baker bree | 10 months

our littlest sister girl is 10 months old! double digits!! WHAT??  for the love of pete that’s just so hard to say. its bittersweet watching her grow, change, and develop. every stage is the new favorite, and Baker at 10 months old has been a blast with a capital B.
happy double digits my little doll. thank the good Lord you are a little peanut because I couldn’t handle you being any bigger!
clapping for herself and saying YAAY!
she kills me.
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 whats new?
  • she always has this random mini wooden spoon that she swipes from the play kitchen (see picture above).  she carries it around all the time! she doesn’t chew on it.. or play with it. just holds it. 
  • Baker waves ‘bye bye’ to anyone and everyone that will return the gesture.  her waves are somewhere between slapping herself in the face and blowing a kiss.  
  • the greatest sass pants of them ALL.  she’s too young to really interpret the word NO,  but when I or her sisters take something away from her the squeals in protest make it crystal clear that she did not like what just happened.
  • she consistently takes about 6-8 unassisted steps in a row- which is just absolutely insane.  
  • says the word ‘day’ for Dad and shakes her head no when she doesn’t want to do something.
  • LOVES the dogs. but from a distance.  if the dog comes closer than about 3 feet she’s whining and clawing at me to pick her up.  but otherwise she is hollering and clapping at them for their attention.  its actually really adorable.
  • she gives the best sugars!
  • she has definitely become a paci baby.  we started the pacifier late in the game and its only been since about 7 or 8 months that she’s really taken interest.  but now she has one in her mouth and at least one in each hand. the bunny Nuby pacifinder is her favorite and she will not sleep without it.
  • she’s not a fan of the car seat or shopping cart or the stroller.. basically anything with a buckle or strap she’s fighting to be set free!  she’s not a complete maniac in the carseat like she used to be, but I have noticed a regression in the way she acts. often times myself or Jordan is holding her hand in the car.
  • she’s an amazing sleeper, but she rarely sleeps anywhere but her crib- which means never in her carseat.
  • wears 6-12 months clothes and size 3 diapers.
  • laughs at everything!  she’s a little singing bird these days   she sings all the time! BB says its just the same way Jenna was when she was young.  Jolie sings this way, too and I LOVE it.
  • I left her for the first time EVER overnight this month.  I missed her so much but her happy little self did just fine while we were gone!
  • her smile is just about the best smile ever and her fake laugh is FUNNY.
  • her favorite toy (besides the wooden spoon) is definitely the activity cube.  the twins found it in the spare bedroom which we use for toy overflow (yes, I’m serious) and she loves to stand and play.
  • we play hide and seek a LOT.  she will chase us around the island of the kitchen and loose her mind with giggles when we come into eye’s sight. it is the funniest thing!  
  • she absolutely adores her BB. when BB is in the room she’s clawing to get out of my hands and into hers.
  • she HATES getting her diaper changed.  it is HARD to keep her still for what should take just 2 minutes but ends up taking about 5 or more.
  • LOVES the bath.  she will play for a solid hour- until she’s a wrinkly prune. 
  • she’s still definitely an even blend of both big sisters, but more and more I have been seeing her change to resemble Parker just a little bit more. their profiles are nearly the same! 

 E A T
 this girl.  a meal isn’t over until she’s rubbed about 75% of it on her little person.  especially in her hair.. takes a bite, rubs her hair.  takes a bite, rubs her face.  which means that every night is bath night!  she’s not super picky about what I offer her, but she knows what she wants and when she wants it and there is zero consistency whatsoever. but I know this isn’t just Baker girl, the twins did and still do gobble up something one night and won’t touch it the next.  I can tell when she’s done with whatever is on her tray because she will pick it up and literally star me down as she tosses it to the floor.  
as if she is saying “what were you thinking with this, mom?”
she’s eating about 3 meals/day which she has sort of transitioned into on her own.  breakfast is usually toast + a fruit puree pouch or fruit leather (a one-ingredient recipe HERE!) and yogurt.  she likes fruit but prefers the veggies and protein is really her favorite, I think.  her largest meal of the day is dinner, and she will eat 1-2 veggie pouches (puree) and then a vegetable/fruit + protein + yogurt.  meatballs, fajita beef, chicken, beans – she won’t touch a meat puree with a ten foot pole, but give her the real stuff and she’s all about it!    
other favorites- pizza! macaroni, pancakes and waffles + sprouted toast and nut butter, banana, roasted butternut squash + sweet potatoes (cubed and tossed in evoo + salt + pepper. baked at 450 degrees for 30 minutes), bbq chicken, rice (which is a HUGE mess).
the growth spurt that started last month is still in full swing.  I think it also has to do with her being so active.  she wants to eat all the time.  where she puts all that food is beyond me, but she’s growing so much.  

daily feeding/solids schedule:
 6-7am: nurse
9am-9:30am: 6-7 ounce bottle of formula
10am: yogurt + fruit + puffs
1pm: 6-7 ounce bottle of formula 
4-4:30pm: 6-7 ounce bottle of formula
5pm: snack (puffs + fruit)
6pm: dinner (protein + starch + vegetable + yogurt)
7pm: bath
7:30pm: nurse/bed
Baker still nurses here and there, but really I think its a soothing thing rather than a hunger thing. I don’t pump while I’m at work any more, but I sometimes will get in a session before I go to bed at night.  after getting a bottle over the last month, she doesn’t want to mess with working very hard to get her meal.  she can suck down a 6 ounce bottle in less than 5 minutes.  places to go and people to see, right?  I still cherish our time together, but I forsee it to be over soon. 

