Baker is one

yesterday we spent the entire day celebrating miss Baker for her FIRST birthday!  so much love to everyone that sent her birthday wishes- so sweet!  we had just the best time with our baby girl!  we woke her with bubbles.. because mom fail and I totally forgot to get balloons!  some out of town friends sent her a bubble machine for her birthday (this one!) and the twins about had a stroke when her room filled with bubbles. Baker loved it, too!  we made pancakes for the birthday girl- her favorite breakfast- and the big sisters loved to help.. and then after her morning nap we headed out to the Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park in Dallas.  we used the pogo pass, which made it so easy to get my crew in the door without a lot of fuss. the aquarium is small, which I appreciated because being able to see everything with three toddlers can be a challenge, but we did it, no problem. the coolest part was the sting ray bay area where we got to touch and feed the stingrays!  the twins were a little uneasy, but they ended up chilling out a bit and touching here and there- even the birthday girl got in on the action. I packed a picnic lunch and then we just HAD to make a stop for Baker’s free slurpee.  every year on 7/11, 7-eleven hands out free slurpees, so we made a point to make that part of her day!  besides, I cannot tell you the last time I had a slurpee..  
after the slurpee stop and naps in the car we headed to our favorite mexican food restaurant and met up with the rest of the fam to end our day with a dinner in honor of Baker Bree!  there is a mini splash area that shares the patio, so we changed the babes and finished the evening in our bathing suits.  aunt Jenna bought ice cream for everyone, and the birthday girl was no exception.. she loved it!!  we all came home worn out, but had such a fun day.
Baker’s birthday party is set for this weekend and we cant wait to celebrate her!  I’m in full party prep mode- its probably my favorite party theme yet.  I’ve never done a summer birthday before:) Its going to be fun!
Happy Birthday, Baker!  

July 12, 2016

  1. Chelsea says:

    Happy Birthday!! She is so darling

  2. Bitzsoi says:

    Happy Birthday to little Baker!