baker bree | 9 months

our sweet Baker Bear is nine whole months.  I could probably say that this is my favorite age.  but then last month was also my favorite age.  oh and 6 months was great.  I cant even begin to express how much joy this little tiny human brings our family.  I’m like a broken record!  but for real.  I do feel like we have finally figured out the whole three kid thing.  then again there are those moments when we look at each other and say “what were we thinking?!”  
but alas.  she smiles. wrinkles her nose and lets out a silly snort and my world melts around me and I want 47 more babies just like her.
look at this face.  it took 9 whole months but we finally have the greatest depiction of her personality.
this.  the scrunched up nose.  the squinty eyes.  and you guys- the smile from ear to ear that show every inch of her gums.
you know what else?  I’m planning her first birthday party.  
Britt threw this little collage together and sent it to me in a text saying
“not to make it worse and emotional but look what I had to do..”
killing me softly.  she’s completely changed!  from that sweet sleepy babe to the spunky little thing she is now. 
but one thing has definitely not changed- those cheeks tho. 
month number two is still probably my favorite.
..and number five is hilarious.

Baker at NINE months
Weight: 17 pounds  6 ounces ( 24th percentile)
Birth: 6 lbs 13 oz
Height:  27.3 in ( 40th percentile)
Birth: 19.1 in
Head:   46.4 cm ( 96th percentile)
Birth: 34.5 cm
we visited Dr. Butler for Baker’s nine month well visit and she’s growing like a weed!  she has hit a tiny dip in her growth curve since becoming (super) mobile, but nothing of concern and according to Dr. B thats normal between the 9-12 month mark.  
We did discover a pretty nasty ear infection in her left ear-  but other than that I am happy to report she’s a healthy baby girl!  the only time she sat stone still during the entire visit was while Dr. Butler was listening to her lungs.  the rest of the time she was basically climbing the walls.  
Baker at nine months is b u s y.
probably an understatement.
so.  whats new?
  • baby giggles. we have a belly laugh!  finally!  she giggles all the time and I cannot get enough.
  • she claps. clap, clap, clap!  she giggles to hear the praise after she claps. silly girl!
  • goes from sitting to standing position completely unassisted.
  • baby steps!!! she has taken a few half steps and ONE full step forward (4/11/2016) but she hasn’t figured out how to bring that opposite foot forward.  In due time.. I am patient.
  • !!!!! still in shock at the above point..  
  • pushes and walks behind her favorite walking toy and the alphabet train. 
  • baby babble.  she starting to enunciate certain sounds- pointing and and making repetitive noises. 
  • loves to play.  Baker plays independently, but loves to be right in the middle of her sisters! 
  • she has mastered the pincer grasp but still prefers the hold her foods full fisted.
  • loves to share!  she shares her paci or food/snacks with whoever wants to try them out.  usually she will feed you, with exception of her pacifier.. gets the paci just close enough to your mouth and then yanks it away.  a game she finds absolutely hilarious! 
  • baby love.  she has taken her sweet snuggles and slobbery sugars to the next level.  my favorite!
  • shakes her head no.  and when she really doest want to do or eat something she purses her lips together and looks as far to the opposite side as her little neck will turn.  
  • I witnessed the first little/big sister spat.  it lasted for like 4 seconds and ended with Jolie laughing her head off.. but Baker was NOT happy when Jo took the toy she was playing with and let her know it with the most high pitched screech.  it really was pretty funny.
  • her engagement.  she has started to seek out attention from others (her daddy, especially!) and will interact with giggles and vocally.  
  • she is SO ticklish!  and now it is more than just the confused face- she buckles over in belly giggles when you nibble on her on the neck or tickle her belly.  
  • she finds it really funny to ‘eat‘ the palm of her hands.
  • she thinks her sisters have hung the moon.  I mean, this has been happening for months, but the outburst of giggles and chatter when she interacts with Parker and Jolie is just amazing!
  • has developed a new attachment to a bunny that her Auntie got her for Easter.
  • wearing size 3 diapers + 3-6 month sleepers and most 6-12 month clothes are a bit too big.
we have incorporated a pretty regular eating schedule over the last month or so.  adding in more meals and snacks throughout the day, and she doesn’t seem to mind!  
most days while I am away at work (2-3 days/week) she takes two (6oz) bottles. 

