five on friday // a small shop edition

one. a side of sparkle
can we all agree that every shade of rose gold is an absolute MUST?  shelby chic has been a hair bow favorite since the twins were tiny- even wearing her original flower bows for the twins’ first Thanksgiving.  when she created the original sparkle bow and pool side versions of her most popular accessories her business exploded and she has been nothing short of a rockstar when it comes to being successful. 
 FALL is in the air and Veronica, the heart and soul behind shelby chic, is all over it!  I am loving this frappuccino inspired sparkle, too!
use code PBandJ for 25% off!
that code never expires:)
I’ve been working and following with Chanel for years and to watch her business grow and change over time has been so incredible.  she and I have some really fun things to share over the next few months and I just cant wait to get my hands on her amazing fall line of kimonos for both me and my girls! 
I am so excited for my friend, Sarah!  she has started a new endeavor (and holy cow I have no idea how she does it all) and opened up her new etsy shop filled with darling handmade, handprinted wooden signs!  I’ve already put in my long list of requests in for her handy work- I am just so impressed and so eager to get her work in my house. 
hello fall!
now, if it would only stop being 90 degrees outside.  
four. boo!
hooray everyday does it again, you guys!!
she released her fall inspired banners + woolie ball necklaces and I am SO in love with them ALL! I got this BOO banner and have this Give Thanks banner on the way for our Thanksgiving feast! it too early for pumpkins?  hobby lobby has all their fall stuff on sale for 50% and I just cant handle the classic style of the white pumpkins.  I just love this time of year.   
five. purllamb baby goods
in case you missed it earlier this week, the amazing peeps over at purllamb are handing out a $50 shop credit to one lucky winner!  there is still time to enter- head on over HERE to enter and don’t forget to browse her sweet little shop and by the way.. every little baby girl bums needs to be in these cheetah sweats and they at $15!

September 9, 2016