five on friday

one. another perfect afternoon with my cutie Baker girl.  
I REALLY miss the twins when they are at preschool but I LOVE my time solo with Baker.  she’s always a second thought when I have a busy house, so just one on one with her really makes me appreciate how darn cute she is!  I had a Dr. appointment to check in on the little dude and she tagged along and we grabbed breakfast afterward before running the many errands on my list I stick to when I only have one baby on my hip.

two. toe socks.
seems so silly, but I actually love these things!!  they came in my September fabfitfun box and I’m kind of obsessed.  +fresh paint on the toes for the first time since the temperature fell below 110 degrees.. I’m so SO excited for all the fall colors!
three. all things caesar.
when I am pregnant I want to soak/douse/lather/drench everything in caesar dressing.  I find myself craving salad because I want to get my caesar on. I came across this caesar shrimp scampi tacos recipe the other morning and went on a pinning spree to search for other fun recipes to fill my need! 
how about these roasted chickpea caesar pita wraps– they look an amazing and a delicious vegetarian option!  OMG.. cucumber caesar salad.. and will someone PLEASE make me these caesar white bean burgers!? AND a side of caesar grilled asparagus as a side to my giant chicken avocado caesar salad.
I just cant help myself. 

four. click list

I hopped the bandwagon and tried click list this week (Kroger’s version of the order online/pick up at the store service)!  I LOVE IT!  you have to order earlier in the week if you expect to pick up on the weekend, but I made my list on Sunday morning and picked up the groceries on Monday afternoon.
seeing my online cart fill and the estimated price at the end allowed me to stick to my actual budget for the week’s groceries when in all reality it is so easy for me to bust that budget at target every week.  I got most everything I needed and while there were a few things they needed to supplement I kept my bill under $150 for the entire week of breakfast+lunch+dinner at home for my family.
I had coupons to use when I arrived so they scanned those before they printed my final ticket and swiped my card and didnt have to leave my car.
I’m a believer, guys! 

five. product snob

I’ve found yet another product I’ve fallen in love with- living proof, you have done it again.  I went to ultra to grab my favorite dry shampoo and saw this sitting next to it on the shelf.  completely gives life and body to my late afternoon hair!  it doesn’t feel heavy or sticky, just spray and tousle a little.  I have been applying it after I fix it in the morning and I don’t even have to tease my hair:)  the above and below pics I didn’t tease my hair at all!
here I am with coffee..again..
someone asked me in the comments on my last blog post about having caffeine and the answer is YES.  I drink coffee all day, and in the morning I’ll have a cup (or two) of half-caff and the occasional diet coke at lunch.  most things I read says 200mg of caffeine is fine, which is about a grande size fully caffeinated beverage from starbucks.  so, I stay away from that and stick to the half caff if its before lunch.  I just really LOVE the flavor and idea of coffee.. iced or hot, so its not even about the caffeine part. I had people giving me a hard time about the decaf coffee thing in one of my posts before I announced and it basically giving my secret away, but seriously.. I drink so much I have to go with decaf because my heart with beat out of my chest, ha! 
Happy Friday!!  Have an amazing weekend!

September 30, 2016

  1. Becky Burba says:

    omg. I just discovered the Living Proof dry volume, too!! I am in love. I have fine hair so most products make it fall flat but this stuff is a dream come true!

  2. NC Becky says:

    I used a grocery store here for several years that I could order by 10:00am and pick up at anytime after 2:00 the same day. Loved it as I would go by nursing home where my in laws were and visit and then to the grocery for them to load and then home. since I have had to move to small town to be with mom at night, they don't have it. I asked my local chain store if they were going to get it and they are just now trying it in the larger towns in NC so don't think we will have it anytime soon. it did keep me on budget. have a super day

  3. Cassie says:

    Click it to stay in budget! Brilliant!

  4. Laci Murray says:

    Living Proof rocks my hair world!! I am trying this for sure!!!

  5. Mandy says:

    I LOVE the living proof perfect day hair dry shampoo. I'll have to check this one out!

  6. I need to try online grocery ordering! So convenient! Glad you had such a fun morning with your girl!

  7. Erin says:

    I love your hair!! And coffee, too. 🙂 I completely cut it out for my first babe (had to with all the heart palpitations I had) but my second? Poor guy, he was probably addicted to caffeine before he came out of the womb! 😉 I've never tried drive through grocery shopping–looks like something I may need to investigate!

  8. Chelsey says:

    LOVE dry shampoo! Do you generally wash your hair daily?

  9. Brittney says:

    I love your hair style!!! Please do a tutorial on how you curl it and what products you use!