3 day weekend

we got a real taste of what the summer is going to look like for us over the these three days.  the big girls had their last day of school last week and we spent the rest of the week really soaking in this time together before its 800 degrees outside.  summer wardrobe is in full swing- baby shorts sun dresses and tank tops, and oooooh how I love them.
we didnt have a super big/super amazing agenda  this weekend- we made plans to swim and cookout with some family friends on Sunday, but other than that it was business as usual.  errands and a grocery run- hitting up all the sample carts while we were at it.  the girls have really impressed me with their interest in food lately.  they used to rarely touch that kinds of stuff-  here and there they would sample fruit or chicken, but on a holiday weekend at Costco they pull out all the stops!
hot dogs. potato salad. chips & salsa. grilled pork tenderloin. turkey burgers. coffee cake.
we had our fill and figured this was as well balanced as lunch was going to get today and then headed to church.  we often go to church on Saturday night  because in this season of life right now, getting all of us out the door by 830am to make it to church by 9am is just plain blasphemy.  I see these super moms on social media with all their children dressed and ready and make it ON TIME. but Saturday night is our thing.  we usually go to dinner after- so like a standing family date night.  and the girls love it!  
Sunday we slept in.  made breakfast.  drank too much coffee.. and then headed over for burgers and hotdogs with amazing friends, cousins, and BB + Papa.  oh, and I might mention that Baker successfully pulled off her first tiny pony- and I can hardly handle it.  the big girls got a kick out of ‘letting her borrow’ one of their hair clips.. and all the while she just had no idea how freaking adorable she was.      
Monday came quickly.. it must have been the 5am workout, but all that matters is that I actually MADE it to my workout, ha!  I felt the urge to do a little spring cleaning and so in between nap times I had my work cut out for me.  we met up with friends for dinner to celebrate Brittany at a brand new pizza place that just opened in our little town- it has THE best patio and a place for the babes to run around.  after dinner we were walking out and realized that among the four couples, there are 9 kids.. all of which are girls! 
we ended the weekend with frozen yogurt to go and the bachelorette. 
 denim romper c/o // bag c/o
poolside sparkle c/o // crochet swim suit (sold out, similar)
 bow c/o // swim suit

this weekend is about so much more than BBQ, pool fun, and an extra day off on a Monday.  while I have never been directly affected by the loss of someone that served, I do have family and friends that have spent time in the military and gravely respect them beyond words can express.  
so thankful for those that have given their lives for our country so that my kids can play their little hearts out in the pool and eat their weight in hotdogs and ketchup. 
I hope you had a beautiful weekend, friends!

May 31, 2016

  1. Chelsea says:

    You guys are so darling 🙂 I love all their pictures!! What a nice way to end your week with frozen yogurt
    Chelsea @ http://thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com