baker bree | 11 months

it has just been THE BEST MONTH!  Baker is developing at hyper speed.  literally surprising me every day with the way she acts and responds- her demeanor when she is really examining this new world around her and I am so happy to say that I love her even more every day that she grows. whatever her mood she completely rocks my/our world.  most of the time we are absolutely dying laughing.. saying Baker girl, you really cant be any better.
and then she proves that statement wrong in the next moment.
eleven months!  I totally love you. I cannot believe this time last year I was super duper pregnant and waiting patiently for her arrival! and now I am sending out the invites for her first birthday party!
I think her dad’s forearm is excited for the weight to be lifted soon:) 
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whats new? well.. SO MUCH. thats what!
  • she has perfected her baby stroll. she is all but running to keep up with her sisters, mama, daddy, and of course her BB.  its rare that she crawls anywhere these days and if she does its a bear crawl- no knees touching the ground.
  • she started to react to things that are said to her.  “where is the dog?” or “do you hear your sisters?!” or “do you want some?”.  she looks around to search for whoever she’s been prompted to find and/or will point in that general direction.
  • ..pointing is her favorite game!  she loves to point and have whoever she’s pointing to touch her finger with their point in return.  she cracks up every time.
  • she cracks herself up A LOT. 
  • shakes her head yes and no if she doesn’t want to eat or do something.  it didn’t take her long to figure that out.
  • I’m pretty sure her eyes are staying the color they have been since she was born- but her right eye has this random patch of hazel right in the middle.  its not noticeable all the time, but in the right light you can really see it.  
  • you have a short list of words that you say regularly.  mama, dada, 
  • no official measurements for this month, but I did weigh her on my home scale and it read 20 pounds!  the twins were barely 17 pounds at this age, so she’s my little chunky monkey (compared to the twins)! 
  • that being said, she seems so long and skinny these days, but then you get down to her knee dimples and ankle rolls.. and the tan lines in between and realize her mobility ain’t got nothin’ on that chunk.
  • she’s started to tilt her head to the side when she plays.  it is the sweetest thing I have ever seen!
  • she loves afternoon walks.  we have been walking several days every week in the afternoons and she hardly makes a peep, cat naps, and sings the entire time.
  • she is a WATER BABY.  I knew she liked water pretty well.  the bath is her most favorite of her day, but going to the pool. I cant lather her up with sunscreen fast enough before she’s making a run for it!
  • she hates being in a float.  she will tolerate her little swan, but for the most part she doesn’t want anything to do with it.
  • we have figured out the FaceTime!  she loves to call her daddy when he’s at the fire station and she insists on holding the phone while she ‘talks’ to Jordan.. complete with the biggest and most slobbery sugars all over the screen.
  • she’s become less interested in drinking from the bottle and more interested in eating solid foods.  weaning her from the bottle will be a piece of cake.
  • she LOVES to drink from her sippy cup!  and any other cup she can get her hands on.  she started with little stolen sips from her sister’s water bottles, and now she is a pro! 
  • she’s had those bottom two teeth for the last 4 months and finally we have a couple more coming in!  her top two are coming in!  the right side has already erupted and the left is close behind!  
  • she is wearing 6/9 or 6/12 month clothing and still in size three diapers.
another great month of eating BIG for this tiny one!  She is definitely growing because she’s eating like a horse.  we officially weaned right before we left for Mexico earlier last month and after finishing the frozen stash she was on formula for every feeding- it was a really easy transition (thankfully)!  we have been buying the Target brand formula (sensitive) and she seems to love it!  she has been much more interested in table foods, so its been fun to experiment a little more than  the last few months. protein is still her favorite.  chicken, beef, meatballs, deli meat, beans.. but she’s become a little more interested in grains- rice, quinoa, pasta.  she wont touch oatmeal (still) but I keep offering it just in hopes that one day she will love it!  
she has been eating so much table food that there are time when she just plain skips that bottle all together.
daily feeding/solids schedule:
 7:30am – 8am: 8 ounce bottle 
9:30am – 10am: breakfast!  cheesy eggs + toast + yogurt + fruit
1pm: 8 ounce bottle of formula 
4-4:30pm: 4-8 ounce bottle of formula
5pm: snack! (puffs + goldfish + veggie pouch)
6pm: dinner! (protein + starch + vegetable + yogurt)
7pm: bath
7:30pm: 2-4 ounces of formula /bed
after Ashley posted these amazing meal ideas I’ve been trying to offer Baker more complete meals rather than random bits of food at meal times.
new + old favorites: guacamole, fruit leather (these are easy to grab and go and this homemade recipe is easy and delicious!), granola bars, refried beans (look for the organic canned option), cheese toast, strawberries (cut into quarters), watermelon, nut butter (peanut butter and almond butter), English muffin with melted butter, grapes (cut into quarters), tortilla, eggs (scrambled egg white + smoked paprika + shredded mozzarella), baked sweet potatoes, chicken burrito ‘bowls’ (I’ve also made this without the chicken), bbq meatloaf muffins, steamed and chopped broccoli, quinoa patties w zucchini
not a lot has changed in this department.. she’s still THE BEST sleeper!  earlier this month when those two top teeth started to make their decent her sleep was off.  naps became shorter and she started waking up through the night at least once.  most of the time she would just cry out, feel around for her pacifier and then plop right back down asleep.  she really does love her sleep and rest (which is completely new for me in my experience with the twins who still fight sleep every single night). her morning nap is still most regular and if we are home in the afternoon for that second nap she at least rests in her crib for 45 minutes and if she does fall asleep she’ll sleep for up to a hour and a half. she rolls and moves all over her crib throughout the night.. its comical and sort of a joke to see how she’s laying when we look at the monitor.
