this is how we weekend.

this weekend went by so fast.. yet Friday seemed like it was weeks ago.  Jordan was home all weekend, which means he was at the fire station on Friday- leaving me and the girls home to ourselves.  We laid around all morning and eventually made our way outside for the rest of the afternoon.  when Jordan is at work I always find myself staying up way too late doing absolutely nothing.. on this night it was a root beer float + surfing pinterest for spring inspiration to try my hand to.  ever since we painted the laundry room and pantry door with chalkboard paint I’ve been practicing the art.
because it is 100% an art.    
Saturdays are always made for fancy breakfasts.  and if anyone can make the BEST breakfast its Jordan.  after a hair + nail + makeup party with dad in the playroom we all took a nap before heading out to meet auntie + uncle J for the Art in the Square.
live music + face painting + street food + craft beer and sangria.. and well of course ART.  
the weather was beautiful and the music was fun- we found a place to park the stollers and danced and acted silly!  the kids love to spend time together and we have to be careful when we mention seeing Grayson or meeting up with auntie and uncle J.  the big girls do not stop talking about it until the time finally comes!  baby G is pretty much our favorite on the planet.  this mama adores his sweet little cheeks, too!
Sunday was the usual agenda.
coffee + church + food + nap + food + grocery store + food
on Sunday’s we basically graze through the day. 


..and then its Monday again.  I’m not totally and completely convinced I’m ready to adult this week- but there is always wine.
and leftovers. 
here’s to it!

April 25, 2016

  1. Krcat says:

    Ok…you're hair is looking amazing lately! Please tell
    Is how you are styling it?? I love the color and waves! Please tell me it's quick and easy to do!!!

  2. Brittney says:

    Hey Amber!! Love following your blog! Looks like yall had a fun weekend. I know this is a heated topic right now and you may not feel comfortable expressing your feelings here about it and if not that is fine. I was just wondering what your take on the Target bathroom situations was. I love target and I am torn as to what to do. I am not in support of having the bathrooms accomadting to everyone, but like I said I do love target and cant imagine not shopping there.