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this weekend started with our first trip to the zoo as a family of five!  we have been trying to go for weeks and couldn’t make it work- but finally we made time and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect.  the big girls had a blast seeing all the animals we talk about everyday.  we made one mention as a joke in the car about alligators and Parker wouldn’t let it go until we saw one.  we also got to feed the little birdies and see a big ‘ol black bear eat apple slices for her afternoon snack.  they got brave and touched a starfish and watched a mama gorilla nurse her new baby (that was amazing!  it nearly brought tears to my eyes.)  Jolie was pretty frightened of seeing the real life monkeys and gorillas- there is something to be said about the fascination of your babes seeing these animals for the first time.. I mean we have been to the zoo before several times, but this time they will never forget!  Baker was awesome- the weather was perfect so she was content in the stroller.  give the girls some snacks and she’s good to go.  we stopped for a picnic lunch and made the switch up of the babes and the stroller and Baker snoozed in the solly for the rest of the afternoon.
that night we met up with some friends for dinner on the patio with gallons of salsa and a handful of chips and then made the first, albeit chilly, splash in the fountains before we ended the night with two scoops of ben and jerry’s.  Baker was OBSESSED with the water and wouldn’t keep her little hiney out of it!  she was trying to keep up with her sisters and literally took four steps towards the shooting water.  
this summer is going to be SO.much.fun.
saturday it was just me and the girls while daddy was at the fire station- we made a much needed run to the grocery store and took advantage of the weekend sales to stock up on warm weather attire.  our week ended with a chill in the air and rainy weather for the entire sunday.  long afternoon naps and pjs all day were the only thing on the agenda.  
another busy week ahead but I’m feeling refreshed after a great weekend with the fam.
I hope you all had a great one! 

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April 18, 2016

  1. Awesome post! I love taking my son to the zoo as well 🙂 I know you've done a post about what you ate while pregnant, I was wondering if you could do a post on what you eat to stay healthy and keep energy all day to chase your kiddos. i struggle in that area on different options that are healthy and easy to prep. Love your blog!! Thanks 🙂

  2. Dani Lewis says:

    Brody has one of those Duh outfits as well as I have a duh shirt. Love that company. I also love how Baker has her hand on her big sisters back in the Target cart. Such a sweet picture.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Great post! I love your style! If only you had a baby boy – I'd love to see what you'd get….maybe a post idea?! ;o)

  4. your girls are so sweet! love that little romper too!