vintage babes with nena + co.

I was first introduced to nena+co about a year ago. I stumbled across their beautiful instagram feed and fell in love with the patterns, style, and story behind the brand.
how it all began..
Nena & Co. is a brand that founder, Ali started about two years ago. All of the bags and products are handmade by families she works with directly in Guatemala. Ali employs women who can work from home and have time to tend to their every day needs such as harvesting food, washing, and tending to their children, which is key for Nena & Co because we believe in Fashion for Good. 
Check out this video if you’d want to learn more HERE.
I’ve carried the day bag for almost a year and its definitely well loved and has been through the ringer, yet I get compliments all the time! not the traditional diaper bag, but functions just as well! on the other side of their gorgeous handbag line of products are the beautifully crafted, hand made clothing items for ninas + ninos.
 the color combinations and pattern! 
 life isn’t always rainbows and unicorns.  its the exact opposite and oh my goodness Baker girl was done!  in her defense it was lunch time.. nap time.. play time..and well, GO time.  
she was making a break for it every time we set up for a picture.  
the big girls were having a grand ol’ time, anyway!

 ankle rolls and knee creases fo’ life.
more from nena+co
be sure to keep an eye out over on my instagram (@masseya) where I’ll be giving away one of these sweet handmade dresses!  the lulu half-moon dress (Parker) or the no.5 jumper (Jolie) would look absolutely precious on any little girl!
I also might being handing out one of nena+co’s handwoven clutches
I carry my clutch solo for date night or as a wallet in my favorite day bag.
you don’t want to miss it!
HUGE thank you to brittany of b faith photography for snapping these precious pictures and to nena + co for their support and amazing generosity!
big girls

June 10, 2016