five on friday

one. oliver + otis
I’m all about the shopping small.  and I almost prefer it to any of the major store brand items I can find.. especially for comfy tees and tanks.  I came across oliver + otis about this time last year and fell in love with their company- plus they are based in Texas, ya’ll.  so, you know.. bonus for me:) they recently hit 40K and reached out for bloggers to share their fun t-shirt designs.  I have been eyeing this yellow rose of Texas.. and I’ve basically lived in it the last week. 
week.  yep.  that sounds about right.
this week they did a hooray for 40K giveaway– of FORTY of their t-shirts in honor of reaching 40,000 followers.  what?!  they do giveaways and special discounts like this all the time, so be sure to follow along.  AND.. they have the BEST holiday designs, my favorite from last year: “go Jesus, its your birthday..” and my fingers are burning to get my hands on more this coming season!
you can find my tee here, my shorts here (and on sale!) and my boots here for less than $50!
I couldn’t help but to be just SO SILLY with my favorite big girls!  
gosh they make me so happy.  what isn’t pictured is the part when they completely laid me out flat on the ground.
two. social print studio
I got Baker’s birthday book in the mail this week and all I can say is, I’ve probably looked through it about 20 times.  there are about one million options for printing IG pics and making photo books for special events and whatnot, and I love social print studio!  I decided to make a book of pictures of her party + birthday pictures and after getting Baker’s book I’ve decided I want to go back and get books for the twins’ over the last three years!  these are so fun!  and the perfect size.  
 you can find Baker’s bow here, her alphabet tee here, and the photo book here!

three. oscar
well.  this seemed like the most logical thing to do.  you know, with three young kids.. 
meet Oscar.  he’s a four week old german wirehair pointer.  SO CUTE, but ya’ll its like having a newborn.  getting up at night to take him potty.. feeding him multiple times a day and baby gates are basically in every doorway while we house train him.  Jordan has been looking for another hunting dog for about a year and came across a breeder up in Minnesota with a new litter of gorgeous pups.  his dad made the road trip to get him early this week and we’ve had him about 4 days.  he will get to be about 75-80 pounds.. and he’s a boy. Jordan is clicking his heels in delight to have some testosterone in the house. ha! 
so, anyway.  the last time we welcomed a new dog into the family, she was an adopt-a-dog from a friend of a friend and it was a disaster.  she wasn’t a terrible dog by any means, but really uncontrollable and we tried for over a year to love her through it. but alas we found her THE PERFECT home right before Baker was born because having a newborn and managing a dog just was going to be too much..and she is living the high life these days (get get pictures every now and again).  
I’m kind of excited to have an inside dog again.. because my kids seem to miss their mouth about 85% of the time.  he’s a roomba puppy!
four. blended whole milk
when your child is obsessed with coffee- like freak out borderline panic attack until you let her have a sip- you get her one of her own.  blended whole milk.. made just like a frappuccino, but with milk + ice.  plus, the mini versions are perfect for her little hands to hold!
you can find her felt bow (my FAVORITE) here and her everyday comfy tee here
five. boutique style clothes for littles
I was asked this week where I usually shop for my girls and oh gosh there are so many places!  I always shop sales at those larger name brand stores (hello..I’m buying three!) and while they wear a lot of gap/oldnavy/target items, I incorporate boutique style clothes in with those staples.  one place I have found that has cuuuute stuff for my littles.. like, stuff I wish came in my size!  topknots and twirls has affordable and adorable boutique clothes- like these amazing cut out shoulder tops
you can get the sunnies, too! I’ve been eyeing this adorable dress for fall family pictures.. so many good things! 

 find these linen bows here, the sunnies here, cut out top here, and the jeans here (on clearance!) 
also.. Britt sent this picture to me she saw on pinterest somewhere.  
Parker + Jolie in 16 years.
also.. for fun.. ask Siri what zero divided by zero is.
have a fun weekend, friends!  see ya on Monday!

July 29, 2016

  1. Ashley says:

    Oh, man. We had a German Shorthaired Pointer when we first got married. Those are the most energetic puppies on the planet. haha! We actually had my in-laws take her off our hands when our first baby was 6 months old because she needed far more attention than I was able to give (and the day they drove off with her, I found out that I was pregnant again!!). They are so darn adorable and loving. I love the idea of getting a blended milk. My youngest tries to steal mine all the time, but has a dairy allergy. I wonder if they would do it with soy or coconut?!

  2. Lavakels says:

    Oooo! I live in MN and my husband loves those kind of dogs. Can you share the breeder?

  3. Jess says:

    I'm dying to know where to buy the aqua sandals the big girls are wearing?! My twins need these! So cute!