3 Day Weekend | Fourth of July 2016

happy tuesday, friends!  I’m still rubbing my eyes after the busiest weekend ever- although jammed to the brim with stuff , we had the best time- and the babes were just along for the ride.  
we grilled.  we ate.  we swam.  we grilled.  we grilled some more.. we ate.  we swam again.
saw some fireworks. and Baker discovered all the glories of a pair of sunglasses.
see exhibit A:
and.. if you will, exhibit B: 
 over the last couple months Baker + Grayson have really been interacting more.  anytime they get close Baker goes in for some love- grabbing his face.arms.legs.  and I’ve never met a baby, like baby G, that gives so many amazing sugars.  
Grayson.  I’d say B is hooked. >> see her arm wrapped around his neck?!
 Friday night we had friends over and hung out on the patio, watched some baseball and grilled steaks- but I didn’t snap a single picture:)  moving on to Saturday.. a lot of the same kind of fun.  we made our way through an afternoon of errands and then home to meet auntie, uncle J, + baby G to swim..and grilled some more.  we got in bed late and slept in the next morning.  
 Sunday we spent the day with family- celebrating Mr. Tim’s birthday with BBQ and you guessed it, more swimming!  if I ever thought that the holidays were fun before, they are WAY more fun with kids.
sparkle bow c/o // piggie clips c/o // tank // shorts
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 ..and there are the sunglasses again.  I went to Target after Baker finally decided to keep them on her face for longer than .03 seconds and grabbed a few more pair.. the hot pink may be my favorite.

Baker’s First Fourth
 this year we decided to go to the flower mound festival at Bakersfield Park with our supper club crew, minus the Tapella’s.  they go out of town every year for the Fourth, so we missed them!  we got there about 530pm and set up shop on the back field in the perfect spot for firework viewing.
 its amazing to me how much these kids have grown.  the ran and played their little hearts out together.
how fun is life right now?!
 we hung out on the picnic blankets and while the babes ate a packed dinner, the adults enjoyed the food trucks + a cold bev.
 it was HOT, but there was a breeze and the clouds gave some relief of the sun here and there. 
 while the dads took the big kids to do the bouncy houses and monster slides, the mamas hung back and kept the young ones entertained.
 sparkle bow c/o // romper // moccs c/o // snack cup c/o
 trying to get 5 babies under 4 to sit and look at the camera is like herding cats.  
not cattle.  CATS.
 so many things about this picture.. but one thing I cant even begin to move past are BAKER’S THIGHS. hashtag ham hocks. 
 auntie hooooked us up with glow sticks and was a huge hit with the babes!
 ..and this mama was able to steal a couple for her own glowing crown.
 finally the fireworks!!  we waited a solid 5 hours and finally the time had come.
and they loved it!  I appreciated that the fireworks weren’t that loud- we must have been sitting quiet far, but we had a perfect view!  
I hope your weekend was as fun filled as ours!!  
let freedom ring!  we are so thankful!

July 5, 2016


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