nine month favorites

life is very busy these days.  I’m all about the easy and convenient and whatever makes my life easier- you know? every month I think back about what has been our absolute favorites and most frequently used ‘stuff‘.  Baker has grown exponentially over the last couple months and while I list a handful of things here around the same time every thirty days or so, we still use a lot (or basically everything) from the other monthly favorites posts.  
nuby sure grip miracle mat
we had such a fun opportunity to try out the new sure grip miracle mat by Nuby.  when doing a quick search online I can only find it available in the Canadian market- but they are coming soon!  this mat suctions to the top of the highchair tray and acts like a shallow bowl/plate.  its easy to add more than one food and keep them separated.. and out of her highchair seat.  be on the lookout! these mats will be available at babies r us in June and on Amazon in July.
cloud b bunny 
since Baker was born I’ve been trying to push her into having a ‘lovey’. I know that sounds ridiculous and silly but its all I know because both my big girls still have their lovey’s (Jolie’s puppy and Parker’s wubby monkey) and they love them- I want that for Baker, too!  it took one night with this uber soft bunny in her crib before she absolutely fell in love.  she LOVES this bunny and let me just say- it is the softest stuffed animal ever! 
sippy cups
we are still introducing the sippy cup to Baker, and she’s doing really well! we started with the spout sippy cups and will eventually make the transition to the straw sippy cups.  this was a good place to start for us and thankfully these sippy cups don’t leak! 
nuby silicone oscillating pacifier
we’ve tried them all.  ALL.  Baker has never been really interested in taking a pacifier which wasn’t  huge deal to me, but really it might have been the key we were looking for when it came to her sleeping through the night.  self soothing at its finest!  for whatever reason we LOVE these pacifiers. we also have three of these pacifier finders and about eleven loose pacis around and about her crib.
no, but seriously.
around the clock thermal
I was recently introduced to thirty-one and while I could literally pick out one of everything in their catalog, I swear this thermal tote is the best.  with three babies in tow- I need sippy cups, snacks, water bottles, baby food.. and it all fits!  the other day the girls stayed at their BB’s house while we had our carpet cleaned and I packed up three bottles, a sippy cup, two pouches of purees, a yogurt cup + a container of puffs.  no joke!  its not overly huge and its really easy to carry around.
plum organics meatballs
these are a go-to dinner about two or three times a week!  last night Baker gobbled up the teriyaki beef meatballs with mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli + cheese.  
sit-to-stand alphabet train 
I always try to throw in a favorite toy or two every month and this one is by far her most favorite at the moment. this is one that we kept from when the twins were little bitty.. and to be honest it was never put away!  the twins would still play with it randomly here and there before Baker was born and now all three of them play together with the alphabet train.  Baker is finally learning how to put the letters into the top of the train and watch them shoot out into the seat.  she loves it!  I also think she’s partial to this toy because its the one thing her big sisters will sit down and play/teach her.
their mama loves it, too!

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April 15, 2016

  1. Kylie says:

    Yes, the alphabet train was my daughter's favorite. We gave it to her for her first bday and she was in love. With her being almost 22 months now, there are times she will still play with it! So cute! PS love you blogs. Your girls are adorable.

  2. Chelsea says:

    These are great items.. It's so cray with what they come up with, less then 2 years ago I had my little one and the things they have now!!! Chelsea @

  3. How have I not seen those Plum meatballs?! Those look like a quick, easy and healthy meal for my toddler on a busy weeknight. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Kelly Denise says:

    I just love your months by months favoite