(affordable) last minute father’s day gift guide

leave it to me to be scrambling to pick up something last minute for Jordan on his special day.  the best part is that he is truly a minimalist.  his idea of celebrating him (birthday, father’s day, anniversary) is best planned as something we all do together as a family.  we had a conversation about what we were going to do on Sunday and his words:
church.. pool.. steak. 
easy enough!  but I don’t want to be empty handed!  over memorial day weekend Jordan got himself a new grill (the old one was pushed over and demolished in a rain storm a couple months ago), so I thought some reasonably priced grill tools would be perfect!  he is also really into craft beer these days.  he got his first growler when we were in Arkansas a couple summers ago and is hooked!  so, a stainless steal growler would be perfect for keeping his beer chilled:)  
Jordan is BIG on his cologne.  I’ve shared his (and my) love for the diesel brand fuel for life, but he forgot it one time while we were on a trip and he picked up this one and it really smells great! and for the price tag, he bought two for what one usually costs him.. and leaves a bottle in his locker at the fire station. AND- as always.  dollar shave club.  I say it every single time. we are believers and LOVE this stuff.  I added the new daily face cleanser and moisturizer to his most recent box as a little surprise for him to try out.  its a buck. one dollar.  we are on the $9 plan and have the shave butter shipped every other box.  
I even added in a blade handle for myself because these razors are THAT LEGIT.
what about you??  big special plans for Father’s Day?  I’d love to hear!!

June 16, 2016


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