throwback thursday | twelve months of Baker Bree

hello, baby!
july 11th, 2015
our first month with Baker was the most incredible and life changing time of our life.  adding a third was CRAY-ZY but we all loved her SO much and couldn’t believe this was real life.
our first visit to the pool!  growing like a weed and personality changing by the day
..AND she finally cracked her first smile.
she found her thumb and quickly learned the best part about her baby life- self soothing!
she slept through the night (7 hours).
..and the Texas Ranger’s welcomed Baker Bree to their home stadium.
halloween + pumpkin patch.. all the fun things of her first fall season!
thanksgiving and the GLORIOUS holiday season.  baby christmas pajamas for every day in December.
she made her first visit to the church nursery and her fingers and toes were the most delicious! 
miss Baker went on her first road trip!  nobody slept, but it was still a fun first. 
we finally have TEETH!  her bottom two teeth finally popped through.
we also lowered her crib to the bottom notch and her favorite thing to do was to cruise the furniture!
this tiny miss took her first steps!!
she also let out the biggest belly laugh, and that was all she wrote:)
mama spent her first night away from this sweet one (for the sandy beaches of Cabo!), and she did amazing!
summa summa time!!  a water baby at her finest!
t w e l v e
..and here we are.  my big girl, mere days away from ONE.  
I love her something fierce!

July 7, 2016


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