typical sleep routine
wake: 7:30am (bottle) and then back to sleep until 8:30-9am
nap #1: 10:30am-1-2pm
nap #2: 3:30pm-5pm
bedtime: 7:30pm
P L A Y / D E V E L O P M E N T
this girl is ALL OVER THE PLACE.  she surprises me with the thing she picks up along the way.  since summer break has started at the girls’ preschool we have been going to open gym for a couple hours in between nap time.  they have a special area for tiny tots and, well, the first time I let Baker loose in there she climbed right to the top of those foam blocks.. and clearly is so proud of herself.  she thought it was hilarious!
the basics: brushing hair + teeth, talking on the phone.. everything is a phone these days, “sweeping” the floor..and she’s even started to help me get her dressed!!  thats a game changer rather than preventing me from getting her floppy arms in those tiny holes very easily. 
her communication has much improved. her words are few, but her expressions of interest, dislike, or pleasure are very apparent. she’s hanging with the big girls on the regular.. letting them know whose ‘boss’ when she doesnt appreciate toys being taken away.  the other day it was just me and the girls at home.. Parker and Jolie were playing with their horses and show barn and Baker swiped a horse and scrambled to my lap.  when Parker came to get the horse back, she screeched like a banshee and sat on the horse.  she is such a mess!  knows exactly what to do to keep up with those big girls.
other developments: dancing!  she waves her arms back and forth as if she’s conducting a symphony. sings to herself while she plays.  communicates with outbursts of her voice, points at everything! nods her head yes and no, and slowly learning to use a spoon.  most of the time we offer her the food (a sticky food like yogurt or peanut butter) on a spoon and she eats it using her left hand. we might just have two left handed babes.  Jolie uses her left hand a lot, too!   she’s a sass machine and we all know if she loves or hates something:)  the twins were no where near this kind of development as far as sassing me and her daddy go. she also LOVES to play peek-a-boo.  we say “where’s Baker?!” and she will pop out with a huge grin and laugh out loud.  
girlfriend.  I love you more than anything!  you have the most outgoing personality of all of your sisters and it doesn’t take long for you to fall in love with anyone that will laugh at your silly antics.  it is rare for you to be in a sour mood, but when you want someone to hold you, there is no letting up until you are comfortable on someones hip.  sitting in someone’s lap isn’t good enough- we are required to stand and walk around with you.  you definitely know what you want and when you want it.  you love your routine and stick pretty close to it for the most part, but you are pretty easy going when we take you out and about.  just go with the flow and I really appreciate that!  sometimes the day runs together and before I know it, the day is gone and you haven’t had a real nap.  but you just go with it. I cant even begin to describe how awesome that is!
you love to snack and table foods have become much more fun than your bottle.  puffs, cereal, goldfish, bite of toast, and fruit leather are the go-to options.. but Costco always has the good stuff and you never cease to amaze me when you eat every bit of the samples offered.  you still love the fruit pouches and some evenings that is all you’ll have- no matter what I have laid before you on your  highchair tray. 
the pool has become your favorite place.  when we are walking up and you can see what fun is about to happen you start kicking, squealing, and squirming to get out of my arms!  you are a water baby and how fun that it to watch you nearly run through the fountains at the splash pad.  hours and hours have already been spent at the pool and I know even more will come in the next couple months.  summer with you has already been the best ever!
you have become quite the chatter box and will talk and point out every little thing.  I attest to be taken back at least once a day by how quickly you pick up on various things. your big sisters are your best friends- the light up of your face is unforgettable and the sweetest when you see those big girls.  squeals and literal trembles of excitement when you see them first thing in the morning and after nap.  they LOVE you so much and I know the feelings are mutual.  
you are on the go-go-go nonstop all day long.  can we talk about how hilarious it is to watch you walk around with toys and things in your hand?  some of those things are as big as you are! stealing toys from your sisters has become your favorite game.. and you know how to do it successfully to really rile them up!  playing the baby card all the way through.  
Baker Bree.. thank you for your contagious smiles and amazing personality.  our days are much sweeter with you apart of them.  you are just one incredible light to our life.
eleven month photo dump

happy 11 months to you, little dollie!

June 13, 2016

  1. Dani Lewis says:

    I haven't even met her and I love her! I love how she is walking now. So cute.

  2. Kim A says:

    She is completely adorable, what a doll baby!!! I'm laughing at the chunky monkey though…my daughter was 15 lbs at 2 months haha!!!

  3. My daughter's eyes did the same thing. At about two they went from grey to green to one being half hazel/green and one being brown. It's really pretty and so unusual! Baker is just precious!

  4. Hazel says:

    Way too cute! I love the pictures. You can really tell that she's a happy girl.
    My daughter turns 11 months next week and she's getting more and more interested in solids. We switched to organic formula from, just to make sure she's getting the right nutrition without sugar, steroids and antibiotics.
    It's so wonderful to watch her, she's learning something new everyday and you really don't want to miss a second of their journey.
    All the best,