festivities.. so finding some non-candy options were important! I thought Jordan’s eyes were about to roll out of his head when he saw the Peppa Pig dvd’s land on our doorstep.  what can I say.. he’s not a Peppa fan.  these sticker books and I absolutely could not pass up the tutu lulu ballerina bunny for the big girls.  Target did me good with barbie princesses and bubble wands.
I grabbed a couple of these tee shirts for the big girls and couldn’t finish checking out without two of these tribe bracelets (on sale!) for mama.
I took a peek into Auntie’s baskets she delivered for the babes yesterday- bathing suits- including this one for the twins and this teeny bikini for Baker girl.. spring dresses, and my little ponies.  
she always does so good. 
Saturday morning will start with yummy breakfast pizza and too many cups of coffee, and probable;y a handful of donut holes before heading out to the egg hunt!  Sunday, in a sea of colorful Easter dresses we will listen to the Easter message before heading for family brunch/lunch/dinner.  I’m bringing this corn dip and really thinking about making yummy bread pudding, too!
Oh, and did I mention that we will have Grayson all weekend?!  Ashley’s brother is getting married and we are baby G duty until Sunday.
embracing the crazy, ya’ll.

I hope your weekend is crazy amazing!  so many reasons to be thankful and celebrate our risen Son.

March 25, 2016

  1. Ash. says:

    We love Peppa at our house, too. Loving the cute personalized PJ's. Thank you for always linking the places you buy your kiddo's clothes. My little's wardrobe has grown exponentially!