daily feeding/solids schedule:
 6-7am: nurse
9am-9:30am: nurse (bottle)
10am: yogurt + fruit + puffs
1pm: nurse (bottle)
4-4:30pm: nurse
5pm: snack (puffs + fruit)
6pm: dinner (protein + starch + vegetable + yogurt)
7pm: bath
7:30pm: nurse/bed
I have noticed that my milk supply has gone down quite a bit.. it has been a slow decline over the last couple months, and I have honestly felt like she is still able to be satisfied when she nurses.  she doesn’t act hungry in between the normal 3-4 hour increments.  BUT when I am away and have to pump, the amount I used to get per session (about 7-8 ounces) has gone to about 4 ounces per session.  this is still great, but when I need at least 12 ounces and more for the days when I am at work I made the decision to start supplementing with formula.  pumping when I’m at home to boost my supply is all but impossible right now with a very busy infant and two crazy toddlers.  its amazing how much adding just one little busy body to the mix can change so much!
I will still nurse her- especially at night and first thing in the morning- but I will also supplement and this is what is working for us right now.
as far as FOOD food goes- she’s a big fan:)  her most favorite meal is probably almond butter toast and banana and she will all but tackle me for a bite of my breakfast- its her mama’s favorite meal, too! we do a lot of vegetable and grain proteins- chickpeas, lentils, beans, quinoa, brown rice.
she’s got a texture thing with avocado, but she did enjoy a taste of guacamole on a corn tortilla one night.
she loves chicken meatballs (I buy them at Target) and I’ve made my black bean cakes and homemade turkey meatballs a time or two.  the best part about that is the big girls eat, too!  so I am not always prepping three different dinners for everyone in this house.  
Baker loves most veggies and fruit and up until this month she completely despised banana.  and to my surprise she ate nearly an entire banana at dinner one evening and then squeezed the rest between her hands and smooshed it all over her tray.  she will probably go back to hating it the next time I offer it.
kids and their food preferences are weird. 
whole milk yogurt mixed with a couple tablespoons of almond butter is basically dessert (no really, you have to taste it..).  I usually buy the large 32oz containers of whole milk greek yogurt – again I get this at Target.  I do usually keep the individual baby yogurts on hand just for ease of taking it on the go.  
that face!  I laugh entirely too hard at this picture.  she loves these food+grain pouches and I love them for the convenience.  we are still doing a combination of baby led weaning and purees- but I never usually feed her from a spoon unless it is yogurt- because that would be a total mess!  any puree she gets is from a pouch and she can independently feed herself. 
Baker continues to sleep well through the night- goes down between 7pm and 7:30pm whichever comes first in and amongst wrangling the big girls to bed and will sleep until about 6:30am, wakes to nurse, and then goes back to sleep until around 8am.  our mornings have gotten to be like clockwork- which I appreciate because I am usually up making lunches + brushing toddler hair + attempting to get myself presentable for work/meetings/playdates. 
her morning nap is pretty solid.. except lately its been hit or miss for her to sleep longer than an hour.  I was blaming it on teething but there are none in sight, and then we got confirmation that she did indeed have an ear infection which is most likely the culprit.  MOST of the time she will nap two and a half or even three hours in the morning.  the afternoon is where it gets a little messy.  thats been the biggest challenge in this season of busy-ness with three kids.  the afternoon nap is often just a cat nap and rarely in her crib.  with the twins I was so strict with their naps at this age and with Baker I’ve been forced into being a little more laid back about it.  she usually gets her nap in one way or another.  
typical sleep routine
wake: 6am (nurse) and then back to sleep until 7:30-8am
nap #1: 10:30am-12:30-1pm
nap #2: 3pm-4:30pm
bedtime: 7:30pm
P L A Y / D E V E L O P M E N T