 S L E E P
she’s THE BEST sleeper!  I am so thankful for that.  Parker and Jolie have always, well basically sucked it up in the sleep department- even now at 3 years old they only consistently sleep through the night about 4 out of 7 days.  Baker had a touch of sleep regression and it was rough around that 6 month mark, but after sleep training (HERE) and learning how to find herself that paci in the middle of the night, sleeping for Baker has been golden.  once she’s down for the night she’s OUT and hardly moves.  I could probably bang pots and pans over her crib and she would sleep through it.  she’s moving all day long and when her body is at rest its legit at rest.  naps are getting more consistent.  Her first nap of the day has become the longest- occasionally its 3 hours and she never wants to miss it. we try really hard not to leave the house in the morning so she can get in this nap- she doesn’t sleep in the car very well.. probably because her big sisters are hooting and hollering from the back seat the entire time, so to get that nap in she wants to be in her crib.  this nap is also so important because she only gets that second nap about half the time.    
typical sleep routine
wake: 6-7am (nurse) and then back to sleep until 8-9am
nap #1: 11-11:30am-1-2pm
nap #2: 3:30pm-5pm
bedtime: 7:30pm
 P L A Y / D E V E L O P M E N T 
 oh this girl. such a busy body.  turning into this independent little person that makes her way around as she pleases and communicates better and better everyday.  her little personality is in full throttle- Baker is present and everybody knows it!  but hardly a surprise because she is definitely on a mission to keep up with her sisters.  she loves to play.. and will contently play solo for long periods of time.  the playroom can be clean and picked up and she makes her way in there and demolishes it in about 4 minutes. I used to think this was all the twins, but she proved me wrong when it was just she and I at home while the twins were at school.
she loves the play kitchen, ‘reading’ books, these stacking blocks and this activity cube.  she loves to be outside and playing in the water is a recipe for the best day of this girls life- which makes me SO EXCITED to get her in a teeny bikini and lounge by the pool.  this summer is going to be a BLAST.  
sitting to standing, crawling and cruising.  she will stand unassisted and then bend down and play in a squat position.  it is THE funniest thing to watch her do.  she’s also figured out how to fit smaller toys into larger ones, which makes blocks and stacking cups her favorite entertainment. the random wooden spoon makes it everywhere with her- holding it in one hand while using the other hand for a different task.  she’s become quite the mimic.  she finds herself in all my hair styling tools (I keep them in a basket under my vanity) and the other day she was sitting with my hair brush and she went to ‘brush her hair’.  I about fell over because surely she doesn’t know what to do with that, YET!! but oh, she does.  she follows one-step commands pretty well- clap clap or wave bye bye! are the most frequent.  she will also clap for herself and say YAAAAY! when we first taught her to clap we would get all excited and say YAY BAKER! and after she would clap.  so.. any time she claps for herself she squeals in excitement.  its basically the cutest thing ever.
she’s started to point and make sounds. Dah for Dad and pointing to other people in eyes line of view.  at her 9 month check up Dr. B asked if she was doing this yet and she wasn’t but it came out of no where this month.  she’s definitely exploring and observing her surroundings- taking it all in like a little sponge.
we have started with a little separation anxiety.  she wants her people (which typically is myself + Jordan + BB) and won’t be satisfied with anyone else holding her.  dropping her off at the nursery for church has become really hard.  sometimes when I pick her up I can tell she’s been crying- but the sweet teachers will always tell me “she did SO good!” last week I was so proud when I went to get her because she was the only baby sitting on the floor quietly playing away.  she had her pacifier in her mouth, but hey whatever works.  
we have had lots of days of her being fussy and clingy.  standing at my feet crying for me to hold her.. and even sitting on the floor isn’t well enough- she wants me to stand up and carry her around.  once she finds herself busy playing or entertained by the twins she’s just fine, but getting her to that point can be a challenge.    
 B A K E R 
to my sweet girl.  I never thought my heart could swell so much. it blows my mind that you are in the double digits of babyhood! I make it a point in my every day to try not to take for granted your resilience, cheer, sparkle, and absolute beauty. I am floored and completely fascinated by your ability to see nearly everything as wonderful and humorous and we all wish life would be. your smile lights up our every moment, and your laugh- OH I LOVE YOUR LAUGH – I thought it would never come, but its become the regular soundtrack of our house. the admiration of Parker and Jolie grows every day and its the joy of my heart to watch all three of your play together.  your desire and drive to seek out everything around you is impressive and you are a tiny tornado through the entire house- it wont be long before you are up and running all over the place.  
thank you for filling our days with laughter and joy and your sweet little face. you are going to be a whole year old before we know it and I am soaking in these last months of babyhood with you in this season.  I cannot believe how richly you have blessed us.  
our tiny miracle.
our rainbow.
our Baker Bree.
I love you so.
ten month photo dump

May 11, 2016

  1. Chelsea says:

    How adorable 🙂 she is so darling!!

  2. Marcy says:

    She is seriously the most beautiful little baby!! I don't know how you handle it! Totally might steal that name if we have a girl next =) Love your blog! xoxo

  3. Will you be selling any of her clothes soon on your instagram shop soon? I just had a girl and I would love to purchase Bakers super cute wardrobe. She is just darling!