swim styles for mama

this post brought to you by nap time, my third cup of coffee and daydreams of the beach and smells of coconut.  praying that the neighbor next door doesn’t stir the littlest with his monstrously loud lawn mower.  why are they always SO much louder when you want it to be quiet? 
the mister and I leave in just a few short weeks for an adults-only vacation to Cabo (omgggg, I’m mega excited). I started to browse my favorite places for suits about a month ago and have come up with some really great pieces for this post-baby bod.  its been a couple years since I bought a new bathing suit.. last year I was 8 months pregnant when I donned my bathing suit for the first time that summer, and I had little desire to buy anything new with a baby on the way to keep me busy and out of the pool- nothing to complain about:)
t h i s year I was excited to find some that fit well and kept my confidence up!  
I am not very well endowed.  never have been and probably never will be- but to be honest it was breastfeeding the twin babes that really did me in on that department.  after they weaned I had nothing, nada, zilch left.  and it never came back.  not even while I’ve been breastfeeding Baker.
all that being said.. these tops work well for me on my body.  however, I think that if you get the right size (and know your right size for that matter) it makes a huge difference!
Victoria has been styling my poolside wear for basically my entire adult life.  I love their styles and the versatility of their fit.  I have the hardest time finding something in store- but after being fitted and wearing VS for years I know the right size.  this year was a little different.  I wasn’t sure what size I needed because my shape has changed quite a bit in the last three years.  I ordered a couple things and then had to return and reorder, but I have a suit that I really love.  they now offer in-store exchanges- making my life a million times easier.  
traditionally I have found that the bralette is my favorite.  I do size up from my regular because they tend to run on the smaller size.  this one from VS and this one from target are equally amazing.  I prefer these to the triangle tops.  I wore a flounce top similar to this through the tail end of pregnancy and it was modest enough without going the whole traditional maternity bathing suit tent route.  
it also accentuated my tiny tatas.
I’m telling you.. I got nothin.
the getaway halter is my favorite (I have it in white!) because it gives me shape and a little push with the underwire+halter action.  same for the flirt bandeau option.  I like these because they come in actual cup sizes- allowing me to choose the best fit to hold everything in!  
B O T T O M S  
I’m really picky about what covers my rear.  my favorite bottoms ever have always been these knockout bikini bottoms.. I almost have them in every color after purchasing them over the years.  after my c-section with Baker I was left with a smaller and less noticeable scar (yippee!) but at my 6 week post-op it was confirmed that my skin had retracted on one side.. so and I have this puffy place that sticks out.. and on the right day you can even see it through my pants.  thankfully after working out pretty consistently over the last few months that puffy thing has significantly become less noticeable, but its definitely still there!  
this year I am trying something new.  the heavenly bikini is a much higher rise than the knockout version and although the knockout covers my c-section scar, I feel more confident in the full coverage option this foldover bottom offers.
something else I’m trying?  the classic highwaist bikini.  I love the look of this vintage style bottom- and my favorite suit is actually ON SALE right now- yea, girls.  
what you want to make sure of with the high waisted bottoms is that it comes above your belly button to prevent that muffin-top we love to hate.
T H E O N E – P I E C E
(+ one-ish)
I’ve never bought a one piece suit before, but if ever was the right time, this is the year to do it. the options are amazing!!  I never thought I would want to wear a one piece, but having one in my summer swim collection is really pretty fun!  I fell in love with this black suit with lace detail.  and the halter option makes it trendy.. and the plunging neckline and delicate lace detail keeps keeps the focus up here rather than around that puffy place I mentioned before:)  and then theres the tankini.  giving a little more coverage but not putting it all out there the way some of the two-piece suit options are these days.  plus- if you are pregnant in the summer, these are the perfect go-to! plus, plus a two-piece tankini makes it a breeze to go to the bathroom.
forget trying to find the right suit  for your the body-type because these days there is no such thing!
its all about finding the right fit and what you ultimately feel comfortable and beautiful in.
perfect swim suit? check.
floppy hat? check.
cheap sunnies? check.
now.. someone bring me a margarita. 

April 22, 2016

  1. Sarah says:

    I love the bikini in the top right of your graphic…I can't find the link though…

  2. amber says:

    Hi Sarah- its a tankini from anthropologie. I tagged it in the post- sorry you couldnt find it!

  3. I've been dying to get a new suit for our Hawaiii trip in a few weeks! but my pregnant body makes that challenging!

  4. Sarah says:

    Ooh now I see it! Thanks 🙂

    Great post! Bathing suit shopping becomes an obsession for me each year depending on my pregnant/post-partum status 😉

  5. Cabo is my happy place! I'm so jealous you're going, you're going to have THE BEST time!