when life gives you lemons..

..you dress up in pretty tutu dresses and throw a lemonade party. right?  
occasionally we are blessed with love from small shops and ALWAYS these shops blow me away with their creativity and talent.  when people as me if I ‘make their hair bows’ or DIY craft for their parties I literally snort slash laugh slash turn green with envy because I wish I had half of the talent these creators do.  I leave all that stuff to the professional.  its rare you will find DIY anything on this blog, but what you will find is my pride in sharing my favorite shops for decor and bows and clothes! 
Brittany has probably taken thousands of photos of Parker + Jolie over the last 3+ years of their little lives and so they know her very well.  they know what to do when she come around, and its funny because Britt and I have become much closer than ever before and see each other almost everyday (we live in the same neighborhood).. so its more than just for mini photoshoots.  so they aren’t totally sure what to do with themselves when she’s not there to play dress up!  for the last several summers b faith photography has hosted summer mini sessions and this year’s theme is ‘when life gives you lemons‘- I was over the moon when she asked P+J to be her little models for the promotion. and of course she doesn’t forget about the boys!  we had our little buddy Jacob come and model her boy set up for ‘gone fishing‘ SO CUTE, right?  
I cant even handle my children these days.  my heart explodes with delight over their sweetness.  they are absolutely beautiful inside and out- and I tell them that everyday.  
my favorite moments are when when they put on a new dress or wear a colorful bow they look at me and say 
“I feel so pretty, mama.  I’m a princess!” and do a little twirl.
yes my sweet, sweet girls.  you are the most pretty princesses there are.  may you make the most of the lemons in this life.  
bringing you up to know that will be one of my greatest accomplishments!

 if this picture doesn’t make you smile from ear to ear!! 
we told Parker that Jolie had a booger on her face.
its all about the bodily functions these days that they find incredibly hilarious (thanks, dad!).
last week I was in the kitchen making a cup of coffee at four o’clock in the afternoon (such a mom) and I can here their little voices in the playroom:
Jolie: Kahkah (Parker).  I burped.
Parker: JO.  you gross. 
Baker wasnt going to be in these pictures.. in fact she was still in her jammies hanging out on a blanket with some toys while the big girls were getting their glamor on and Britt told me to get her little bootie in the pictures. I didnt have a bow or a cute outfit, but.  oh.  this was much better. 
 ..and of course Jacob killed it.  I love this kid.
for my local peeps- Brittany and her sister have sign ups for this mini session TONIGHT at 8pm CST on the bfaithphotography Facebook page HERE!! 
banners c/o pearl and jane
dresses c/o taylor joelle designs
flower bow: jameson monroe
Parker’s head wrap c/o shelby chic boutique
felt flower crowns c/o little blue olive
pom necklaces c/o hooray everyday
props + decor: hobby lobby

May 10, 2016

  1. Sabrina says:

    Hi Amber,

    We don't know each other, but I found you on Bloglovin a year ago. I was pregnant, and loved to see other pregnant women.
    Now we both have these cute little baby girls 🙂 My baby girl Bibi is almost 7 months old and soooo sweet.
    I just wanted to let you know I love your stories, photo's and the smiling faces of your family!
    What a beautiful blessed life you have!

    X Sabrina