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happy monday!  I found myself going through my camera roll for like a half hour last night after the babes were in bed.. I always do that, am I the only one?  surely not!  after it was all said and done I ended up going and giving the big girls an extra kiss goodnight and laid a hand on Baker’s back before going to bed myself.  doing that right before I go to sleep makes we just want to wake them and give them a tight squeeze.. and then send then right back to bed:)
we have been so busy around these parts lately.  well, always.  but lately its been more of the fun busy than the obligatory busy.
three growing girls
 these girls are outrageously funny.  half the time I am dying of laughter and the other half I am pulling my hair out.  the big girls are completely obsessed with Baker and the feelings are absolutely mutual.  she stops at nothing to keep up with those two.. which is why it doesn’t surprise me at all that she is so much busier than the twins ever were at this age.  I honestly never really ‘baby proofed’ the house when the twins were little.. we kept them pretty contained.  oh, but with Miss Baker.  baby proofing is ON.  she’s into everything! 
we celebrated Dr. Suess’ birthday at preschool and thanks to my girl Britt, she gave me all the tools I needed for a super easy DIY costume.  if you know me, you know I don’t have a DIY bone in my body.  I wish I did.  so bad.  I am creative, no doubt- but putting it all together myself – I often leave that to my favorite small shops.  so- what that means is that this was a simple as it gets, but they look SO cute, right?!  they loved it!
Parker and Jolie went to their first ‘dress-up’ birthday party last week.  Parker was all about that Janet Jackson and Jo shocked me when she picked the pop star glitter mini dress over the gigantic princess dresses they had available.
nail polish + glitter up-do’s + eye shadow + face tattoos
dolled and dressed to the 9’s!!
at the end they were sad to have to give back all of their accessories- but good news.  we got to keep the purple hair extensions.  
we randomly packed up and made a trip to the lake to visit granny and woogie for a couple days.  the twins LOVE it there and of course the moment we turn onto their private gravel road leading to their front drive the twins hop into the front seat!   
 I don’t even recognize her!  she’s getting so big.  her long legs and her sweet face changing by the day- getting longer and losing that baby chub to her cheeks. but her eyes when she smiles- they haven’t changed a bit! I cant even describe the joy this girl brings me.  this age with Jolie Grace is really fun. she is SO silly.  her daddy dressed her that day- even tied her hair wrap and goodness she was so proud and in love.
also.. these cotton shorties from Target are perfect for the warm weather months to come. we have them in every color!   
 Jordan’s Aunt Jenny – who we call Cookie – lives in Seattle so we don’t get to see her very often.  the girls know who she is and love to FaceTime here and there.  we recently set a standing bedtime story date for Tuesday nights.  we exchange books and read them together two thousand miles apart.  
last week’s read?  
and this week the girls will have their first read through the three little pigs.  
that social life
a couple weekends back we went out for Jordan’s 34th slash date night with friends slash becoming groupies to one of our favorite musicians.  we started the evening at Queenie’s for tapas and wine and then headed out to meet up with more friends and enjoy live music.
we live in the next town over from a college town.. and it was early (before 10pm), so we were having a grand ol’ time- girls up at the front doing a little jig and the husbands standing in the back with their beers.  
**can you pick me out in the lady crowd?**
 midnight came fast- and goodness I have never felt so old.  college felt like SO LONG AGO, and it was time to go when the bar filled with the 21+up crowd.. mostly twenty one.
it was a fantastic, much needed, adult’s night out!  
the next day Jordan cashed in his birthday present to himself..
he’s been wanting to get something to represent the two miscarriages we had in 2014.  he has tattoos for all three of the girls, and it didn’t feel right for him to not have something for those babies in heaven, too.  its really awesome and even more so because it has serious sentimental thought to it.
on the move
this little girl is going through some fierce changes developmentally. she’s most definitely cutting more teeth.  she’s most definitely going through a growth spurt.  and she is most definitely taking assisted steps and pulling herself to a standing position without help- like free standing.  
she is eight months.  how is this happening?!
she is waking 1-2 times at night searching for her paci and then nose diving into her mattress once she find it.. and then there is at least once a night that she insists on having a snack to get her through the rest of the night.  I’m just going with it- this too shall pass.. but omgggg, I’m so tired.
the weather has been ridiculous.  seventy-five to eighty degree temps on the regular.  we have been eating it up!  spending as much time outside as possible!  with the longer days it really has felt more like summer than spring.
 bow // onesie
…and then in true Texas fashion the temps dip to the 40’s + 50’s this past weekend.
a couple months back Jordan and I got ourselves a fitbit and we have been loved using it as we are really trying to be more active.  we’ve been going on 4 mile walks around our neighborhood everyday as weather permits, and while we can feel the benefits- its getting the girls in the habit of being active.. and wearing them out for a solid afternoon nap or early bedtime!  
Jordan pushes the double stroller and me and B are in the single.  
most of the time the twins will run along side the stroller and Baker will cat nap here and there.  
and we always end at the park to let the big girls swing and go down the slide a handful of times.
that about rounds out life as of late.  we’ve got a fun week + weekend ahead of us- its going to be a beautiful time for egg hunting and celebrating Jesus!  another Baker’s first and I have had the best time finding fun things to fill the big girls’ Easter baskets.  this is the first year we have really done much as far as the ‘easter bunny’ is concerned.  ohhh- its going to be so good!

March 21, 2016

  1. Katy Nicole. says:

    Y'all are the CUTEST!!! Gorgeous family. Love your blog!!!

  2. Kat Hosking says:

    I do the photo scroll at night too! It's a bit nutso because bedtime is awesome but then I'm all 'aww they're so cute when they're asleep and not annoying each other'! X Kat @ beanieandtalbot

  3. Kristina says:

    I really love that tattoo. What s beautiful tribute to those two sweet souls.