photo every hour | saturday

8am // because Jordan let me sleep in.
any one else attest to dreaming about their first cup of coffee as they drift off to sleep at night?  
 9am // the first breakfast before their real breakfast: cheerios + chocolate milk + bubble guppies.
 10am // real breakfast on the patio.
 11am // nap time for the littlest sister.
 12pm // lunch + little people.  the big girls play with Baker’s toys more than Baker.
 1pm // lunch time for mama: black bean hummus + blackened chicken breast + cherry tomatoes
 2pm // big girls are down for the count! while everyone naps at the same time (I’ve got like an hour)..I wash my hair!
 3pm // picking out our blue apron meals for next week!
4pm // twinning with the tiny one.
 5pm // baby Cornelius is a B O Y!  Cohen Elliott, we cant wait to meet you!
 6pm // the only way to eat a bundtini cupcake
 7pm // one down.  two more to go.
 8pm // snuggles with my bigs.
 9pm // postponing bedtime as long as they can..
 10am // babes in bed: redbox movie + my version of dessert: popcorn + extra butter!
 11pm // sweet dreams baby girl.. my monitor- cracked/shattered screen and all, might be in its last days.

August 1, 2016

  1. Dani Lewis says:

    I love your patio!

  2. Full day!! Your big girls are looking so grown up!

  3. That lunch sandwich sounds delicious!

  4. I love your posts so so so much.