her personality is emerging more and more every day. she is always on the move and literally will do the shuffle back and forth between mom and dad, and often will squirm until you put her down so she can make her way into every corner of the kitchen before I can catch up to redirect her. She’s uber fast and we have to watch her like a hawk! She’s into everythaaaaang!!!  last month she was on the move, but it was slow and easily controlled.  my how things have changed!  
just putting it out there.. I am in another league of motherhood when it comes to Baker Bree.  she is tremendously busy- WAY more busy than I ever remember the twins being and there were TWO of them.  
she standing unassisted- and has been doing that for almost a month or so.  although she’s now going from sitting to standing..and just standing there while she plays.  on her 9th month birthday she decided that she was going to take a tiny step forward from that standing position.
giggling the whole way through.  I think if she would stop laughing for half a second she might be able to hold her balance long enough to take a few more steps:)
I love her.
its all about the baby talk right now.  when she isn’t screeching in protest or to grab the attention of her busy sisters she’s babbling away.  she caught a glimpse of her reflection in the window the other day and carried on for a solid 10 minutes.  I couldnt get over how precious it was.. at first I thought she was babbling on and on to the dog outside, but I realized no, no… she’s talking to herself!  
we are working on waving goodbye and hello and peek-a-boo, but most recently she has learned to clap!  and I loveeeee it.  she’s really proud of herself when she claps and looks for someone to sing her praise when she’s doing it.
yaaaay Baker!
B A K E R 
My sweet girl, you are 9 months!! How does this happen?! I literally blink and you are a month older. you’re basically waking up every morning with a new skill.. keeping us on our toes!  The number scares me more so than seeing you grow. the change and difference I see in you nearly on a daily basis is so rewarding.  you light up our world little girl.  this picture is my most favorite picture of all time.  I cannot stop looking at it.. and for reasons beyond that amazing toothy grin, this picture perfectly describes you.  YOU the silliest little girl I know.  more personality than any one of us!
you are a bonafide goofball.
total nut job.
and now that you’ve found your giggle box I swear you’ll never stop.
and we LOVE you for it.  we love you for this everlasting and never-ending joy you bring into this house.  you make it full.  I mean, you just get better and better- and literally kill me dead when you lock eyes with your mama and smile at me from across the room. 
you are the best snuggler.. you’ve become more and more lovey lately over the last month.  you put your head on my shoulder and its just the sweetest thing. whether you are sleepy, cranky, or just want some mama love- I don’t really care the reasons for it. just never stop doing it!
with so many words, I could probably go on and on describing you, little girl.
..but just one phrase can sum it up perfectly – care-free.  or easy going.  or go with the flow.
whether its third child problems or not.. most every single day I find myself thankful for those characteristics in you. 
these last 9 months of getting to know you have been just incredible, Baker.
there is nothing like your smile, nothing like your happy, nothing like your contagious belly giggles.
..and nothing like you, sweet girl.
how lucky I am to be your mama.
we love you baby girl.  you are the most special tiny person and life is so beautiful with you in it!
nine month photo dump

April 13, 2016

  1. Dani Lewis says:

    Girl….you need to look into photography. You take amazing photos! 9-12 months is my favorite with children and Brody is almost there. Love Miss. Baker and her sweet face!

  2. oh what a fun age! so much development and all the changes! and really.. how fast it goes! thank goodness it somehow keeps getting better 🙂

  3. Lauryn says:

    oh. my. word! all those standing pictures! Time is flyiiiiing, and I don't think its possible for her to get any cuter 🙂

  4. LCJ10 says:

    You don't know me from Adam, but I just had to share a birthday party theme idea for your darling Baker…"Pat a Cake Pat a Cake, Baker Girl!"

  5. That picture of her kissing you, oh my word! Melted my heart. But all of your pictures always melt my heart. #allthehearteyes. 🙂