Happy Birthday, Baker Bree!

“I would have given anything to keep her little.  they outgrow us so much faster than we outgrown them.” – jodi picoult
Baker Bree- you are ONE!  can I just go on the record to say that this was THE fastest year ever.
I cannot even imagine our life without you in it. 
your bright personality.
your contagious laugh.
the joy that spreads across your face when your big sisters come into the room.
the biggest swell of my mama heart when I see all three of my girls sharing the biggest sister love.
so many things come flooding to my mind as I think about this first year of your little life.
a YEAR.  I cannot believe it’s been a year since you made your unexpected entrance into this world.  teeny.  wide eyed.. and completely content- already 100% Baker. we spent a good time of those 9 months of you growing inside my belly contemplating who you would most resemble.  who would be the lucky one for you to favor in looks and personality.
but we learned quickly that you are just YOU.  Baker.. there is no one like you.
it has given me nothing but pure joy to watch you reach and succeed in these major milestones in the first year: rolling, sitting, pulling up, crawling, walking..and now talking!  so many fun things and moments and memories to look back on- and while I thought YES, for sure I would be heart broken because a whole year has flown by in just a blink of an eye.. I’m kinda loving this age with you, girlfriend.  
the complete disarray of your hair when you wake from a good nap.
the bob of your head and thrust of your tummy when you catch a tune + beat.
the squeals and screeches when you are the most happy.
the necessity for 2-4 pacifiers at all times.  one for your mouth and as many as you can carry.. no paci will be left behind!
..and from the stories from my own mama, I did this, too when I was your age!
the way you stomp your right foot when you are squawking for attention..
and when you turn to smirk at me when I call your name because you are wandering too far for comfort.
you are just too much, Baker. 
over the last year we have been through it all! the good times are too many to count.. but I cant forget those bumps along the way.  during those first few months I can never recall being more exhausted in my entire life!  nursing you to sleep turned into a terrible habit of cluster feeding at all hours of the night.  hey.  whatever works. and we made it through – 6 months later.  but not without remembering that one time your mother forgot to put a diaper on you at the 5am feeding and woke up to a nice surprise at 8am.
..or the time you had a blow out while sleeping in the solly wrap and you completely destroyed the wrap, my clothes, your clothes.. and your mama had no diapers or anything to change you into.
okayyy!  it totally took me some time to get the hang of having a newborn in the house again!
either way.. you’ve completely changed our lives, Baker girl
your big sisters absolutely adore you and want nothing more than to make you laugh.  your daddy is smitten and I hate to say it, but you have got him hooked with whatever charm you spit out in his direction.  your BB cannot get enough of your joy.  papa just giggles with every move you make.. and big cousin kendall just wants to hold Baby Baker as tight as she can and for as long as she can get away with it. Grayson tolerates your love pats (smacks?) and fish hooks- and reciprocates the ‘love’ with his slobbery sugars and head lean. auntie finds you hilarious and such a busy body, and you are never too busy to stop for a snuggle from the scratchy bearded face of uncle j! 
you are loved my sweet little girl.  loved BIG TIME.
today is all about you.
and may it be the happiest.
I love you, boo!

Baker Bree,
my sweet Baker Bree, oh my sweet Baker Bree. my eyes fill with tears of joy as I reminisce on your birth one year ago! I had no idea the joy and love you would bring into my life, and I still remember that sweet time in the hospital with just you and your momma. you have a smile that can light up a room and I always look forward to the happiness on your face when I walk through the door after being at the fire station for 24 hours away from all my favorite girls. 
your scrunchy face is one for the books. 
my days with just you when the twins were at mother’s day out were some of my favorite. you have such a spunkiness about you and you have no problem in getting right in the middle of your twin sisters to play along, even if you have to force your way in physically and make sure to get all the attention with your loud screech. but you have such a softness to you. you go to your sisters when they are crying and upset..you want to love on them and console them. there are times when all you want is to be held by me or your momma and just love on us. it is some of the sweetest moments when you lay your head on our chest and cuddle in and you give the best slobbery sugars there are!
Baker, I promise to always be your cheerleader. to always be in your corner. to be your protector and your hero. I promise to teach you and show you the love of your Heavenly Father. I will always love you no matter what. I promise to advise you and help guide you without force. I will always have your best interest and safety in mind, even when you don’t believe it. I promise that my decisions will always be based on my love for you, your mother, and your sisters. 
Baker girl, you bring so much joy to your mother and I. we talk about how special you are all the time! our hearts are overflowing with the love we have for you. I love you sweet girl and am blessed to be your father. 

happy birthday, big girl!! 
photography by: b faith photography 
custom flower crown // two sparrows headbands
crop top halter c/o gypsy lala
custom unicorn hi-lo tutu c/o trevi ave co
‘eat cake’ ballon //  tomkat studio
fabric ‘baker’ banner + mini scrap banner c/o pearl + jane
custom ‘one’ crown c/o little blue olive
white swing tank // old navy
watercolor strawberry bloomers // sugar plum lane baby
red cake plate // target (no longer available)
cake pops // jenny lane bakery
crib sheet c/o alexandra rose handmade

July 11, 2016

  1. Kourtney M says:

    Gorgeous pictures!!! Your girls could not be more photogenic! But most of all, the letter from your husband! How sweet and special, for Baker to treasure forever! God bless your sweet family!

    Kourtney @ http://www.themartinsandthemarines.com

  2. Dani Lewis says:

    OMG Amber….you have me in tears. Happy Birthday Baker Bree. You are the cutest little girl and I have loved watching you grow this past year. God bless you sweet girl

  3. alison says:

    Crying!! My girl is turning 1 in two months and I'm already all kinds of emotional! I started following your blog when you were pregnant with Baker and it's been so exciting watching her grow!

  4. Darcy Potter says:

    Happy Birthday sweet Baker Bree!!!!

  5. omg! those crib pictures of her sleeping are the sweetest I have so many of my daughter like that! Love the idea of cake pops too!! Happy birthday!!