baker bree | 14 months

Baker Bree! 
you are 14 months!! 
while I thought FOR SURE those two incisor teeth on either side of your top front teeth would definitely make their appearance, we are still with only 4 teeth to count.  you can see them just under the gums but they have yet to break the surface.  no surprise there, as you are following your sisters in that department of development.  some days are better than others, but when you are practically shoving your hand in your mouth or rubbing your gums with your tongue I know its time for some kind of relief. 
we got our first {and second and third} real taste for ear infections (number one two and three) this month.  at your 12 month well check you had a pretty bad ear infection which never really went away with antibiotics.. and then it went to both ears and after a round of shots to hopefully kick the infection we are still with fluid in our ears.  I feel like tubes are in our future..
..I’ll take the teeth any day.
ANY day.
miss Baker, you are the life of our party
..always in on the joke, and never to be left out of anything fun.
you still would spend 100% of your day outside if I let you and hide and seek or chase around the island in the kitchen is most definitely your favorite game.
Baker is the one that finds everything fun and worth a cackling (and contagious) laugh.
..and I cannot get enough of that laugh.  girl has this fake chuckle she gives off, more of a snort, really, when she does something she thinks is funny and expects you to find funny, too. 
destructor is the name of Baker’s baby game.
..banging, slamming, and dumping anything in her path.
the messier the better.
..the first thing she does in the morning is bee line straight for the lego bins and then onto the play kitchen to destroy.  
this baby loves jewelry.
..especially her beads.  
her BB taught her everything she knows and I basically die from laughter when she comes strolling in, adorned in 154 necklaces which she placed each one on by herself.

Baker has developed a keen ability to do a little jig. 
..her side stomp and hip swivel to the beat of the “wheels on the bus” is nearly identical to that of Parker’s moves at this age.
is a total girly girl and loves to help choose a hair bow and put on her shoes.
..and it is a fight to the death through every second of getting dressed or changing her diaper.
it completely, 100% DRIVES ME NUTS. 
loves her pacifier- I’m convinced she loves it more than Parker ever did. any given time she’s carrying around about 4 or 5 in her tiny baby hands.
other favorite things: leapfrog fridge phonics, bristle blocks, music, dancing, climbing, stacking toys, removing and replacing lids on everything– especially her empty sippy cups.
y’all, if she can swing her leg around it, you better believe she’s getting on top of ‘it’.
..the couch, toys, chairs and in and out and on top of the baby doll bunk beds.
she also loves to steal her big sister’s tricycles and push herself around the patio.
she isn’t so much of a thinker, but she’s definitely a doer.
..always always ALWAYS on the go and literally does not stop until she crashes into her bed for nap or at bedtime.
she sleeps really well at night.
..bedtime is at 7pm and she is out until 7-8am in the morning.
I am still forcing her to take two naps/day, but I think she’s dropping that afternoon nap on her own.
..she sleeps about 2-3 hours in the morning and fights in screaming fits for the afternoon nap which usually only lasts for an hour, anyway.
my girl loves to eat, most of the time.  
..she prefers to graze like a bird, but is getting better about eating more than 4 or 5 bites at meal times. 
breakfast is her favorite and largest meal of the day.
..and when breakfast involves oatmeal or toasted english muffin with butter, she becomes a never-ending pit.
digging a few new foods: grapes, dried raspberries, dry cereal, granola bars, and chicken sausage.
her sass meter is off the charts.
..I’m semi-fearful of what the ‘terrible two’s’ or even another baby will bring. 
her sisters rarely put up a fight because if Baker isn’t getting her way it is accompanied by the loudest and most obnoxious shrill that makes you want to climb the wall.  
..we have to figure how to nip that in the bud soon or she’ll be running our show for the rest of her life.
on the opposite end of sassy Baker is the sweet and confident and incredibly thoughtful Baker.
..she is so concerned with those around her that she loves and freely shares toys and food and space about 85% of the time.
when Jolie was crying one day this month, Baker disappeared and reappeared with Puppy in her arms in hopes to help cheer her big sister up. she loves her big sisters something fierce!  
 always knows exactly what she wants and when she wants it.
..and if anyone has something different to say about it she totally lets you know it. 
her (fake) laugh, smile, and the never-ending joy in her eyes are somethings that cannot be captured well enough into words.  
..we all love you so very much.

September 12, 2016

  1. Katie Brooks says:

    She is seriously the cutest! I love the pictures with the watermelon! Precious!

  2. says:

    I look forward to these posts every month now! She is seriously adorable!! I love the little sassy picture of her standing in the fridge. Ha!

  3. Melissa Moad says:

    Sorry to hear about the ear infections! They are the worst! We had some incredible success with regular chiropractic adjustments for my babes. I wasn't sure if that's something you have tried / thought about. It worked wonders! Just thought I'd mention it!